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Readability - App Android su Google Play. OverDrive Media Console. Roi des Maths. Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game. 2 Player Reactor is a fast, clean and funny reaction game for two players on the same device.

Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game

Challenge your friends (or enemies) to a multiplayer battle of reflexes, wits and knowledge! Great as a bar game, ice breaker or to decide who has to do the dishes. Math Helper Lite - App Android su Google Play. Learn Algebra. FunEasyLearn is the easy and fun new way to learn English - whether you like listening music from other countries, travelling abroad, working for an international company, or chatting with foreign friends.

Learn Algebra

Get the FREE vocabulary app right now! Fun* Select from 7 fun games to learn in a uniquely entertaining manner.* Built-in "Spin Categories" feature allows the app to choose a random topic, subtopic and game for you to enhance your learning experience. EduDroid. Are you a school, teacher or parent and would like to use android device(s) for your child's education and learning?


If so, our content is aimed at children in KS1, KS2, children with SEND and it can also be used in secondary schools. We do NOT have any ads in our app and our in app purchase area behind a password. So you know your children are safe when using eduDroid (see below on how to access Adult Mode). Coursera - Google Play の Android アプリ. Drivers Ed - DMV Permit Test. Prepare your theory test for car with latest and official DVSA revision question bank which has over 970 questions. ***************************************************** "This application is extremely well designed and very well organised, It will prove a valuable resource to those taking their driving theory test" - iCreate Magazine. ***************************************************** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PREPARE BY TOPICS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can study the highway code by topic.

Drivers Ed - DMV Permit Test

All questions are sorted by topic. . ✓ Accidents ✓ Alertness ✓ Attitude ✓ Documents ✓ Hazard Awareness ✓ Motorway Rules ✓ Other Types of Vehicle ✓ Road and Traffic Signs ✓ Rules of the Road ✓ Safety Margins ✓ Safety and Your Vehicle ✓ Vehicle Handling ✓ Vehicle Loading ✓ Vulnerable Road Users ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MOCK TEST MODE: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mock test simulates the real test format. NASA App - Приложения на Google Play.

STUDYBLUE. ClassDojo. Teachers download “The Teacher App & Grade Book By Academically InformED” for FREE Today!


Start using our school messenger system right away! Teacher App & Grade Book By Academically InformEd is a valuable educational tool that will enhance collaboration between teachers, parents, students, and schools. Teacher App & Grade Book By Academically InformEd offers individual user interfaces for teachers, parents, and students. Each user interface has its own unique features including: Explore for free allows anyone to check out the application without creating a log-in!

Our Teacher App & Grade Book messaging system will allow users to simply send individual, or group messages in a short period of time. The registration system which is easy to use allows a teacher to easily add a student and parent information so that a parent is verified by the teacher to keep all information confidential. Parents and Students are required to purchase an account for $1.99 or have a group code. FlowerChecker, plant identify. The series of Uncle Bear games focus on offering your children extraordinary learning experiences.

FlowerChecker, plant identify

They provide you with professional and modern concepts on children’s education. Uncle Bear Plant series is a dot-to-dot game with colorful and joyful cartoon design. It is both recreational and educational for young users, who can get exposed to all kinds of meaningful plants and learn to pronounce their names both in Chinese and English while playing. Uncle Bear Dot to Dot encourages your children to absorb knowledge through the game. It makes learning so much easy and fun! About product:Dot to Dot Plant series is a game application designed to help children learn plants through connecting dots to complete plant images. So is everyone ready for this tour in the plant kingdom? Tutorial:1. 4. PlantNet Identification Plante. Virginia Tech Tree Identification brings the award winning Virginia Tech digital dendrology material to your Android smart phone.

PlantNet Identification Plante

It contains fact sheets for 969 woody plants from all over North America with an in depth description, range map and thousands of color images of leaves, flowers, fruit, twigs, bark and form. Users can narrow the species list for any location in North America using the phone's GPS, network signal or any entered address or zip code. Basically the application can become “Woody Plants of Where You Are Standing”. Endless Alphabet. North American Birds Free. The best field guide for the season!

North American Birds Free

Nothing beats Audubon mobile field guides! With 1 million downloads, they are the most trusted authoritative field guide collection in North America. Highest quality at an affordable price. The award-winning Audubon Birds is now Audubon Birds Pro, an outstanding mobile field guide resource completely updated to the current AOU checklist. Google Earth.

Common Core. "Apprendre couleur" - est un jeu éducatif simple et passionnant pour bébé.

Common Core

Il vous aidera à présenter votre bébé avec des couleurs étonnantes de notre monde, de faire l'apprentissage amusant et très intéressant. La voix - apprendre à chanter. • formateur de l'oreille pour améliorer les compétences auditives .

la voix - apprendre à chanter

Jouer du piano à l'oreille.• 9 jeux différents pour devenir un meilleur musicien et d'atteindre des scores élevés aux examens théoriques de qualité : Supérieur Inférieur , Pitch Training , Interval Training , Distinction Chord , Identification de l'échelle , comparaison d'intervalle , identification de hauteur, dictée mélodique, progression d'accords.• piano, très authentique et configurable ( grands sons de piano , multitouch , glissando , la coloration , les noms de notes, retour haptique )• Piano redimensionnable adapté à tous les dispositifs et les tablettes.• Idéal pour les débutants aux musiciens avancés.

Jeux ont différents niveaux et vous pouvez programmer et de se concentrer sur des accords spécifiques , des intervalles , des progressions , échelles , etc• Chaque jeu a sa propre aide et tutoriels pour la plupart de sortir de l'application. Coursera - Google Play の Android アプリ. Quizlet.