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Selecting Appropriate Media

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An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. 5 things to consider when using media for e-learning - Superb Learning. Selecting the right media for e-learning can be a real puzzle.

5 things to consider when using media for e-learning - Superb Learning

It’s a media puzzle. (You might not get that reference right now but keep reading and you will). The puzzle exists because there is just too many options and it is easy to be swayed by something pretty and shiny. Deciding on appropriate media for teaching and learning. This is the final section of Chapter 9, Choosing and using media in education, for my online open textbook, Teaching in a Digital Age.

Deciding on appropriate media for teaching and learning

It deals with a key question: what kind of decision-making works best in this context, and provides the last step in a methodology for selecting and using media. If you’ve worked your way right through this chapter, you are probably feeling somewhat overwhelmed by all the factors to take into consideration when selecting media. It is a complex issue, but if you have read all the previous sections, you are already in a good position to make well informed decisions.

Let me explain.Deductive versus inductive decision-makingMany years ago, when I first developed the ACTIONS model, I was approached by a representative of a large international computer company who offered to automate the ACTIONS model. We sat down over a cup of coffee, and he outlined his plan. How to use multimedia in eLearning: 6 factors to consider. Multimedia makes eLearning interactive, entertaining, and easily digestible.

How to use multimedia in eLearning: 6 factors to consider

But only if you know when, how, and why to use these elements in your eLearning course design. In this article, we’ll highlight 6 factors you should consider when integrating multimedia in eLearning. From animations and infographics to interactive presentations, there are a broad range of multimedia options to choose from. However, it’s important to remember that all of these tools serve one key purpose: supporting the subject matter. They should never overshadow the core ideas and concepts, or distract online learners from the learning objectives. Checklist: Selecting Technology for Learning. With so many possibilities for digital learning, selecting media and technologies for appropriate course instruction is a very complex process.

Checklist: Selecting Technology for Learning

Although there are a wide range of options in the ed tech realm, pedagogical considerations should always come first. Instructors should reflect on the learning objective and desired outcomes for their subject matter before identifying identifying technological applications for the course.