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Forbes Welcome. Metro Vancouver housing crisis a 'Code Red' for young people: UBC prof. The money you’d spend on two houses in the 1970s could buy only two bedrooms today, according to research from a University of British Columbia professor mobilizing young people to convince politicians of all stripes to act on a housing crisis.

Metro Vancouver housing crisis a 'Code Red' for young people: UBC prof

Youth across the country are bearing the brunt of sky-high real estate prices and are forced to squeeze their families into smaller spaces, said Paul Kershaw, the organizer of a movement called Generation Squeeze. “These are massive deteriorations in the standard of living,” Kershaw told CTV News. “We need to take this seriously. It’s urgent, like there’s a code red problem in a hospital.”

Www.durhamregion. Our health is something many of us take for granted, but we shouldn’t.


Our health is important, some say the most important thing there is. But it’s easy enough, when you’re healthy and have no medical issues, to not give much thought to it, or to health care. But you never know when something will happen to change your health status -- an acute illness, an accident, a genetic disorder that makes itself known. That’s when you start thinking about, and relying on, our health-care system like many others who need to make use of it already.

We’re fortunate in Ontario to have a solid system, including health-care providers, clinics and hospitals right here in Durham. Health care data as a public utility: how do we get there? Forty-six million Americans use mobile fitness and health apps.

Health care data as a public utility: how do we get there?

Over half of providers serving Medicare or Medicaid patients are using electronic health records (EHRs). Despite such advances and proliferation of health data and its collection, we are not yet on an inevitable path to unleashing the often-promised “power of data” because data remain proprietary and fragmented among insurers, providers, health record companies, government agencies, and researchers.

Despite the technological integration seen in banking and other industries, health care data has remained scattered and inaccessible. 5 High-Tech Trends Reshaping Healthcare. Innovations you'll be hearing about in the years to come.

5 High-Tech Trends Reshaping Healthcare

Rodney J. Moore | Healthcare Writer Technology is giving new meaning to modern medicine. From wearables to the cloud, technology innovations are attempting to disrupt an industry with plenty of hurdles to overcome as it is. Pope Francis To Employers Who Don’t Offer Health Care: You Are 'True Leeches' Pope Francis is blasting employers who deny workers health insurance coverage, referring to them as "true leeches” who “live on the bloodletting of the people they make slaves to work.

Pope Francis To Employers Who Don’t Offer Health Care: You Are 'True Leeches'

" According to the National Catholic Reporter, the pontiff made the comments while delivering a homily at Casa Santa Marta on Thursday evening. He reportedly outlined a hypothetical situation in which a business employs someone from September to June but denies them health care coverage during their tenure. Here’s What You’ll Pay for Health Care In Retirement. Gamifying healthcare to reduce costs Sempre Health launches from the Alchemist Accelerator. Sempre Health, one of the companies launching in the latest batch of the Alchemist Accelerator, is looking to lower the cost for prescription medication by rewarding healthy lifestyles.

Gamifying healthcare to reduce costs Sempre Health launches from the Alchemist Accelerator

It’s a plan to gamify healthcare or incent good behavior in a way that the company’s founders liken to the “good driver discount” that conscientious drivers receive on their insurance. In Sempre’s case, the good behavior is designed to alleviate breakage at the point of sale by cutting costs on drugs for patients who might otherwise just not buy them.

The scenario hits home for Sempre Health co-founder, Anurati Mathur. The founding data scientist at Propeller Health and the architect of an epidemiological data product at Practice Fusion, had an experience where she walked away from a prescription when she realized it would cost her $150 out of pocket. “You do things every day that save the health system money. Healthcare and OTC Market (Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements; Functional Food and Drink; Sports. PUNE, India, May 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The market for healthcare and OTC is primarily driven by the Health and Wellness megatrend, but manufacturers must look beyond health functionality alone to remain relevant in an ever-evolving category.

Healthcare and OTC Market (Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements; Functional Food and Drink; Sports

Pharmaceutical, sports nutrition, and healthcare companies must draw on inspiration from the broader food and drink space to respond to trends such as "pill fatigue," and a growing preference for "natural" healthcare solutions. Key Findings in "Top Trends in Healthcare and OTC; Exploring the over-the-counter medication; vitamins, minerals and supplements; functional food and drink; and sports nutrition categories" report say pressures of busy modern lifestyles are taking their toll on consumers, with tiredness and stress being the most pressing health concerns influencing today's consumer. Stocks close higher, led by health care and tech companies. NEW YORK, N.Y. - Stocks rose on Friday in a modest, but broad rally that erased much of the losses from earlier in the week when investors had sold over fears of rising interest rates.

Stocks close higher, led by health care and tech companies

Health care and technology stocks rose the most, helping to nudge the Standard and Poor's 500 index back to slight gains for the week and year. Nine of the index's 10 sectors closed higher. Www.bramptonguardian. Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath put the Liberal government’s health-care spending under a critical microscope while in Brampton May 19 Horwath and Bramalea-Gore-Malton MPP Jagmeet Singh, who is also the NDP deputy leader, toured an India Rainbow Community Services of Peel office in Brampton and visited Brampton Civic Hospital to speak with frontline health-care workers and discuss a Liberal fiscal approach the New Democrats insist has resulted in cuts to hospital care.


Horwath said hospital care in Brampton is suffering because of Liberal cuts. She called for stable, predictable funding that at least keeps pace with inflation and population growth. Ontario hospitals are experiencing reductions in nursing staff, overcrowding and bed closures under Premier Kathleen Wynne’s stewardship, the New Democrats said. More than 1,440 nursing positions have been cut since the start of 2015 because hospital base funding has been frozen for the last four years, according to Horwath.

Intersection of Human Rights and Health Care. This week we gathered with global leaders at Women Deliver, a global conference focused on accelerating the health, rights and well-being of women and girls around the world.

Intersection of Human Rights and Health Care

As can be attested by the tens of thousands of women and girls worldwide who have received surgical repairs for devastating conditions like fistula, it is utterly impossible to transform the lives of women without access to essential reproductive health services. Obstetric fistula is a severe, yet entirely preventable condition caused by obstructed labor without access to timely, emergency obstetric care. Virtually eradicated in the U.S. and Europe more than a hundred years ago, its mere existence is an indication that existing health systems are failing women and girls. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, fistula is all too common, and the women are often stigmatized and face discrimination from family, community and society. Rape devastates the body and soul. Telehealth Increasingly Used for Mental Health Care. By Genevieve Douglas May 17 — The rapid growth of telehealth services for mental and behavioral care means employers should consider the rewards and risks associated with this delivery of health care, particularly when it comes to privacy and state laws.

Mental and physical health problems are often related, and many studies show that stress is the top workforce risk, leading to lots of chronic health conditions in the workplace, Rene Y. Expert patients: the future of healthcare in your hands. As the population ages and healthcare demand grows, it seems only reasonable that the burden of care shared. As diagnostic technology and treatment improve we see an exponential increase in the number of people living into old age with multiple illnesses. These people have received a gift born of research, hard work and the age, but with their longevity come responsibility and a host of new challenges. They must take on a larger role in managing their own disease. That includes me and you. Forbes Welcome. OPINION: N.S. in need of a health care system where everyone’s connected. Welcome. Health-care costs for families top $25,000 — triple 2001.

Universal access of populations to health care is a must, says ICRC Head of Health - Humanitarian Law & Policy. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement called the international community to collective action, so that people affected by conflict receive universal access to health care. The declaration was delivered by ICRC’s Head of Health Esperanza Martinez, at the World Humanitarian Summit’s Special Session on Global Health. “How can we talk about delivering universal health coverage if access of populations to the very services required to ensure their survival is being denied by belligerent State and non-State actors?”

This question was addressed by Esperanza Martinez, Head of ICRC’s Health Unit, to State representatives, policy-makers and health experts gathered at the World Humanitarian Summit’s Special Session on Global Health, held on May 23 in Istanbul. The Session had proposed to “present a new Global Accord on Healthcare for Crisis-affected People”. How Valeant’s woes have upset the Canadian health care apple cart. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. (NYSE:VRX) (TSE:VRX), whose share price has collapsed 90 per cent from its July 2015 all time high of $335.32, is not the only casualty of its spectacular fall from grace. The rest of the Canadian health care sector has been sucked up into the vortex and now labours under a dark cloud from which no light can be seen. Canada’s most valuable health care companies all have come down significantly from their one year highs. Concordia Healthcare Corp. (TSE:CXR) is down 69 per cent from its September 2015 high of $110.60 and is now wallowing around the $40 per share range.

'Boots on the ground' key to mental health care for rural Yukon, says retired nurse - North. A recently-retired community nurse says if the Yukon government is serious about dealing with mental illness in rural communities, it would hire psychiatric nurses to work with the community nursing teams. "You just need to decide that it's important enough that it becomes part of the budget, and have that person work as part of the health centre team," said Beverley Lynne Harris, who was the head nurse in Ross River for 12 years.

Harris retired in April and still lives in the community. Analytics drives healthcare data storage in the cloud. Mike Lynch questions the role of wearables in healthcare. Could wearable technology impact our healthcare, fashion, and even sport? Ontario pledges $222-million to improve First Nations health care. Healthcare And Pharma CEOs Paid More Than Top Execs In Any Other Industry, Analysis Finds. Telemedicine & Rural Healthcare; Political Outlook. Second Generation health care puts a squeeze on space in the Downtown Eastside.