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Sweet Sugar Gliders - Safe Fruits and Vegetables. Below are a few lists of safe fruits and vegetables for your sugar glider.

Sweet Sugar Gliders - Safe Fruits and Vegetables

Please note that although these foods may be safe for your glider, some should only be fed in moderation. For example, corn has a very high calcium:phosphorous ratio and should only be fed in small quantities. Broccoli and cauliflower should also be fed in small quantities or not at all. Fruits and vegetables are meant to be fed as part of a complete diet, not as the entire diet for a sugar glider.

When choosing fruits and vegetables for your sugar glider, please take care to select foods which keep the diet at an overall calcium:phosphorous ratio of 1.5-2:1. Intermediate/Advanced List We have added some calcium:phosphorous ratios to the beginner's list and will continue to add more as we are able. Some of the oxalate information was obtained from this document on Gliderpedia at Other oxalate information was obtained from,, and

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Dog Dental Bone & Gentle Dental Bones. Hard to believe, but even the healthiest dogs that I see in my practice succumb to this lurking disease.

Dog Dental Bone & Gentle Dental Bones

Top agility contenders, well known search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs and decorated conformation champions have this disease at the peak of their careers. Even many third generation raw food litters show symptoms by 3 years of age. What's the biggest disease culprit I see in most dogs, regardless of age, breed, sex and immune status? Dental disease. Pets Protein Dry Food and Disease. If you’re like most pet owners, your four-legged companion is a beloved member of your family.

Pets Protein Dry Food and Disease

And just like the humans in your household, you want to give your pet every opportunity for a long and healthy life. What you might not know is that despite advertising claims, the majority of commercial pet foods are not optimally healthy for your dog or cat. Just as most processed, convenient “people food” is devoid of nutritional value, so is much of the dead, dry pet food sold commercially today.

The pet nutrition industry is very similar to the human food industry – full of hype and false claims, peddling inferior nutritional choices. Much of the so-called “healthy pet foods” on the market contain inferior meat meals, cheap grains like corn and soy, fillers, by-products, food coloring, pesticides, preservatives, and other contaminations. “Pet” foods are actually a relatively new addition to the marketplace, only filling a consumer niche for the last 100 years or so. Three Major Reasons to Feed Your Pet a Homemade Diet.

Brush Dog's Teeth - How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth Video. Brushing a dog's teeth is difficult, but not if you're well prepared with the right tools and technique.

Brush Dog's Teeth - How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth Video

Arm yourself with knowledge and guide your furry friend to a healthy mouth.See Transcript HI, I'm Dr. Protect Your Dog's Teeth to Protect His Bones and Heart. Pfizer Animal Health is discontinuing its veterinary periodontal disease vaccine for dogs, called the Porphyromonas-Denticanis-Gulae-Salivosa Bacterin.

Protect Your Dog's Teeth to Protect His Bones and Heart

The vaccine was conditionally approved for use in the U.S. in 2006, and underwent a four-year study to determine if it produced a long-term reduction in the progression of gum disease in dogs. Per dvm360: "The study further confirmed the safety of the vaccine but did not demonstrate a long-term reduction in the progression of periodontal disease when comparing vaccinated dogs and unvaccinated dogs," Pfizer reports. "Based on this important study, Pfizer Animal Health will no longer produce the vaccine after April 6. " Raw Food Diet for Dogs. By Denise Flaim A decade ago, BARF was the acronym that raw-feeders used to describe feeding raw, meaty bones to their canine companions.

Raw Food Diet for Dogs

30kg Dog. Weston A Price Foundation. Bone Marrow - Food Features. Traditional peoples who consumed large animals did not ignore the marrow hidden away in the bones; in fact, they valued the marrow as an extremely nutritious food.

Bone Marrow - Food Features

Weston Price provides us with a good example: "For the Indians living inside the Rocky Mountain Range in the far North of Canada, the successful nutrition for nine months of the year was largely limited to wild game, chiefly moose and caribou. During the summer months the Indians were able to use growing plants. During the winter some use was made of bark and buds of trees. I found the Indians putting great emphasis upon the eating of the organs of the animals, including the wall of parts of the digestive tract. Much of the muscle meat of the animals was fed to the dogs. When Price devised a nutrition plan for an orphanage, the meal included bone marrow. A search of the Internet reveals bone marrow recipes described with great affection by epicures in France, Ireland, the Philippines, and Korea.

"Her hope... paid off. It's the Beef - Food Features. Read this article in: French Myths & Truths About Beef With the exception of butter, no other food has been subjected to such intense demonization in recent years as red meat, particularly beef.

It's the Beef - Food Features

The juicy hamburger, that delicious marbled steak and the Sunday roast have been accused of terrible crimes. Beef causes heart disease, say the Diet Dictocrats. How To Train A Dog, dog training tips and techniques for home based dog trainers. Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes. Homemade Dog Food Recipes...

Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes

What would you prefer? A TV dinner, or a homemade stew made by Mom herself? Most of us have eaten both, and have a preference. I can't speak for your mother's cooking ability, but chances are, she can do a bit better than a frozen brick of kinda-food. This example may make it easier to empathize with your dog when you fill his bowl with nuggets of processed corn meal and he glances up your way that saying, "You've got to be kidding me. " Or, maybe your best buddy is more than willing to scarf down anything that hits the bowl. Trends in Home-Prepared Diets for Pets - Health Issues. In the United States, most people believe that “people food” is unsuitable, even dangerous, for dogs and cats.

Trends in Home-Prepared Diets for Pets - Health Issues

For half a century, pet food manufacturers and veterinarians have explained that commercial pet foods are “scientifically balanced,” “nutritionally complete,” and superior to anything our pets might otherwise consume. These experts frown upon giving pets table scraps, raw food and supplements that disrupt a commercial pet food’s “precisely controlled balance of vitamins and minerals.” We’re so used to these notions that most of us accept them without a second thought. But some pet owners have remained skeptical and have taken a different approach. In recent years their numbers are growing. What are these eccentric people feeding their animals?

Make that almost any veterinarian. Raw feeding. A golden retriever eating a raw pig's foot. Supporters of raw feeding believe that the natural diet of raw meat, bones, and organs is nutritionally superior to cooked meat and commercial pet food. BARF Diet Product Care & Instructions - Nutrition & Natural Raw Food For Dogs & Cats. Dr. Billinghurst's BARF DIET™ Feeding Guide Keeping your BARF DIET™ Fresh and Wholesome Some people are worried about bacteria in raw food.

They believe bacteria will make their dog sick. However, dogs have evolved to eat and thrive on food that may have bacteria present. BARF Diet Specifics - Bones, Meat, Offal, Vegetables, Fruits & Other Nutrition Food Products for Pet. The BARF DIET™ Getting down to natural ingredient specifics and benefits... BONES For millions of years, dogs have cleaned up the remains of other animal's bodies, including the bones.

That ability remains with modern dogs that easily and joyfully tackle bones. A dog's whole system is designed for and in fact needs bones to function properly. Bones are living tissue composed of living cells. Because bones are living tissue, just like any other part of the body, they are a complex source of a wide variety of nutrients. "It is not hard to pick the dogs that eat bones. BARF Diet - Healthy & Natural Raw Food For Dogs & Cats, Pet Health Care Food & Nutrition Products Supply Online. Recipes for Dogs and Cats. Sadly for your pets, the pet food industry is rapidly becoming Big Business. Big Business to the tune of $15 billion worldwide.

Behind closed doors, strategic acquisitions of smaller companies are quietly taking place – clearly to capitalize on the tremendous profits the pet food industry offers. What most pet owners don't realize is that the pet food industry is actually an extension of the food and agricultural industries. Announcing: New Gentle Dental Bone - Perfect for Dogs with Tender Gums. Can You Impact Your Pet's Health by Brushing Their Teeth? As part of Pet Dental Health month, Hill's Pet Nutrition Inc. is co-sponsoring the 15th annual Pets Need Dental Care, Too™ campaign to encourage veterinary health care teams to talk with clients about scheduling regular dental appointments for their pets and to establish an at-home dental-care routine.

Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets. In addition, 65 percent of dogs with Stage 1 periodontal disease often go untreated because come veterinary teams don't recommend needed treatment options like dental exams, professional dental cleaning and dental X-rays, the company reports. "Regular preventive dental care includes oral home care by the pet owner and routine professional dental care. The expenses associated with professional dental treatment may be significant.” To help veterinary health-care teams, Hill's made Pet Dental Health Campaign kits available to veterinary hospitals around the country. What’s The Best Food for Pets. Bones Can Kill Your Dog So Find Out which Ones are Safe. East York Animal Clinic.