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Misses' Tops. Misses' Lined Dresses. Misses' Dresses. Misses' Lined Dresses. New Sewing Patterns. Misses' Tops. Embroidery Designs at Urban Threads - Projects. Now, the next part is not really an exact science.

Embroidery Designs at Urban Threads - Projects

Every shirt is different, and it especially matters if you're dyeing white to dark like me, or maybe just a color to a similar dark color. 10 Awesomely Altered T-Shirts. By ashleyhackshaw | Do you have a bunch of t-shirts lying around that you just aren’t into anymore? Don’t throw them out…..alter them into something amazing! I’ve rounded up 10 cute t-shirt tutorials that will make your friends ask “Where’d you get that adorable top?!” It will be fun to say “Oh this old thing? Designer Makes Fairytale Dress From Recycled Children's Books. Photos: Ryan Novelline Think children's books are only suitable for tots to read (or chew) on?

Designer Makes Fairytale Dress From Recycled Children's Books

Well, they've finally gone from cute to glam with Boston-based designer Ryan Novelline's gorgeous gown, made entirely from pages taken from discarded children's books. Check out how this fairytale dress was created from start to finish: Fittingly enough, the 22,000 square-inch skirt uses illustrations culled from Golden Books' classic line of kids' books and is sewn with gold metallic thread. That's a lot of pages! I've always loved the beautiful golden spines on Golden Books and apparently, Novelline feels the same, crafting the bodice completely out of golden book spines. Hb_C.I.53.40.5a-e_av1.jpg (JPEG Image, 450×637 pixels) - Scaled (78%)

Upcycle: T-shirts to Summer vest tutorial. I love to spice up dresses and jeans with long summer vest.

Upcycle: T-shirts to Summer vest tutorial

In my last visit to Target I found a few very cool and super cheap items, I already showed you what I did with this dress. So now I wanted to show what I did with two T-shirts, I also used a little piece of lace for the back, but you don’t need to use it if you don’t like lace. I really liked that the T-shirts were very soft and a thin material, thinner than normal cotton T-shirts. They cost me $3.00 each and both were XL. I am a Medium in shirts so I would recommend to use shirts two sizes bigger than what you normally wear so they are long enough and you end up with a pretty and full bottom. Free Sewing Patterns and Sewing Machine Help at AllCrafts! Tons of free sewing patterns and tutorials.

Free Sewing Patterns and Sewing Machine Help at AllCrafts!

Easy to advanced. Sewing machine help and instructions for various techniques. The best FREE patterns so WONDERFUL people like YOU can create and SHARE! Please let us know about any broken links that you find. THANKS Thousands of free patterns Search Subscribe to AllCrafts Updates We respect your email privacy View Our Latest Updates/Newsletter. patterns

Sewing Stuff - free sewing patterns. Everything Else Nov 2005 curtains, shades, pillows, cushions, etc Waverly Curtains archived mostly extremely strange dolls Doll Maker's Journey clothing, aprons, baby things, crafts, dolls, curtains, bed spreads, toys, etc Sewing.About baby things, bridal, charity, dolls, clothing, sewing organizers, curtains, bedspreads, pillows, purses, kid's stuff, pet stuff, etc a few home decor and personal items under sewing projects Exploring Womanhood.

Sewing Stuff - free sewing patterns

Sewing Patterns Online. This is a collection of patterns and links to sewing patterns for clothing for older children and adults.

Sewing Patterns Online

Some of the patterns that I link to are charity patterns, and they ask that if you use them for personal use, that you make an extra and give it to a charity. I think that's a lovely thought, and encourage everyone to do so. Return to Another Family Spot Links about Judaism for kids Credits for graphics and webrings Like the page? Free Dress Patterns. 2.

Free Dress Patterns

Infinity Dress Copyright Rostichery One of the most simple and versatile dresses to make, this one by Rostichery harkens back to the 70's. The straps can be retied in several different ways to create different bodice looks. 3. Rain Blanken T-shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing you have in your closet. 4. Make This Look. Out of Order: DIY Tutorial - Full Skirt. How to make Glittens (fingerless glove-mittens)

1) Select which part of the fabric you want as the main feature of your gloves.

How to make Glittens (fingerless glove-mittens)

I decided to have the cabling on the jumper running down the middle of the gloves. 2) Mark and cut out the hand part of the gloves, placing the cabling in the centre of one half of the glove. Cut another with the cabling on the opposite side 3) this is what your two main hand parts should look like, with the cabling design on opposite sides on each piece. 4) cut the mittens out - two with cabling running through the middle and two without. 5) Cut the thumbs from a plain part of the cardigan 6) Cut the ribbing from the rib at the bottom of the cardigan 7) Cut the hanging ribbons off the cardigan, these are for the button loop later.

My Purple dress. Purple is my favorite color, that’s why it was one of the main colors of our wedding (along with green, Ken’s favorite color).

My Purple dress

But after the wedding and for longer than a year I could not even look at purple, I was so sick of it! Happily I am finally detoxing from purple =] So my first step to officially show my re-born love for that color, is to finally wear it again. I decided to make a dress for Ken’s cousin wedding last weekend and as usual I had to share it with all of you. New Sewing Patterns. Misses' Jacket. Creative Group - Misses' Dresses. Womens knit top one shoulder Sewing Pattern 2364 Simplicity. Misses' sewing pattern knit tops with one shoulder or sleeve variations.

Designs by Karen Z. Digital patterns are tiled and labeled so you can print and assemble in the comfort of your home. Plus, digital patterns incur no shipping costs! Upon purchasing a digital pattern, you will receive an email with a link to the pattern. You may access the digital pattern for one year after date of purchase, printing a maximum of 3 times in that period.

Womens and Petite Cocktail Dress Sewing Pattern 4070 Simplicity.