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Social Networking Privacy Social Networking Privacy Latest News/Events White House Updates Privacy Policy, Maintains Anonymous Access But Also Data Retention: A revised privacy policy for the White House will go into effect on April 18, 2014. Users will continue to be able to access information posted on the White House web site anonymously, though personal information will be required for some services. The data retention practice has not changed nor has the policy for the disclosure of personal data to other entities. According to the White House privacy policy, "Information you choose to share with the White House (directly and via third party sites) may be treated as public information."
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Social Media Parenting: Raising the Digital Generation Social Media Parenting: Raising the Digital Generation Who are your kids friending on Facebook? What are they really texting to their classmates? How much online time is too much? Too often, parents who are misinformed about the social web (willfully or otherwise) will shut their kids out of it completely, only to find they are logging in anyway.

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Mashup (web application hybrid) - Wikipedia, the free encycloped A mashup, in web development, is a web page, or web application, that uses content from more than one source to create a single new service displayed in a single graphical interface. For example, you could combine the addresses and photographs of your library branches with a Google map to create a map mashup.[1] The term implies easy, fast integration, frequently using open application programming interfaces (API) and data sources to produce enriched results that were not necessarily the original reason for producing the raw source data. The term mashup originally comes from pop music, where people seamlessly combine music from one song with the vocal track from another—thereby mashing them together to create something new. In the past years, more and more Web applications have published APIs that enable software developers to easily integrate data and functions instead of building them by themselves.
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