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Choosing Your Fertiliser - EZ-FLO Fertiliser and Nutrient delivery Systems. What types of Fertiliser are available and should you use?

Choosing Your Fertiliser - EZ-FLO Fertiliser and Nutrient delivery Systems

Before making your choice remember that an EZ-FLO requires either a water soluble or liquid fertiliser as input. For example Dynamic lifter pellets would be unsuitable as an input whilst a Aquasol powder would be fine. Ask your supplier as to the solubility of the material if using “solid” fertiliser. Check our sample table below for some fertiliser solubility data. There are many types of fertilisers available; NPK Fertilisers. They are sometimes known as “complete fertilisers.” Organic Fertilisers. Are derived from natural products e.g. the remains or manure of living organisms. Specialty Fertilisers. They are NPK Blends that contain a special formulation of NPK to increase performance for a particular plant or group of plants. Trace Element Fertilisers. These fertilisers are produced to correct deficiencies in minor elements within the plant and the soil. Wheelbarrow Notes. Pulley Calculator. RPM, Belt Length, Speed, Animated Diagrams.

Featured Blender Products. Radionic Devices. ABI Workman Tipper Trailer, Dump Trailer For Quad - ABI Attachments AU. Amazing features like massive 635mm tyres, 4 wheel independent torsion suspension, electric brakes, tail/brake light and a push-button power dump makes the Workman XL Quad Dump Trailer the safest, most capable and easiest to use trailer designed for rugged off road hauling and dumping!

ABI Workman Tipper Trailer, Dump Trailer For Quad - ABI Attachments AU

The massive tyres and independent suspension are engineered to smoothly traverse across the most rugged terrain, even under heavy load! The dump bed is controlled from the handlebar mounted controller or optional wireless remote for easy push-button control. The operator may choose to completely empty or incrementally empty the contents of the trailer. The electric brakes provide stopping power for almost any load and condition. These trailers are ideal for farms, ranches, property owners, nurseries, vineyards, parks & rec and sports turf applications.

The Most Advanced Quad Dump Trailer Design The Workman XL Quad dump trailer is the most advanced off-road quad dump trailer you have ever seen! 725kg 476kg. Motorized lay-down work carts. Weather protection.

Motorized lay-down work carts

You can outfit a lay-down cart with a canopy that shelters you from sun and rain. Safer. Flower Power - intelligent wireless sensor for your plants.

Working clothes that are actually worthwhile!

Termite Puffers. KRESS Cage Weeder. Vanhoucke Machinebouw. Earth Tools - Walk-Behind Tractors - (502) 484-3988. Horticulture & Fruit. GRO_MOR INC. Hand Seeders for greenhouse growers. > Virbo Seeder Video Peppers < > Virbo Seeder Video Lettuce < Please wait while the video loads and click play button Operating Instructions 1- remove the treaded end cap, insert 9V battery (alkaline) and replace end cap. 2- Place the seeds into the spatula taking care not to overfill it. evenly distribute the seeds over the length of the spatula. 3- Hold the seeder level over the flat or plug tray to be filled.

GRO_MOR INC. Hand Seeders for greenhouse growers

When not in use, remove batteries, and store in a dry place. The VIBRO HAND SEEDER® has a limited 60 day warranty from date of purchase, the warranty is void if the spatula is pulled from the body or if the seeder is dropped, or mishandled, defective units must be returned before a replacement is sent. A 115- volt Power Converter is available. A Tip Magnifier, the magnifier attaches to end of the seeder to help see smaller seeds, is available.

"Invented by a Grower for the Grower" GRO-MOR INC. 281 West Mountain Rd PO Box 44 Adams, MA 01220 All Rights Reserved, © GRO-MOR INC. 2014. Scythe - ecological alternative to lawn mower, whipper snipper and brush cutter.

An investment for life! these tools are top quality - artisan made and ready to work! I have four scythes now! – blutenweiss

Gundaroo Tiller, Tools and Equipment. Gundaroo Tiller Broadforks - ergonomic digging fork.