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Jahshaka. ReInventing Hollywood Jahshaka is bringing you the future of immersive digital content creation.


It delivers a media management and playback platform the is accentuated by compositing, editing and effects modules. Jahshaka is free software, developed as an open source project under the GPL licence, and is designed to be compiled for Windows, OsX and many distributions of Linux. Core Jahshaka Features 2D and 3D animation & compositingMedia and asset management2D and 3D playbackColour CorrectionEditing & Effects. High Quality Blender Tutorials. T@b ZS4 Free Video Editing Software.

ZS4 Video Editor is free to download and use.

t@b ZS4 Free Video Editing Software

There is a donate button on the software if you feel like contributing to its development. To download the software, please read and agree to the license below. t@b free license version 3, november 26, 2005 copyright (c) 2005, t@b software systems, all rights reserved. Lightworks. VLMC. An Automatic Online Video Editor. Avidemux - Main Page. Wax - [ Homepage ] Build Your Own Adobe Creative Suite with Free and Cheap Software.