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Heya guys, just wanted to drop a line for anyone who checks the site manually as to what’s up. First off, I can’t apologize enough for how sparse updates have been. I mentioned it on tumblr, but basically I’ve taken on a lot of work recently that’s been hard to turn down. Kiwi Blitz - Kiwi Blitz -
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Dresden Codak New Site- The Silmarillion Project January 20th, 2014 Happy New Year, everybody! I’ve got some great news upcoming Dresden Codak in the next couple weeks, but for now I’d like to announce a new official side gig: The Silmarillion Project. I’m essentially illustrating every chapter of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion, but also developing a comprehensive world and design that nobody else has yet to attempt.

Dresden Codak

The Meek » Archive » Ch 1 Cover The Meek » Archive » Ch 1 Cover Yesss ;_____; First of all thanks so much to my friend L, who got this site running in record time because he is amazing. He seriously did it all in a few hours over this and last weekend, I don’t have enough vocabulary to thank him enough. At the moment we’re looking at a once-a-week update schedule because I’ve got this fucking big test coming up but once I get my pace on I’m going to try to make it M-F.
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OCTOBER 30, 2013 I'm contributing art, along with Shouri on colors, to the Nelvana of the Northern Lights Kickstarter. Ends on Nov. 1st, so check it out! Also, Eerie Cuties volume 3 is at the printer and will ship mid-November. We're taking orders right now at our store. Eerie Cuties

Eerie Cuties

"Oh Goodie!" – Updates MWF "Oh Goodie!" – Updates MWF It kind of amazes me the shit Boston has gotten over the years by various music critics. Considering the DIY philosophy the internet has given us when it comes to music, I’m kind of amazed Boston hasn’t become patron saints for that. Tom Scholz (their founder and lead guitarist) basically said “Screw record labels and corporations, I’m gonna make the stuff I want to make” and did just that, down to making his own amplifiers with the Rockman brand to get the exact sound he wanted and to make recording easier. I can see the amount of polish and studio trickery putting people off (though I’m not one of them), but the achievement itself doesn’t deserve to be ignored. This isn’t “More Than A Feeling” I know, but here’s a “Hitch A Ride”, my favorite song off Boston’s first album.
all angels wear trenchcoats.
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Wednesday, the 29th of August, 2012 So, no. He did not morphed fully into David, Just was teasing Collie if you ask me. So yeah, Animas don't have a human appearance, they just "borrow" one in a not so pleasant way. We'll find more about them soon enough. Pages for Donors will be available tomorrow due time issues. Alpha Luna - Comic for

Alpha Luna - Comic for