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Professional Artists Training with Tutorials in Visual Effects & 3D Animation Software. Subiendo Calidad. Art Jobs Connection. Exclusive VFX Interviews & News.


Pivothead Wearable Imaging. Free Online Meeting, Video Conferencing & Webinar Services. Diplomados, Seminarios y Cursos Taller. Printer-friendly version Send to friend Diplomado en Cine Guión Objetivo: El alumno distinguirá los elementos que componen al guión cinematográfico, identificará la nomenclatura y aplicará los procedimientos narrativos en el desarrollo de un guión literario en los géneros de la ficción o de la no ficción.

Diplomados, Seminarios y Cursos Taller

Cámara Objetivo: El alumno conocerá y aplicará los 15 elementos esenciales de la imagen en movimiento, para construir videos con una fotografía de calidad. Edición. Diplomado en Desarrollo y Gestión de Contenidos Digitales. Diplomado en Diseño y Edición de Vídeo. Descripción: Dirigido a profesionales que requieren y desean desarrollar proyectos de video digital, utilizando los programas de Final Cut Pro y Adobe After Effects CS5.5, mas el poder adquirir conocimientos teóricos y prácticos avanzados, con los últimos avances en tecnología y arte digital que le permitirán optimizar tiempo de trabajo, colaborar de manera eficiente, publicar de manera óptima, creación de gráficos en movimiento y efectos especiales para cualquier medio audiovisual, por último dedicaremos a la conceptualización, técnica y animación del mensaje digital, todo en 5 módulos.

Diplomado en Diseño y Edición de Vídeo

El programa de estudios se basa en la realización de proyectos que desarrollan en el participante habilidades en producción y postproducción de video digital. Objetivo: Introducing the BeeWorks Stabilizer: An Evolution of Gimbal Technology. Does the world really need another gimbal stabilizer?

Introducing the BeeWorks Stabilizer: An Evolution of Gimbal Technology

Many would argue no, but the engineers from Seattle-based startup BeeWorks beg to differ. It's been roughly a year and half since MōVi took the filmmaking world by storm. In the period that followed, startup company after startup company emerged sporting their own variations on the motorized gimbal. A select few of these stabilizers were top notch and offered solid performance, while countless others were bulky, cheaply manufactured, and sadly ineffective. Ultimately, it made the camera stabilization marketplace feel unbearably saturated, even annoyingly so.

However, despite the wonderful advances in stabilization technology over the past year, it would be silly to argue that there's no room for improvement. A Primer on Focal Length: Why Lenses Are One of the Most Powerful Tools at Our Disposal. Of the many complex aesthetic decisions that cinematographers make, lens choice is one of the simplest, most powerful, and most misunderstood.

A Primer on Focal Length: Why Lenses Are One of the Most Powerful Tools at Our Disposal

There are several different factors that determine the aesthetic of any given lens, but today we're just going to be focusing on the basics. Focal length is one of the more straight-forward aspects of lens design. In the simplest sense, focal length is the physical distance between the imaging plane (ie. the sensor) and the optical center of the lens. Focal length values - which are expressed in millimeters - are basic measurements of how wide or zoomed-in a particular lens is. Easy enough, right? The easiest to understand of these implications is field of view. Una mirada al mundo de la Postproducción e Intermediación Digital.


After Effects. Thank you for downloading. A rather short history of (believable) CG characters in movies. CG Social Network - Landing Page. 1080-2-35.png (PNG Image, 1920 × 1080 pixels) - Scaled (53%) Tutorials & Downloads - Arqui9 - Architectural Visualisation. After many e-mails and requests on how to insert people into architectural visualisation scenes, the time has come to share with you all.

Tutorials & Downloads - Arqui9 - Architectural Visualisation

Hopefully this tutorial can satisfy a lot of the curiosity in regards to inserting people and how to go about it. Enjoy it and let me know [...] Hi all, Sharing a small update in regards to a couple of works that had some attention and have been published in the March 2014 Issue of Advanced Photoshop Magazine, where Arqui9 Visualisation has shared some tips and tricks of the trade. Will leave you with a couple of the [...] October has been an amazing month!

Pedro Fernandes | Arqui9 Featured in Plataforma Arquitectura Interview This is a brief interview that I was asked to do by Plataforma Arquitectura, the largest Architectural Online Community for the Spanish Speaking Community. Digital Tutors compositing an aerial scene within Adobe Photoshop and 3D Studio Max, by Pedro Fernandes Hi to all!


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