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Aida Martin Visit the activation link www norton com/setup in order to download Norton setup or to install Norton product key. After visiting this url user will be prompted to simply sign in or sign up. After signing in enter the Norton product key to setup your Norton antivirus. Norton product key are 25-character long and can be found on the back side of Norton product retail card. If facing any issue, simply give a toll-free call on Norton setup support phone number +1-844-865-1210 which remain in service 24/7 in the hands of certified technicians.

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MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER WITH THESE 9 SMART HOME DEVICES. With technological advancements, there are so many smart devices and systems that are embellishing people’s houses.


These devices are not even just fancy; instead, they are making our everyday lives a lot easier. Using smart technology is not limited to asking Alexa or Siri about the weather today or for making a call or playing a song. It has grown to be so much more than that. For instance, you can now use these devices to vacuum clean your house or increase your house’s security when you are out. We have come up with a smart list of 9 gadgets that you must bring home today!

Deebot Vacuum Cleaners This vacuum cleaning robot from Ecovacs makes vacuuming and cleaning your floors super comfy. Clocky Alarm Waking up in the morning is a big pain we all go through every day. Enter Norton Product Key.

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Microsoft’s Chromium Browser Hopes to Give Edge an Edge. With the dynamically changing scenario for internet browsers, Microsoft decided to up its game by introducing new and improved changes to Edge.

Microsoft’s Chromium Browser Hopes to Give Edge an Edge

According to the latest reports, the tech giant will be rebuilding Microsoft Edge so that it can operate on Chromium. Chromium is an open-source internet browser project that drives Google’s popular browser – Chrome. The shift indicates that Edge will now run on V8 JavaScript engine which is supported by Blink. The fact that Microsoft will get involved with open-source projects translates as a major move. The company hopes that rebuilding the browser will improve the user experience for a range of audiences. The ‘rebuilding’ in no way indicates the demise of Microsoft Edge, in fact, the changes will take place under the hood where users may not visually perceive it.

Microsoft will begin the process by decoupling Edge from Windows 10 and make it accessible for other versions, such as Windows 7 and 8. Download and Install Office Setup. How to Share Wifi Password With Others on iOS 11 – mypcgeeks. How to Fix the Missing DLL Files in Windows PC? 5 Games You Should be Thankful For This Thanksgiving (2018 Edition) Thanksgiving is a great holiday to spend time with your family.

5 Games You Should be Thankful For This Thanksgiving (2018 Edition)

However, there is only limited information that you can share and eventually, you may experience a lull in the conversation. The best way to have some fun during the holiday season is by indulging on some family activities to keep the interest alive and help everyone bond and unwind. We have a few popular games that you can play in crowds or small groups and are suitable for every person of different ages, check them out:

7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Web Browsing. Do you ever wonder how hackers on the television constantly type away on their computers without having to use the mouse?

7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Web Browsing

Well, what if you were told that you could achieve the same? Web browsers come with various shortcuts that can help you become a browsing ninja. Using keyboard shortcuts will not only boost your productivity, but it will also help in saving time. Without further ado, let’s check out the different ways to speed up your browsing. 1- Easy Page Up and Page Down. Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: What the Difference? YouTube to Stream Free Ad-Supported Feature Films. PlayStation to Skip E3 2019. Recently, Sony has announced that the Play Station is officially skipping E3 2019.

PlayStation to Skip E3 2019

In the history of 24-years of E-3, it’s a very first time when gaming giant won’t attend the show. One statement is released by the Game Informer, Sony confirmed that it would be skipping the annual conference, and commenting on that, “As the industry changes, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to look for the ingenious opportunities to engage the community easily. However, all the PlayStation fans mean the world to us, and we always want to innovate, and also want to think very differently and need to experiment with some new and best ways to bliss all the gamers. And after a conclusion, they have decided not to take part in E3 in 2019. How to Use Apple’s New Group FaceTime Features? A few days back, Apple released its latest version of the operating system, i.e., iOS 12, iOS 12.1.

How to Use Apple’s New Group FaceTime Features?

Since September, the update has been available in the Beta Phase. It’s an Apple first major update of iOS versions in the year 2018. The latest updates of the iOS 12.1 bring different new features, and among all new features, one is the Group FaceTime features. At WWDC 2018 developers conference which was held in June, Apple was claimed it to be one of the most requested features. How to Use the New Walkie-Talkie app on Apple Watch. Apple rolled out a watchOS5 update for Apple Watches, and this update brought in an excellent new function that imitates the conventional walkie-talkies.

How to Use the New Walkie-Talkie app on Apple Watch

With this application, users can connect with other people and indulge in press-to-transmit conversations from their wrists. This application, named Walkie-Talkie, comes with watchOS 5. It is present in the home screen. The black and yellow icon of the app is pretty hard to miss. This app is available only to limited countries. How to Enable YouTube TV on Roku [Quick and Simple Technique!] When YouTube TV was launched, a few users faced tremendous issues due to the complexity involved in watching YouTube TV on televisions.

How to Enable YouTube TV on Roku [Quick and Simple Technique!]

After considering the obstacles faced, Google tweaked up YouTube TV, and now the cable replacement service works flawlessly over various platforms like Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, and Android TV. Getting the YouTube TV application on your Roku device has been significantly simplified, and we are here to help you with this guide to enable YouTube TV on Roku. How to Show Word Count on Mac And iOS Device - Whether reading a document or creating one on any of the Apple products like Mac, iPhone or iPad, we may need to check the word count of the document to keep it short and succinct.

How to Show Word Count on Mac And iOS Device -

Unlike Microsoft Word, the document opened in Mac doesn’t show any word count at the bottom. It doesn’t mean that the word count is removed from the format in Apple device. The Word Count is disabled by default, and hence it needs to be activated to keep an eye on the word limit. The procedure to enable and display the count on Mac, iPhone and iPad may differ with slight differences, but the word count pop-up box is easy not to activate. How to Spoof Age Restriction on YouTube. It will be stupid to ask if you stream video on YouTube.

How to Spoof Age Restriction on YouTube

Of course, millions of users go online only to stream YouTube, the biggest video sharing website. You can watch anything on this video sharing website without any problem, but there is one thing which annoys the users across the world. You must be thinking about ads popping up before the video plays, but you are wrong. Login, Manage or Setup an Norton Account. How to block an Email Address from Yahoo Mail and Hotmail -

Are you receiving unnecessary emails or unwanted advertising emails from someone or someone is continuously sending you harassing or annoying emails, and you want to stop getting such emails? Well, you can easily prevent this by doing block to that email address. Blocking will stop receiving any future messages from the blocked email address. If you also wish to block an email address from your Yahoo mail account or Microsoft outlook account, then follow the below guide to easily done blocking in a few minutes. How to Fix Charging Issues in Chromebook. Is your Chromebook showing charging issues? Whenever the Chromebook faces the charging issues, you wonder what to do. But there is a way to fix the issues.

It will require the technical skills, so you have to be cautious while performing the troubleshoot. Once you are done with the process, you can charge the device again. In most of the cases, Chromebook doesn’t charge beyond 1% battery and hence creates the frustrating atmosphere. Before proceeding to the troubleshoot, you must know the reason for the charging issues. How to Remove Black Dot Bug from iPhone. The Black Dot bug became famous across the world and started appearing in iPhone devices. The iPhone owners were tired of getting the bug again and again in their device. The bug appears only in the messaging applications whether it is inbuilt or a third-party application. Whenever you attempt to resolve the problem by deleting the messages, the app freezes and apparently leaves no solution at hand. The Black Dot Emoji is also known as the black dot of death which can’t be resolved and freezes the messaging app.

But don’t worry, there are some methods through which you can remove the black dot bug from iPhone, so lets the methods best approaching to fix the issue. – Download & Install McAfee Retail Card. McAfee has been a household name for years in the field of network security. It offers comprehensive cyber security solutions and protects your computers and other devices from viruses, malware, and similar security threats.

Apart from securing your devices, it also creates and stores backup of your data to enable data recovery in the event of data loss due to system failure. McAfee ensures that you private data remain private and none of personal details are leaked into the dark side of the internet. McAfee Total Protection offers complete security for an array of devices. It can be set up with MTP retail card by visiting Activate McAfee Total Protection. To activate the McAfee product, you always require a key which you need to enter and then it can be activated only. So no matter if you buy the McAfee product online or offline, you will always require a product key to activate it. Without the activation, the product will not function at all. One can purchase the product online as well as offline. McAfee MTP retail card is the part of offline purchase as you get the product key behind the McAfee retail card.

Norton My Account. Norton is one such name which has been widely accepted as Best Antivirus. It has now become synonyms for virus protection. One can easily use it from anywhere and anytime. Just with the few easy steps, you can install it on your device and can start using it anytime you want. Battlefield 5 V Battle Royale mode Firestorm Details Released. Some hints have been dropped regarding game’s new Battle Royale mode.

Officially it is called Firestorm, and it features 16 teams each having 4 players competing to last team standing in Battlefield map. Apple Announces New iPad Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini - Apple has revealed new and updated devices that include new iPad Pros, fresh MacBooks and iPad Mini. Although there are no such brand new devices, upgraded versions of tools that you have expected from Apple are now available. The company has come up with new iPad Pro and updated Mac Mini and MacBook Pro. What can you expect from the new updates? How to Enable Apple ID in iOS. How to Enable Root User and Access Parts of Mac.

How to Add Movies in Netflix Queue. How to Completely Remove Sim Characters. Sims is a popular life simulation game. How to Arrange OneNote Settings for iOS Devices - How to Access Google Drive on a PC. 7 Digital Marketing Tips for Travel Industry. How to Enable Family Sharing on iOS Devices. Family Sharing is a fantastic feature. With this, users can share their purchases made on iTunes and App Store with their family. Apart from this, they can also set up a Family Sharing group for approving the permission to purchase stuff. The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat Memories. Social Media Security Tips To Follow While Traveling. How to Update iPhone Apps in iOS 11 - How to Disable the Mini Map on the Home Screen? Pros and Cons of VPN. 4 Spooky Halloween Decorations Using Smart Devices. How to solve Xbox 360 Disc Drive Problems. Complete Guide for Setting Up Google Home with SmartThings. The Complete Guide to iOS 12 Passwords.

How to Install Kodi on your Amazon Fire Stick. How to Create a YouTube Channel for Business. Steps for Disabling the Caps Lock Key in Windows. How to Change the Default Folder For Safari Download - How to Change Alexa Name and Voice. How to Display Filename Extension on Mac. How to Force Quit Programs on Mac. How to Solve Cannot Print PDF Files Error. How to Secure Mac in Easy Steps. How to Open a Shopify Facebook Store. Best iPhone Apps for Small Business Owners. How to Cut Down Your Instagram Following by Deleting Followers – mypcgeeks. How to Fix Unable to Join Network Error on iOS Devices. Tips to Improve your Surface Pro 3 Experience. How to Delete Cookies for One Website in Firefox - - Download, Install or Setup - How to Locate your Apple Device Using HomePod - How to Set Up a New Phone to Protect it Against Threats.

How to Troubleshoot 502 Bad Gateway Errors? – mypcgeeks. 5 Cool Terminal Commands Every Mac User Should Know. How Safe and Secure is Cloud Storage. How to Fix FaceTime Activation Error on iPhone - Improve Digital Experience by Cleaning your Smartphone - How to Tackle the Dangers of File Sharing? How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working Error on Windows 10. Windows 10 Stuck on Preparing? Here’s How to Fix It – mypcgeeks. Tips to Update iOS on iPhone or iPad. Tips for Google Podcasts – mypcgeeks.

Fix for This App Can’t Run on Your PC Error. Fix for Google Play Service is Not Working - McAfee Activate - Redeem Retailcard -, Enter Norton Product Key, Norton Setup. - Install & Activate Your Who should be accountable for a Security Breach? Ways to Set Up Two-step Authentication on Microsoft Account - How to Create Folders and Group Apps on iPhone – mypcgeeks. How to Host on How to Deactivate your Facebook ID? How to Delete Browsing History in watchOS 5? - Recover Forgotten Restriction Passcode on iPhone – mypcgeeks. How to Use AirDrop on iOS Devices. How to Use Alexa-enabled Roav VIVA Car Charger? How to Minimize the Damage Once you are Hacked. – Aida Martin.

How to Send Address from Google to Garmin? Essential Measures to Keep Online Banking Secure. How to Organize Files in iOS Device. How to Set Bing Wallpaper in Windows 10 - How to Record Twitch Streams Using Xbox App on Windows PC ? – mypcgeeks. How to Remove Pinterest Boards – Aida Martin. - Download & Install Norton Setup - Six Handy Tips For Bolstering Your Website Security.

Stuck on Split Screen in Safari Browser for iOS and iPad? Exit Now, Here’s How! The Ultimate Teen Safety Guide for Instagram - Redeem McAfee Retailcard - McAfee Activate. How to Back Up Photos on iPhone. How to Reduce Memory Usage in Mac.