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I am a web developer, seo executive, and digital marketing currently living in New York, NY. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in web development, seo, and digital marketing

Top 10 TikTok Video Ideas to Gain More Followers – Blair Lennon. TikTok is a very famous video-sharing social media platform, known for the funny and crazy videos you can create on it.

Top 10 TikTok Video Ideas to Gain More Followers – Blair Lennon

The app is particularly popular in teenagers and also has 200 and above million monthly users on both iOS and Android. In the past few years, the platform has shown tremendous growth in terms of popularity and usage. And, with its growth, the trends in video content on TikTok has also shifted a lot since its launch. So here is, 10 different types of videos that you can post on TikTok to boost your popularity and gain more followers. 1. Social media challenges are already viral and most people know about it. 2. You can make videos for TikTok on hashtags that are already trending. 3. If you use TikTok regularly, we are sure that you must have noticed that the platform is loaded with dance videos. 4. TikTok is majorly famous for videos where people lip-sync to a song and even enact the lyrics. 5. 6. These kinds of videos are created to show a makeover. 7. 8. 9. 10. How to Change the TikTok Location – Blair Lennon.

Among the popular social networking platforms, there is a widely popular one named TikTok.

How to Change the TikTok Location – Blair Lennon

The application provides several tools and features to create a short clip of video ranging from 15 seconds to a minute. These videos are to attract the followers and this increasing fan following. One can share their views, emotions, and even frustrations to others on this platform. Users can like, follow, create, or publish their videos apart from likes and follow features on various available videos of a number of users. The application surpassed various other social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in terms of downloading graphs per month. Here will talk about the modification in the location of TikTok: Creating Own Video clips One can create their desired video clips having the option to choose one of the music affects available on the net. Exploring Between the Videos Once you launch the app, the videos start to play automatically.

Changing TikTok location. - Enter product key - Office Setup. – Enter product key – Office Setup Microsoft Office is the universal software and considered as one of the best software due to its striking set of features and user interfaces. - Enter product key - Office Setup

Microsoft Office has multiple programs included to increase productivity and saving time. The office suite has made it easy for everyone to carry out the computer-based office-related tasks. The Microsoft Office suite is entirely based on service software that has multiple applications and programs, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, etc. Moreover, it is easy to use the office suites with a little training, and even a novice can use it conveniently. The latest version of Microsoft Office products is available on How to Update Your Vizio Smart TV – Blair Lennon. If you have purchased the latest Vizio smart TV and are searching for ways of becoming more familiar with its functionalities then read on.

How to Update Your Vizio Smart TV – Blair Lennon

Almost every company introduces updates regularly for their devices either to improve their services or to add some new features. Similarly, Vizio smart TVs also get updates, usually to make the user experience smoother. - McAfee Activate Product key 2020. - Enter mcafee 25 digit activation code. How to Add and Manage Amazon Prime Video Profiles – Blair Lennon.

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime now has a profile feature so that every person on the account can have their separate feed.

How to Add and Manage Amazon Prime Video Profiles – Blair Lennon

You no longer need to worry about weird recommendations and lost saved shows. You can share your Amazon Prime subscription now with 5 other people and enjoy binge-watching. How to Use Dropbox on iPhone and iPad – Blair Lennon. Dropbox app is a software that stores all kinds of files, documents and images to save some space on your device.

How to Use Dropbox on iPhone and iPad – Blair Lennon

You can also recover the files if you deleted them via Dropbox. You can either insert your files manually or let the app automatically upload and sync it. It keeps your data safe and asks for a password every time you want to reach your files. It has four-tier yearly plans with free-trials. There are two plans for individuals and two plans for groups or teamwork.

The individual plans include plus and professional plans. Google’s Latest Pixel Features Include a Safety Check for When You’re Walking Alone – Blair Lennon. Google has announced the new features of its smartphone, Pixel.

Google’s Latest Pixel Features Include a Safety Check for When You’re Walking Alone – Blair Lennon

Google stated that there are several new features about to get added in the Pixel Smartphone, including the safety check feature. The feature is developed for the security concern of the users; the safety check will ask the users about their condition while they are alone. The users can set up the time for the feature to re-check the status of the users. The feature is apparent to be quite lovely, and when its checking time arrives, it spreads over the display and asks the users about their status. The users have to say OK if they are feeling well during the time of emergency, if they are unable to respond to Safety Check, then it will automatically inform 911 alongside your family member within a minute about your location. However, the feature seems out to be more for the users with a severe medical problem, but Google has added it to their Pixel device. Source: “It’s Not the Time to Celebrate” – Google Postpones the Launch of Android 11 Beta – Blair Lennon. If you have Pixel 2XL and are eagerly waiting for the latest version of the Android 11 Beta, then there is news for you.

“It’s Not the Time to Celebrate” – Google Postpones the Launch of Android 11 Beta – Blair Lennon

Initially, this version is expected to launch in May. The company was going to launch the latest version in the conference of the Google I/O Developers, but due to the ongoing pandemic, Google has cancelled this conference. Officially, Google has announced that they have planned to delay the launch of the Public beta Android 11 version. 7 Tools On Pinterest You Just Can’t Miss – Blair Lennon. While all the other social media platforms were gaining tremendous importance in the light of marketing and advertising, Pinterest has always been a neglected gem.

7 Tools On Pinterest You Just Can’t Miss – Blair Lennon

Not many knew how this vast collection of pictures could be a fantastic stage for companies seeking brand awareness. Initially, brands were hesitant to use Pinterest to promote their products. However, the present-day scenario is different. Brands today are heading towards the platform to give their popularity a boost. No wonder Pinterest has made its own identity among the big social media giants.

Twitter & Facebook To Allow Employees to Work From Home Permanently – Blair Lennon. Twitter and Facebook are going to allow its employees to work from home permanently.

Twitter & Facebook To Allow Employees to Work From Home Permanently – Blair Lennon

Here is an overview of the whole matter. Both social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook, are going to follow the work from home model. Both companies have decided to allow most of the employees remote working indefinitely. Changes Made in Al Capone’s life in Tom Hardy’s New Film Capone – Blair Lennon. The prohibition era of the USA had led to the rise of various popular gangsters of that time. Al Capone will always remain on the top of the list whenever anyone across the world thinks of powerful American mobsters. The infamous life of Capone has been shown several times through films, TV shows, or even books. Now, filmmaker Josh Trank has made a film on Capone, aka Scarface’s life. The film has been completed quite a month back, and due to amid pandemic, it has been released in on-demand formats instead of the theatres. The film has obtained mixed reviews by the fans as well as by the critics.

Capone’s Buried 10 Million$ This is one of the most popular anecdotes about Al Capone that he had hidden a whopping sum of 10 Million $ in cash. Harry Potter Face Mask: A Real-Life Marauder’s Map – Blair Lennon. A creative fan of Harry Potter has made a real-life Map Mask of Marauder. Notably, the mask has become an essential accessory at the moment.

Recently, one creative fan of Harry Potter has created a mask similar to the real-life Mask of Marauder’s Map. The recent discovery is indicating the influence and huge fan following of the show based on J.K. Rowling. The series of eight films based on the seven Harry Potter books of J.K. Everything You Should Know About Snapchat Streaks – Blair Lennon. The main reason why most of the people use Snapchat every day is snap streaks. These snap streaks are essential for keeping people close. The snap streaks used in Snapchat are very much popular among the users. Even though the platform has not so many followers or other indicators of popularity, but its streaks are above all. These streaks have won the heart of every Snapchat user.

The multimedia messaging app, Snapchat, has always been quite weird but offered a unique blend of features and the self-deleting technique of messages. Best Multiplayer Mobile Games to Play With Your Long Distance Friends – Blair Lennon. Are you feeling restless and bored being at home all the time? Missing hanging out and movie nights with your friends? Of course, everyone is.

So, you all might be wondering how to deal with that. In this time of digitalization, you can easily stay connected with your friends. It is one of the greatest benefits of this digital age that we can easily connect with our friends and family across distances. Playing board games with your loved ones is the best option to relieve yourselves.

Here we are suggesting some amazing online multiplayer games through which you can stay connected with your friends. Psych! - Activate Office Setup with Product Key. - How to Download and install Norton on your Computer. – The internet has surrounded the digital world like the oceans bounded the real world. Although, internet is a significant attribute but still it comprises of several flaws that leads to various consequences in our lives. Some of them contains viruses, malfunctioning and bugs that are major threats to our privacy and security. However, we install antiviruses to our devices to hinder these negative aspects but still they managed to get access to our devices.

The major problem lies in the advancement of the antivirus program.Thus, an advanced, highly specs equipped antivirus is necessary to fight along with these antiviruses. Apple Employees Will Soon Return to Offices – Blair Lennon. The famous marketing and business of the US, Bloomberg, has recently stated that soon the global offices of Apple will be re-opened.

Trump and Intel are Reportedly Pushing for New Processor Factories in the US – Blair Lennon. The federal administration of the US is planning to make deals with significant processor developers. The initiative is about to be taken by the president, Mr. Samsung All Set to Launch a Samsung Pay Debit Card – Blair Lennon. Samsung is all set to launch the Samsung Pay Debit card in partnership with SoFi Samsung is planning to expand its financial services with the release of a card called Samsung Debit card. Sang Ahn has announced the news of launching the new Samsung Debit card in a blog post of the company. Firefox will Protect User IDs by Creating Fake Ones – Blair Lennon. Private Relay, a security feature launched by Firefox, will create aliases for your inbox. It will be to keep you secure, but the created aliases will remain in control of the emails received by you.

Firefox is soon to launch a new security feature, which will be known as Private Relay, to keep its user safe and secure. Tumblr to Remove all Blogs Violating its Hate Speech Policy – Blair Lennon. Samsung’s QLED-display Galaxy Book Laptops are Now Available – Blair Lennon. The Galaxy laptops of Samsung are now available to buy in the US. How to Merge Layers in Photoshop? – Blair Lennon. Photoshop is one of the most mainstream programming which helps you in editing pictures alongside different tools, one of which is merging layers. Overwatch’s Biggest Star Moving to Valorant – Blair Lennon. The virtual world of video games always remains trending in the real world for several reasons. How to Fix Slow Internet Connection Issues during Quarantine – Blair Lennon.

The lost connection of the Internet is the only possible way to make it annoying. How to Pair Apple Airpods with Windows 10 PC – Blair Lennon. Apple is known globally for its advanced and elegant looking devices. In the world of various innovative companies, it’s the perfection of Apple that makes it the best amongst the rest of them. How to Fix Freezing Issue on PS4? – Blair Lennon. How to Fix Fitbit is not Syncing? – Blair Lennon. Netflix Included a Screen lock feature to Prevent Accidental Pauses – Blair Lennon. Zoom Now Allows to Report Meeting Participants to help Bust Zoombombers – Blair Lennon.

How to Fix Keyboard Typing Number Instead of Letters – Blair Lennon. iPhone SE (2020): Should You Upgrade to It? – Blair Lennon. How to Fix Windows 10 Automatic Update Problems – Blair Lennon. Australia Compelled Google and Facebook to Pay Media Outlets for News Content – Blair Lennon. 5 Games that May Never Appear on PS Plus Free Games List – Blair Lennon. Guide to All Bow Upgrades in Tomb Raider – Blair Lennon. Apple to Sell AirPods Pro Tip Replacements on its Website – Blair Lennon. How to Play YouTube Music in the Background – Blair Lennon. How to Use Slack Channels Efficiently – Blair Lennon. How to Fix the Snapchat Login Issue on Android – Blair Lennon. How to Defeat the Hardest Boss Tommasi in Control? – Blair Lennon.

How to Fix Discord Black Screen? – Blair Lennon. Assassin’s Creed 2 will be Free on PC This Week – Blair Lennon. Fortnite: How to Escape A Vault Using A Secret Passage – Blair Lennon. How to Unlock Warmind Khanjali Artifact in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy – Blair Lennon. All Safe Codes and Locker Combinations in the Game in Resident Evil 3 – Blair Lennon. How to Catch Stunfisk in Pokémon GO Tricky Event – Blair Lennon. Sony Unveils the New DualSense Controller for PS5 – Blair Lennon. How to Start Ted Offensive Challenges – Blair Lennon. How to Visit The Shark, Rapid’s Rest, and Gorgeous Gorge Locations in Fortnite – Blair Lennon. Zoom CEO Accepts the Security and Privacy Issues, Says ‘We had some missteps’ – Blair Lennon. Gears Tactics: A Smart Turn-Based Strategy Game Focused on Aggression, Speed and Violence – Blair Lennon. OnePlus 8 Latest Reveals Show Interstellar Glow – Blair Lennon. Wyze Updated Firmware Lets You Turn Security Cameras into Webcams – Blair Lennon.

Fix: Adjust for Daylight Saving Time is Grayed Out in Windows 10 – Blair Lennon. Zoom Vs. Google Hangouts: Which One Is Better? – Blair Lennon. How to Fix Windows Stuck While Configuring Updates – Blair Lennon. HQ Trivia Restored in Less Than Two Months after the App Shutdown – Blair Lennon. - Enter Product Key - Apple to Release ARM-based Mac Laptops Soon – Blair Lennon. Qualcomm’s Latest Chips Could Make Noise Cancellation Standard on New Wireless Earbuds – Blair Lennon. Apple Asks Customers to Wait to Pick Their Repaired Devices Until Retail Stores Open – Blair Lennon. Disney Plus Decreasing Streaming Quality in Europe & Delays Release in France  – Blair Lennon. How to Visit Coral Cove, Stack Shack & Crash Site in Fortnite. Fortnite Season 2: Visit Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, and Risky Reels – Blair Lennon. Every Concert You can Livestream While Working from Home – Blair Lennon. Rick and Morty Season 4 Teaser has the Duo Mega-Punch an Alien – Blair Lennon.

The New iPad Pro LIDAR Scanner can Turn a Living Room into Hot Lava – Blair Lennon. GitHub Mobile App Now Available on iOS & Android – Blair Lennon. George R. R. Martin Working on Winds of Winter Under Global Health Concerns – Blair Lennon. - Download and Install Office Setup with Product Key. Fortnite Season 2: How to Scan Henchmen – Blair Lennon. Nintendo Direct March 2020 Rumors: What Should Fans Expect – Blair Lennon.

Frozen 2 Early Release: Disney Plus Releasing the Movie this Weekend – Blair Lennon. Sebastian Stan Confirms Falcon and Winter Solder Production Change – Blair Lennon. COD Warzone Tips: 4 Essential Tips to Win The Battle Royale – Blair Lennon. How to Use Widgets in iPad and iPhone – Blair Lennon. Fix: PINBALL_FILE_SYSTEM Blue Screen on Windows 10 – Blair Lennon. Division 2: How to Master the Recalibration Station – Blair Lennon. Google Working on New Chromecast Ultra based on Android TV – Blair Lennon. Twitter Will Ban Dehumanizing Remarks Based on Age, Disability, & Disease – Blair Lennon. How Apple Can Fix HomePod in 2020 – Blair Lennon. - Enter your 25-digit activation code. Top Gun: Maverick is Now Releasing Two Days Earlier – Blair Lennon. Netflix Got Attacked and Email Changed: How to Recover Your Account – Blair Lennon.

How to Use Camera Remote App on Apple Watch – Blair Lennon. How to Access iCloud on Android Device – Blair Lennon. Google Doodle Celebrates Alice in Wonderland Illustrator’s 200th Birthday – Blair Lennon. Konami Code Creator Dies, Leaving a Legacy Spanning Over Three Decades – Blair Lennon. Google Teaming Up With EA & Adidas for New Jacquard Product – Blair Lennon. How to Fix Windows Laptop Won’t Shut Down Issues – Blair Lennon. How to Open Safe in “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners” – Blair Lennon. How to Use Wayfarer in Pokémon Go & What is It – Blair Lennon. Twitter Suspends 70 Pro-Michael Bloomberg Accounts – Blair Lennon.

See How Microsoft Designed its New Windows 10 Icons – Blair Lennon. How to set Two-Factor Authentication on Dropbox Account - Blog Search. How to Use Message Effects in MacOS – Blair Lennon. How to Play Minecraft on Chromebook – Blair Lennon.