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List of games in game theory. Game theory studies strategic interaction between individuals in situations called games.

List of games in game theory

Classes of these games have been given names. This is a list of the most commonly studied games Explanation of features[edit] Games can have several features, a few of the most common are listed here. Number of players: Each person who makes a choice in a game or who receives a payoff from the outcome of those choices is a player.Strategies per player: In a game each player chooses from a set of possible actions, known as pure strategies. List of games[edit] External links[edit] Notes[edit] Jump up ^ For the cake cutting problem, there is a simple solution if the object to be divided is homogenous; one person cuts, the other choses who gets which piece (continued for each player).

References[edit] Arthur, W. Contact. Comments on Essays If you have questions about a particular essay, please write comments in the blog.


This keeps the public conversation flowing. Art I no longer work as a contract artist and haven't for well over a decade. I do however provide several sets of ancient artwork intended for use by indies. See: Licenses All the art listed under the 'free graphics' tag is released under a Creative Common attribution license. See:: Contact For everything else, drop me a note at danc [at] Thomas Steinke's Blog - How to Make it as a Professional Indie Game Developer. My name is Thomas Steinke, if you are not aware of me; I am the owner of DigitalDNA games, arguably the most successful Xbox Indie Developer, and the creator of the all time best selling Xbox Indie Game CastleMiner Z .

Thomas Steinke's Blog - How to Make it as a Professional Indie Game Developer

In this article I wanted to spend some time and give advice to people that have aspirations of being full time Indie game developers like me. What some people might not be aware of is that I am an ex-pro game developer. Of the really successful Indie game developers this seems to be a reoccurring trend. Most people would say it’s because you already KNOW how to make games. Yes, that is definitely an advantage, but there are a lot of indie games with very simple technology that have been very successful. A long time ago, someone approached me speaking about an upcoming project.

If you think about professional musicians or dancers they do this all the time. Separate yourself from your work emotionally. Let’s stop here for a second. Bill yourself for your time. David Galindo's Blog - How much do indie PC devs make, anyways? (Part IV) It’s kind of incredible how much the gaming landscape has changed in just less than two years.

David Galindo's Blog - How much do indie PC devs make, anyways? (Part IV)

Over a year ago I wrote about my experiences selling the Oil Blue ( Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 ), an indie game that was released on the PC back in 2010 and garnered some critical acclaim but less than stellar sales. Since then I’ve worked on two projects, one that was cancelled after more than a half a year’s work, and the second released last October called “ Cook, Serve, Delicious! ”, a management game where you buy equipment and foods to fill your restaurant’s menu and cook for people during the business hours of 9am to 10pm. Today I’d like to share my sales and how I got there, where I go from here, the strategies I used in selling the game and what I would and wouldn’t do again. This is less of a post-mortem in game design and more of what I learned in selling not only my biggest PC game to date, but my first Mac and iOS release as well.

Build Up and Buzz Platforms and Development. Rebecca Fernandez's Blog - Where can I sell my Indie PC game? In an effort to increase our sales numbers we are looking into all the different places that we can sell our game, Triangle Man .

Rebecca Fernandez's Blog - Where can I sell my Indie PC game?

Before starting this research I had no idea that there were so many different online distribution channels for PC games. It has been really difficult to gather this info – there wasn’t a nice central location where I could find it all ( though this blog post was amazingly helpful, and inspired mine ). So, I thought it would be a pretty good idea to share this info and save you all some time. This is for Windows PC games only, since that is what Triangle Man is.

I didn’t cover sites like Kongregate or other browser based games sites . If you are able to fill in any of the “unknown” sections in this, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, the “daily visitors” numbers were taken from this site: . I had a few comments telling me that I should be charging for this info! Enjoy. Mike Rose's Blog - The Idiot's Guide to Marketing Your Indie Game. There are already a bunch of articles on how to get your indie game out there.

Mike Rose's Blog - The Idiot's Guide to Marketing Your Indie Game

Kieron Gillen banged on about it . Rob Fearon put a sarcastic twist on it . Rodain Joubert 4-paged the sucker . Yet while each is giving it to the masses straight, it would appear that's just not straight enough. I'm one of the editors at , a sister site of Gamasutra and one dedicated to covering all the latest independent gaming news. This, however, doesn't mean that developers are marketing their games correctly. Hence! 1: The essentials Before you even begin to think about spreading your news, there are certain bases you need covered.

A website - either a developer site containing all your projects in one place, or a dedicated site for a single game. A development blog - having a place where I can keep track of all the latest work on your title makes all the difference. A trailer - once your game is good to go, you need a quality trailer to show it off in motion. A. 3: Write the email b. C. Indie Distribution Platforms that are not Steam < Rat King Entertainment. (The original posting is in German, on Indie-Inside .)

Indie Distribution Platforms that are not Steam < Rat King Entertainment

Foreword - Sale Week Last week (March 10th to 18th) the annual 7-Day-Roguelike Challenge took place – the event for which Pitman was developed last year. That's why our yellow dwarf celebrated his birthday that week, and because the 7DRL Challenge always gets some attention, we decided to link it together to a sale. Our roguelike is available at four PC distribution platforms: Indievania , IndieCity , LittleIndie and Desura (+ the AppStore). So we reduced the price to $0.95 / €0.79 every day at one or two sites for three days each. In retrospect this sale was not only a good marketing campaign, but also very helpful to find out about the strengths and weaknesses of our four platforms. Indie Distribution So if the splendid Steam Store is denied to you or you like to put smaller titles (e.g. jam games) outside of your own website or offer your product indie-compatible – you hit the right spot here.

E.g. Indie distribution compared Pros: The Big List Of Online Game Stores. How to sell your game. Hey, you made a game!

how to sell your game

What now? Selling the thing… If you want to sell your game directly from your website, take a look at the ever-excellent Pixel Prospector for this handy list of payment processors . If you prefer to have your game distributed by a third party, there are quite a few shops who might be willing to do that for you. Keep in mind that they usually charge you 20-30% for their services. Thinking of having expiring download links for the games you sell? (tons of thanks to the good folks of the RatKing and to Pixel Prospector . tell them I said hi. want more stats?

… and telling people about it The first rule of of gamedev-promotion club is: please make a press kit . Second thing: get a Twitter account , if you haven’t got one already. Don’t underestimate the power of Reddit . So you have a shiny new press kit and the next thing you’re thinking of is sending it to RPS and Kotaku? Further recommended reading: more stuff coming soon…

5 способов сделать фримиум игру неудачной. Level 16: Game Balance « Game Design Concepts. When veteran gamers or game designers are playing a game, if they are doing too well or too poorly, they will often comment on the game’s balance.

Level 16: Game Balance « Game Design Concepts

This word is important, but I fear it is often overused. Like the word “fun,” there are different kinds of balance, and understanding what game balance is and why it’s important is what we cover today. Why are we only covering this now and not earlier (like, say, at the start of the Design Project)? As mentioned earlier, balancing the game is something that is best left until after you have a good set of core mechanics. Balancing a game that is simply not meeting its design goals is a waste of time, and when you change the core mechanics you’ll just have to balance the game again. About the Pace of this Course At this point, I realize from the comments and some forum posts that many of you are falling behind. If you can still keep on schedule, that is great. Readings No additional readings for today.

What is Game Balance? Use math. Games Aren't Art, They're Architecture. One year ago, Roger Ebert wrote a Chicago Sun Times article about how video games “are not and never will be art.”

Games Aren't Art, They're Architecture

Slightly less than a year ago, I myself wrote a blog post about how his assertion forced the gaming industry to take a long hard look at itself and try to figure out how video games fit into the vast, “fuzzy” concept of what “art” is. A year ago, that was a very timely and relevant debate. At the time, there was landscape that saw games learning how to express themselves as pieces of narrative media, becoming more socially acceptable pastimes and possessing academic discourse.

The idea of establishing whether or not games should or should not, could or could not be enjoyed as art and what that meant for the industry was necessary. The thing is, people haven’t shut up about it since… I was of course on the side of games being an artistic medium. As a teacher and designer I like to believe that games are art, agreeing with Kellee Santiago’s original argument that they are. 1.


Referenced for the project. Valve. Game Guides, Walkthroughs, Solutions, Maps, Codes and game FAQs for PC and Video Games. Video Game Strategy Guides. Video Game Cheats, Cheat Codes, Strategies, Guides, and Walkthroughs - Prima Games. Game design - Accuracy vs distance formula - Game Development. Making of videos. View topic - THE PERPETUAL TESTING CHALLENGE: Rules and Discussion! The Secret World. We have revealed quite a bit about the character development system and progression in The Secret World recently – Both through a developer diary video and an in-depth article .

But I wanted to take this opportunity to delve even deeper into these crucial features, because I know a lot of you always crave more information. I’m going to give a detailed explanation of the following topics: So let's start with the overall basics, and then dig a bit deeper. TSW does not have any classes, but it has 525 unique abilities. When we say that these abilities are unique, we really mean it. You gain ability points by acquiring xp. The basic abilities are fairly cheap in order to make experimenting with new weapon types easy and forgiving. The ability wheel as it is in the Beta. Some of the most important abilities we call builders and finishers. There are multiple levels of synergies: State synergy comes from secondary effects happening when you put or hit a target in a certain state. Assault Rifle. "How Riot excels at game design (and the pitfall I hope they avoid)" by Gustaf @ Reign of Gaming. Whenever somebody asks me for a game recommendation, I'm basically thinking two things: Has this person played a lot of games before?

Is this person into solo, collaborative, or competitive games? And regardless of the answers, I'm going to ask the real question 'does the game need to have a story/narrative?' And if they say no, I'm going to recommend LoL, and if they say yes, I might anyway. Is this because I want more people to play with me? Gameplay What makes Riot's approach to gameplay so special? Complexity vs Difficulty What makes the complexity so apparent? So let's go with that example, since this is ultimately about LoL. Clarity Where Riot really shines is in clarity. Clarity of Effect According to the principle of Clarity of Effect, a game mechanic is well created if it is relatively easy to see what it does just from observing it, or using it once or twice. Who played Final Fantasy VIII? Clarity of concept Let's go back to Nasus' ult. It doesn't have to be that obvious, though.

Во что играете под НГ? Three Hundred Mechanics. PATV. No Mutants Allowed - Your Post Nuclear News Center! ИГРОМАНИЯ, журнал об играх - компьютерные игры, консоли, прохождения игр, обзоры игр, новости игр, демо, патчи, коды. Games-tv – Интересно для интересующихся! Портал о компьютерных играх, фильмах и гаджетах.