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カメ のメロン パン Turtle Melon Pan. One of my close friends is studying abroad in Tokyo this semester (I'm very jealous) and I've been keeping up with her travels on Facebook.

カメ のメロン パン Turtle Melon Pan

I was looking through her photo albums when I spotted really cute turtle-shaped melon pan in a photo of a Japanese bakery display. Next thing I knew I was on Google searching up a melon pan recipe as the thought "I must make turtle-shaped bread" ran through my mind. If you have no idea what メロンパン a.k.a. Melon Pan is, let me explain. First of all, in Japanese "pan" means bread. Rainbow Cake in a Jar. I’ve always had a penchant for sunshine in a jar.

Rainbow Cake in a Jar

Doesn’t the very phrase itself, “sunshine in a jar,” roll off your tongue and fill your mouth with magic? While I’ve never yet found myself a sunshine in a jar, I think we may have just concocted it in our kitchen tonight. In this simple recipe, a basic white cake is turned into a slew of bright colors, baked to perfection, then topped with a creamy white frosting. Recipes. Baking Basics:Cupcake Decorating Part I. Today’s post is from one of Diane of Created by Diane.

Baking Basics:Cupcake Decorating Part I

Diane and I met a year ago and I consider her friend and a very talented blogger, so I’m excited and honored to have her guest posting. She’s here to share with us her tips and tricks to decorating cupcakes with one my favorite tips, Wilton’s 2D. Cupcakes. Created by Diane. Halloween Cupcakes - Spooky Martha Stewart Halloween Cupcake Ideas. Prepare the vanilla or chocolate cupcake recipe.

Halloween Cupcakes - Spooky Martha Stewart Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Spread each cupcake with a thin layer of meringue buttercream tinted with a few drops of green food coloring. For the small eye, attach a mini marshmallow and create a pupil by painting on melted chocolate (microwave 1/2 cup chocolate chips for 1 minute). For the large eye, push the chocolate chip, tip down, into a regular-size marshmallow, then cut Gummi tape for an eyelid. Shindig Parties TO GO: December 2011. Over the weekend I was busy finishing up gift projects for neighbors, friends, and my kids' teachers and friends.

Shindig Parties TO GO: December 2011

Always on the lookout for fun, homemade gift ideas, I sometimes make my own Chex Mix in large batches to give away at the holidays. With the baking involved in making Chex Mix, however, it was going to take a bit more time than I had to give this year. Instead, I came up with a new, no-bake version that actually turned out really yummy. Cupcake Tutorial « Decorate This. September 2010 Several people have asked me how I ice my cupcakes, what tip I use, etc.

Cupcake Tutorial « Decorate This

Others have commented on my piping skills and wondered how I do it. I’ll share my secret…it’s the tip. That’s really all it is. If you have the right tip, the rest is a cinch! So this weekend I had some extra cake batter and made a couple cupcakes so that I could do a tutorial on how to pipe icing on cupcakes. First, my supplies…Cupcakes, icing, an icing bag, a large coupler, and large tips. Large tips are the key.

First, we need to assemble the icing bag. Next, take the tip out of the bag and cut the end off of the bag with a pair of scissors. I’m using a coupler, so I have done the above step with the coupler base. And the coupler top screws in over the tip holding it in place. And now we are ready to go! The first technique is the basic Swirl using the 1M tip (a large open star tip). Using light pressure, pipe a circle around the outside of the cupcake. And that’s it – a Swirl! Next up is the Blob. — the Cupcake Social – Your one-stop-shop for Pretty! {Cupcake Basics} How to Frost Cupcakes.

Best-Ever Cupcake Icing Kit™ Decorate This!: Cupcake Decorating Tutorial. Have you ever looked into a cupcake display case in a shop, and taken a look at all the gorgeous swirls and artfully placed dollops of icing?

Decorate This!: Cupcake Decorating Tutorial

Have you ever asked yourself, "I wonder how they do that?? ". Hold on to your piping bags people - you're about to learn (and it's not as hard as you might think)! Materials Piping bags - I prefer to use a larger piping bag (16"+) for icing cupcakes. You won't have to fill the bag as often, and your icing won't be close to the opening of the bag. The open star tip is a Wilton 1M; the closed star, french, and plain round are extra large tips, and were purchased from The Cupcake Social. What Anne Makes: Cupcakes with Raspberry Sauce, Cream Cheese Filling and Chocolate Ganache. Because everything tastes better with bacon... Cool stuff from Japan: Beautiful traditional candies. Traditional Japanese food is known for being beautiful and colorful.

Cool stuff from Japan: Beautiful traditional candies

Nowhere is this more evident than with these jewel-like traditional candies from Kyoto. The ones in the box here are ame (飴) or hard sugar candies. They mostly just taste like pure sugar, though a couple have some fruit flavor. But I find it hard to eat them anyway - they are so gorgeous. The bumpy ones are kompeito (コンペイ糖 or 金平糖), which you may know from various anime and manga. The ones with the flower designs are called kintaro ame (金太郎飴). Cute Japanese Food Stickers. In Japan, people worship pretty while collecting all the consumers to buy products unless they violate the laws of their country, all you can do is cute.

Cute Japanese Food Stickers

Some Japanese restaurants are pretty, which implements the idea that the food and made a series of culinary arts. Bento is which is filled with typical Japanese dishes to eat in a single portion takeout or home. Japanese Cute Foods. Japanese Cute Foods Sunday, April 26th, 2009 | In Foods & Beverages | In Japan, people are worship everything cute, everything can be made cute as long as no against their country’s law while attracting consumers to buy their products.

Japanese Cute Foods

Some Japanese restaurants has implement the cute ideas to their foods, and made the food as a series of arts. Cute, food, funny, japan, japanese food. Yesterday's top tags Show all popular tags Yesterday's top multi-tags Show all popular multi-tags hide Popular colors. Cuteobento.