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아두이노 초급 강좌 - PPT 파일 및 예제파일 > Arduino beginner. "과학기자재 전문 쇼핑몰" - 4science.NET. RamanPi - Raman Spectrometer. Note: This log entry is a living document.

ramanPi - Raman Spectrometer

I'll be updating this post to reflect the current configuration as time goes on.. There will also be a log at the end of the post noting modifications to the log, etc.. Ok.. It's been a lot of tweaking, and refining... A lot of going over the design, fixing issues and overcoming problems.. This spectrometer should be about on par with what you'd get from an ocean optics commercial product... I'd call that pretty clean considering it is my first try... and it's a cheap eBay handheld laser pointer... I wanted to make this post a sort of how to for assembling the spectrometer... as much as I can anyway... We start by loading up the files to print the plastic parts... RamanPi - Raman Spectrometer. Welcome to the project page for the ramanPi!

ramanPi - Raman Spectrometer

The ramanPi is a raman spectrometer that I decided to build back in April of 2014 because I needed one for another project and could not afford the tens of thousands of dollars a commercial product costs...and there are no DIY or open source systems in existence until now. I knew nothing about spectroscopy, let alone raman spectroscopy back then and everything here documents my learning process towards my goal.....A fully functional, and fairly high resolution raman spectrometer. When I started this project, I had wildly different ideas about how I was going to achieve my goal. The project logs begin very early in my design process and document how I changed my approach and what led to the form it is taking now. In the process of designing this system, and participating in TheHackadayPrize, I have learned a great deal.. Be sure to check out the bio that did on me!! ST Micro gave me a shoutout on their Facebook page!

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A simple DIY spectrophotometer

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the mass spectrometer - how it works

Lighter ions are going to be more deflected than heavy ones. Detection Only ion stream B makes it right through the machine to the ion detector. The other ions collide with the walls where they will pick up electrons and be neutralised. Eventually, they get removed from the mass spectrometer by the vacuum pump. When an ion hits the metal box, its charge is neutralised by an electron jumping from the metal on to the ion (right hand diagram). A flow of electrons in the wire is detected as an electric current which can be amplified and recorded.

Detecting the other ions. SpectralWorkbench. Spectrometer. Desktop Spectrometry Kit v3 The standard -- plugs into your laptop Build one Buy one Smartphone Spectrometer Rigid plastic version which attaches to your smartphone Build one Buy one Foldable Mini-Spectrometer Cheap, easy, starter version for smartphones and webcams Build one Buy one Public Lab's Do-It-Yourself spectrometers are designed to help everyday people detect pollutants where they live.


Our community has been working since the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill to develop a cheap, open source, Do-It-Yourself spectrometer which we hope to use to identify oil pollution in soil and water, as well as a range of other possible contaminants. What's spectrometry? Colored light is often a blend of different colors. Types of spectrometry There are different ways to use spectrometers, and the key difference is how you illuminate your sample. Fluorescence See the lead image of this page for a diagram of a fluorescence spectrometer setup. Desktop Spectrometry Kit. Smartphone spectrometer. This page is under construction.

Smartphone spectrometer

At long last, we've started shipping the Smartphone Spectrometer, formerly called the "Backpack Spectrometer" -- and you can order a kit today (shipping begins by the end of the month): Read more about the new kit here: List of parts 3 injection molded plastic (ABS) parts2 short screws2 long screwsblack paper linerdiffraction gratingprotective filmprecision printed slitjewelers screwdriver Design files This being open hardware (CERN OHL 1.1), here are the files: These are also on Thingiverse: And here is a more 3D-printable version by Brad Dudenhoffer: Order a 3D print on Shapeways here: Instructions Sketchup model: smartphone-spec-overview.skp See full image set here Adhesive options Here's a list of other adhesives and tape strips which may be helpful in assembling and mounting the spectrometer.

Photos Photos of the assembly process.