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Manufacturing Techniques

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How a custom blazer in 90 minutes just might change the apparel business. BOSTON — With its tidy racks of dress shirts, trousers and sweaters, the Ministry of Supply shop on Newbury Street looks, in many ways, similar to other clothing stores.

How a custom blazer in 90 minutes just might change the apparel business

That is, except for the 10-foot-long 3-D knitting machine positioned next to the checkout counter: the one that weighs as much as a car, is outfitted with 4,000 needles and can manufacture a customized blazer in about 90 minutes. The process requires little in the way of human labor. After a customer selects the colors, cuffs and buttons of the garment, an employee programs the device to crank out a jacket to those specifications. Acabados de las prendas - Finitura dei capi. 012 - O Segredo das Coisas - Jeans. Local wool and old-fashioned know-how enable southern NSW sock manufacturer to weave way into niche market - ABC Rural. Updated Weaving a woollen sock from locally produced fibre helps set one small operation in southern New South Wales apart from the mass produced overseas product.

Local wool and old-fashioned know-how enable southern NSW sock manufacturer to weave way into niche market - ABC Rural

That is the view of Andrew Lindner whose family has been making socks since 1921 and now is located at Crookwell, a town better known for its potatoes. Mr Linder said carving out a niche market had been a key to staying in manufacturing in Australia, when many other companies had got out. His family operation keeps it as local as possible with only the scouring carried out overseas, in China. In his factory at the rear of the shop, found in the town's main street, Mr Lindner continually checks the different machines as the various spools of coloured wool are knitted into socks. The 14 machines from England and Germany, dating back to the 70s, churn out socks of different sizes and thickness with not a computer in sight. "In fact it would actually put us closer to an overseas manufacturer. Factories. チャートを効果的に使ったサイト「Everlane」 Everlaneは、品質にこだわったTシャツやバッグ・アクセサリーを100ドル以下で販売するオンライン・ストア(Facebookアカウントでログイン可能)です。


Everlane Everlaneのサービスについて、こちらの記事に特徴がまとまっています。 今回、僕が紹介したいと思ったのは、サイトに掲載されていたチャートです。 [元の記事で大きなサイズを見る] なぜEverlaneが安いのかが一目でわかります。 また、次のチャートでは、バックパックが出来上がるまでのタイムライン(16週)がまとめられています。 前半8週を見ると、デザイン・クオリティを大事にしていることが伝わってきます(時間がかかることも)。 「安い」「品質が高い」のは、誰もが望むことですし、各ショップもそれをうたおうとします。 こうした売り手のうたい文句に対し、買い手が持つ疑問「ではなぜ安いのか?」 もう読んだ? ・I Love NY ロゴの「Milton Glaser」サイト ・どのグラフが適している? 13 Ways to Sew with Knits. In order to make your garments the best they can be, you need to get informed about which fabrics to use and when.

13 Ways to Sew with Knits

Knits can be tricky - they come in a wide variety of fibers, and there are a number of different types of them. However, the benefits of using a knit are also numerous; they are easy to fit, wrinkle-resistant, have a pleasant texture, and are very comfortable. With these guides, you should be able to find the right knit for your situation and become more confident about using them. Know Your Knits Learn how to select and use a knit with confidence;this guide to the confusing world of knit fabrics will help you. 10 Tips for faster sewing. Hey y’all!

10 Tips for faster sewing

The holidays are a time of both 1) lots of sewing demands and 2) less time to sew. Which means that any little thing you can do for faster sewing is a good thing. So with that in mind, my Baby Lock machines and I are going to share our best tips for assembly line sewing today. Tip #1: Organize fabrics and Patterns I have discovered that it often takes only a little longer to sew multiple items than it does to sew one item. They’re not exactly the same – a few raglans and a few Tee x 3 and a set of cuffed legging pants.

Tip #2: Cut Multiple Items at the Same Time If you stack your projects as I described in the previous step, then whenever possible layer fabrics together to cut the same pieces out of multiple fabrics at the same time. Tip #3: Use Pins Sparingly. How to Choose Your Thread - Sew Mama Sew. Welt and paper jig. Posted by Kathleen Fasanella on Jun 22, 2005 at 8:54 pm / Patterns, Sewing / Trackback As I mentioned yesterday, you’ll need a pattern for a paper jig into which you’ll stick the welt and press it.

Welt and paper jig

This is to compensate for the machine folding. Here you’ll see the inner jig is 1″x9″. The length of it isn’t that important but it should be a bit longer than the welt which is 8″. The outer jig is 3″x 9″ and it has two folds. The pattern pieces for the welt and interfacing is shown here. The shell pattern piece is written in black ink. You’re also supposed to show where the pocket lies on the garment on the pattern. For this exercise, you’ll need 1 shell welt and 2 interfacing pieces. Get Into Textiles: Textiles: Mass Production And Techniques - Ep 5 Of 10. 15 things home sewers can learn from industrial sewing   Today, we have a very special guest post from local sewing legend, Sharon Blair.

15 things home sewers can learn from industrial sewing  

Sharon runs Portland Sewing, where she and her faculty teach a wide range of classes including industrial techniques.