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AbeBooks Official Site - New & Used Books, New & Used Textbooks, Rare & Out of Print Books. How to Mind Control Customer Service Reps. Source: Reader Lona says that people in her family have called her a consumer advocate since she was sixteen, and now she is going to share with us 2,177 words on the customer service tactics and techniques she uses to get satisfaction.

How to Mind Control Customer Service Reps

She writes, "in 99% of situations, it allows you to reach an agreeable solution to almost any problem. It is something I do for family and friends, and for myself. " Some of her methods have been mentioned in various ways on the site before but others are completely unique. And by the time you read her true success story at the end, you'll swear she has Jedi mind-control over customer service reps. It boils down to, without raising your voice, asserting control over the conversation from the beginning and then never relinquishing that power.

Lona writes: "Keep in mind, please, that these rules require that you keep a calm, even head, or at least the appearance and sound of one, and you must have the audacity not to ASK for anything. 1. 2.


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Free Spreadsheet Library

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Free Excel Spreadsheets