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Headphones on. Eyes closed. Music: take me away. I’m in the mood to drunkenly dance to very loud music that I can sing to.

Headphones on. Eyes closed. Music: take me away.

Requested by Ellie · Compiled by Ilana 01. The Kingsmen - “Louie Louie” (Very Best: Kingsmen) 02. The Aquabats - “Pizza Day” (Don’t Be Scared) 03. The Blood Arm - “Suspicious Character” (Suspicious Character) 04. I made you fall in love with me but now I’m not sure what I want.. Requested by VAN DA CURE · Compiled by katherinetucker Darling, this happens all the time. 01. It’s a cold autumn afternoon and I’m running away from home. Requested by kitty · Compiled by Rachel 01. Being a Hipster is becoming so popular… I don’t think I want to be a Hipster anymore. Requested by Samantics · Compiled by Josua Castles 01. Songs To Clean a Gun To Requested by kUcInIch · Compiled by ivebeengoodtoolong SIDE A: 01. SIDE B: 01. I’m pretty sure my therapist is going to give up on me soon, and it’s my fault. Requested by James · Compiled by Joanna It’s unfortunate how qualified I feel to answer this one. 01. 01. 01.

Caution: Her clothes WILL fall off. Of Oceans - In Love, Not Limbo. Let me tell you a little story about how difficult it was for me to find even a sliver of information about this band.

Of Oceans - In Love, Not Limbo

I originally found today's Song of the Day by reading SF Critic's blog (thanks, guys!) -- I was then directed to their bandcamp page, where you can download the two-song Of Oceans EP for free, featuring "In Love, Not Limbo" and the beautiful "My Love For You Will Surely Be The Death Of Me" (today's Bonus track). Via a Google search, I found a random Tumblr page explaining that Of Oceans Of is "another mysterious electronic project, based Detroit, MI. "Â And that's about all I could find on this band or these tracks. I adore the airy female vocals on "In Love, Not Limbo," and I think the songs are both whimsical and light, setting the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing escape. Like the track? The EP will be officially released and available to order on December 15. Faye: "Water Against the Rocks" If our interview with the delightful Icona Pop made you want more high contrast Swedish pop, prepare yourself for plenty more where that came from: band members Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo went to the same school as members of Niki and the Dove's live band, up-and-coming icy soul boy Dante, and Faye (who released a single under her given name, Fanny, before realizing what it means in England).

Faye: "Water Against the Rocks"

At the age of 12, she joined Swedish girl-band Play, who toured with Destiny's Child and 'N Sync before splitting for good in 2009; now, she's working with Swedish production duo Montauk on her debut LP. Faye just released this heart-flipping single about heartbreak on the newly minted Best Fit Recordings. Faye: "Water Against the Rocks" (via SoundCloud) Music you've never heard. STS9. Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know.