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Muslim Women in India Challenge ‘Instant Divorce’ Law. But now the Supreme Court of India is poised to rule on complaints filed by five Muslim women who argue that being divorced in this way violates their fundamental right to equality under the Indian Constitution.

Muslim Women in India Challenge ‘Instant Divorce’ Law

Three Muslim women’s organizations have filed petitions in support of the divorced women. The Constitution grants citizens the right to “equality before the law” and prohibits “discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste and sex.” But it also gives Indians “the right to freely profess, practice and propagate religion” and allows every religious denomination the right “to manage its own affairs in matters of religion.”

In practice, although the Constitution guarantees equal rights to all citizens regardless of their religion, matters dealing with marriage, divorce, alimony and inheritance are handled differently by members of different religions. India does not have a uniform set of laws on marriage and divorce that applies to all citizens. Best Useful Web Development ToolKit. More - CSS Guidelines High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS.

Best Useful Web Development ToolKit

Top 4 cool Kubernetes tools for mastering clusters. Source – Kubernetes, the cluster manager for containerized workloads, is a hit.

Top 4 cool Kubernetes tools for mastering clusters

With the Big K doing the heavy lifting in load balancing and job management, you can turn your attention to other matters. Top 10 Continuous Integration Tool. Today we are present here with another interesting article which will help you to know about the best tools which are used for continuous integration in DevOps practices.

Top 10 Continuous Integration Tool

Continuous Integration has become a mainstream technique for software development. Which makes it mandatory to implement it in your software development lifecycle (SDLC). 9 Big Mistakes DevOps Teams Make – BestDevOps. Source – If organizations want to maximize the benefits they experience as a result of embracing DevOps, they’ll need to avoid these “gotchas”.

9 Big Mistakes DevOps Teams Make – BestDevOps

If you’re going to adopt DevOps, you better do it right. According to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud report, 84% of enterprises and 72% of small to medium-sized businesses have adopted some DevOps practices. These organizations are attracted to DevOps benefits like greater agility, improved customer satisfaction, greater employee morale, greater productivity and business growth. However, not every organization that embraces DevOps experiences these benefits. 5 DevOps Management Faults – BestDevOps.

Source – By all estimations, DevOps has been proven to be effective in accelerating the delivery of applications with a consistent level of code quality.

5 DevOps Management Faults – BestDevOps

In fact, DevOps has such a big impact on enterprise IT, that some call it a “key driver of business growth” in 2017. Despite the potential, management of DevOps has proven difficult in some organizations. The biggest problems seem to revolve around improper management practices that should bind operations and development teams together. So where are DevOps managers falling short? Top 5 online platforms where DevOps practitioners hangout. This is the age of Internet and social media and people's spend more and more time on to the net and social networks.

Top 5 online platforms where DevOps practitioners hangout

And when people spend their time somewhere they are looking for the persons who share the same interest or skills. This is the reason you can see the online world is full bustling with online communities. Top Continuous Integration Tools – BestDevOps. Source – Poorly managed development projects are bound to crash eventually.

Top Continuous Integration Tools – BestDevOps

It’s likely happened to you a dozen of times already. Questions and Answer : Git Interview. Q.

Questions and Answer : Git Interview

What is GIT? GIT is a distributed version control system and source code management (SCM) system with an emphasis to handle small and large projects with speed and efficiency. The 7 worst automation failures. Source – There are IT jobs that you just know are built for failure.

The 7 worst automation failures

They are so big and cumbersome and in some cases are plowing through new ground that unforeseen outcomes are likely. Then there are other situations where an IT pro might just say “whoops” when that unforeseen result should have been, well, foreseen. ​Mobile App Testing: 6 tips to solve problems. Source – More emphasis than ever is being placed on enterprises to create an amazing UX with their mobile apps. As If delivering error free apps was not pressured enough these superior quality apps must be delivered faster than the competition while facing a constantly evolving technological landscape.

Github Administrator Certification by scmGalaxy. About GitHub is a web-based Git or version control repository and Internet hosting service. It offers all of the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features. Static Code Analysis: Top 10 Tools. Software security is a very important concern for todays Software market and for that you need to do code analysis in the development lifecycle. Now we can not imagine ourselves to sit back and do manual reading each line of codes and find issues and bugs. Those days of manual review in the software development lifecycle to find the flaws in the codes are over now.

Now the mindsets has changed and developing quality & secure code from the beginning is on rise. This is the time of automation and developers & programmers are now shifting towards the adoption of tools which auto detects the flaws as soon as possible in the software development lifecycle. As the process shifting towards the automation, static code analysis (SCA) has become an important part of creating quality code. Notice to WhatsApp Inc in sexual offence video blocking case: Supreme Court. Source - The Supreme Court has sought the response of US-based instant messaging application firm WhatsApp Inc in a matter relating to blocking of videos of sexual offences on social networking sites.

The court, while making WhatsApp Inc a party in the matter, said that the petitioner might send a detailed e-mail to them to make a presentation, if possible through video conferencing, to assist the committee set up by the court to explore a technical solution to block such videos. The court’s order came after advocate Aparna Bhat, who is representing the petitioner, mentioned the matter before it seeking to make WhatsApp a party in the case. Three key steps: Improve DevOps and security. Source:- Concerned about DevOps security? Learn three key steps to embedding security into the software development process, including how to improve automation. The goal of DevOps is to engage the development and operations teams simultaneously throughout the software development lifecycle. That means both during the code’s initial development and whenever developers modify or update it.

Software Programmers: Top 5 Code Editors. Supreme Court: Haryana government destroying judicial system. Kibana Online Training. Code Coverage Tools. Tips for a Trouble-Free Cloud Migration.