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100 Young Adult Books for the the Feminist Reader « A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy. Minimalist effect in the maximalist market ~ ANTREPO // A2591. Our last project is about simplicity and we try to find alternate simple versions for some package samples of the international brands.

Minimalist effect in the maximalist market ~ ANTREPO // A2591

We think almost every product needs some review for minimal feeling. What is your choice in these 3 different variations? 1. Original variation 2. Simple variation 3. Welcome to XY online. Libraries and Librarians Get Creative on YouTube – Watch Our Top 5 Favorites. There are some highly imaginative librarians and library-lovers out there and some of them have been making a big splash on YouTube.

Libraries and Librarians Get Creative on YouTube – Watch Our Top 5 Favorites

So, we decided to sort through and pick out our favorite library-related YouTube videos: “Collingswood Library Promo” Created by the funny folks at the Collingswood Public Library in South Central New Jersey, this silent movie spoof aims to influence young people who might otherwise “resort to less glorious habits!” “Librarian” Ever seen one of those 1940s black and white movies with the dark shadows and suspicious-looking characters? This video takes those film noir hallmarks to the library where two librarians plan to educate a boy who “has no understanding of library protocols.”

“The Wizard of Oz – a Tale of Library Circulation” This parody of the classic 1939 film had its premiere at the 2007 American Library Association Conference in Washington D.C. and was created by the imaginative minds of the Salt Lake County Library. 50 Useful Firefox Add-Ons for Job Seekers. The recession may be the worst in recent memory but modern technology can blunt the added frustration of searching for a job.

50 Useful Firefox Add-Ons for Job Seekers

While visiting countless employment sites and emailing resumes can be time consuming and fruitless, your browser may help make the search more efficient. Firefox 3 has proven itself remarkably popular, especially thanks to the add-on feature which allows users to customize their browsers to perform a wide range task specific functions. Check out these 50 helpful Firefox add-ons to make the job search easier. Job Updates While the Internet offers an unlimited amount of information about any number of topics, sorting though the details can be extremely tedious. Percula: Integrates your web activity with the database of jobs. Social Research has shown that pre-existing social networks often play a key function in helping people find a job. Linkedin Companion for Firefox: Builds a network of 25 million professional into your Firefox browser.

Library Info. Starry Story Art. How to write Interactive Fiction for Twitter « total cruft. Abandon all hope: 39 ways to die!

How to write Interactive Fiction for Twitter « total cruft

[Updated with new insights] Growing up, the first taste I had for interactive media was through “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, which ended each scene with a choice that the reader must make. One choice may continue the plot-line, one might take you on a tangent, and the third would lead to certain doom. Each book varied dramatically in complexity and usually boasted on the front cover the vast number of possible endings… of which, most were death or detention. I loved those books. Given that Twitter limits all content to just 140 characters, how could anyone write a meaningful narrative, much less an interactive one?

Planning Obviously the story would have to be broken across multiple tweets and linked by shortened URLs. Then, I needed a way to efficiently write and edit in only 140 characters. Humor and Hypocrisy from the World of Politics. Search for nonprofits at Changing The Present. Colorado Libraries. Fiction – “Drag Queen Astronaut” by Sandra McDonald. “Drag Queen Astronaut” made the Honor List for the2010 James Tiptree Jr.

Fiction – “Drag Queen Astronaut” by Sandra McDonald

Award! On the fourth day of Artemis 3′s manned mission to the moon, while early morning America watched two of its astronauts investigate an alien ship buried under the lunar surface, a live video feed from the orbiting command module captured the third crewmember in an unguarded moment. That astronaut was a tall black man who had earned his navy aviator wings and a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering during two decades in the military. The Book Smugglers » Blog Archive » YA Appreciation Month – Guest Author: Karen Healey on Awesome Female Characters. GK for every Drunken Geek. Science fiction and fantasy. Please note: As of 3/10/2011, this page is no longer active.

Science fiction and fantasy

Please visit the current index here. Welcome to the home for the Wheel of Time on! This page is intended to be your one-stop information extravaganza for everything Wheel of Time-related, from Leigh’s fantastic reread, to the latest news and in-depth coverage of Team Jordan and the end of the series. Pajiba - Scathing Reviews. Movies, TV, Music, and Popular Culture... taken way too seriously. 101 Cute Seals That Are Also Babies: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Your Lying Eyes: Can This Be Happening? : Krulwich Wonders… You have two eyes.

Your Lying Eyes: Can This Be Happening? : Krulwich Wonders…

Each eye sees a slightly different world. (Put a finger in front of your face, switch from one eye open to the other and that finger will shift, just a little bit.) But rather than walk around all day seeing in double vision, your brain pulls the world back into one-ness. Brains decide what we see.