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AFX - Selected Dance Tracks (2015) - user48736353001 compilation. Rage Against The Machine - First Public Performance (Full Concert) - October 23, 1991. And So I Watch You From Afar - Beautiful Universe Master Champion / Gang - Audiotree Live.


Incredible Bongo Band - Apache *Classic Break* Magrosi65. Jackson Sisters - I Believe in Miracles - 1973 [Soul-Funk] Post your most recent vinyl purchases - Music Discussion - We Are The Music Makers Forums. Unified Deep Rhythms: ICAN. Dj Sapunov* - Fashion Only Presents: Dj Sapunov (CD) at Discogs. - just another searcher >) Florian Kupfer: This Society - Hard Wax. Dubstep. » Search Results » pulsinger. Mstep (Sounding Functions) General info (en): Actively taking part of Vienna’s electronic music underground since 1995, MSTEP’s basslines where featured on several releases on Pulsinger & Tunakan’s label Cheap Entertainment. » Search Results » pulsinger

His first appearance in 1996 was on Puta, a track on the album Carrera by Sluts & Strings & 909 in 1996. Besides being a live/studio bassist on projects such as B.Low, Restaurant Tracks and Louie Austen, MSTEP released music with his band 550 Rondy and with the lo-ser gameboy pocketnoise-project on Cheap Entertainment and on Temp~ Records. In 2011 MSTEP finally launched his own label Sounding Functions and there are also tracks forthcoming on Phlox Records, a label run by GD Luxxe, Hans Platzgumer & Martin Dibek.

General info (de): STEP ist seit 1995 als DJ und Musiker in der Wiener Elektronikmusikszene aktiv. Links/ Image: (jpeg, 640 x 480px, 83kb) 605527. EEVblog #167 - Atten 858D Hot Air Rework Review. Artists. Hocus Pocus (4) Discography at Discogs. Bôłt. Architectural Biennale sound sculpture amplifying the entire building of the Polish Pavilion turned into a flat CD?


Will you say it completely misses the point? Brings the real space into a stereo system? Or is it just different? Listening to this album, you will definitely miss some of the acoustic reinforcements of the room we created to raise a sculpture following the natural acoustics of the room. They are only explained here in words, on the following pages. We approach the building as the composition itself. The sounds of the interior - the people, what they say and what they do, how they move - inside the room. Michal Libera Hearing a piece that tries to be a translation of what you could imagine happening in the polish pavilion at the Biennale 2012 in Venice demands a lot of the listener.

Great Artists Gives Great Inspiration. O.C. - Word...Life - Full Album. Mark Ernestus Meets Ben Zabo: Dana Dubwise. Approach & Identify. BT Wi-fi. Black Dog, The - Darkhaus Vol. 1 at Discogs. Black Moon - Who Got Da Props. Boot Camp Click - And So. Juan Atkins \u0026 Moritz von Oswald - Borderland I / III – A. Electric Garden (Original Mix) by Tresor.Berlin. Moritz Von Oswald Trio Featuring Tony Allen - Part 1 @ Jazzhouse (10th of May, 2014) Snarky Puppy Discography at Discogs. Modular Synthesis 101 – Part 1. 80 Doppel D - Vollkontakt (Kai Pattenberg Remix) [Vollgaaas Records]


Tim Xavier - Scandalistic Endeavor. Pär Grindvik - Folium. Carl Craig - Darkness [Planet E] RA: RA Poll: Top 30 tracks of 2007. If our top 30 tracks have anything in common, it’s that they are all pretty memorable.

RA: RA Poll: Top 30 tracks of 2007

If you put a top 30 record on, it’ll get a cheer of recognition. If it has vocals, people might even sing along. Hell, even if it is instrumental, people might sing the synth parts (Hello, ‘Doppelwhipper!) Missing from our list, of course, are the humble tool tracks, the overlooked B-sides, the minor gems, and the more tracky groove-based cuts which make up the bulk of our club nights. Spare a thought for these kinds of records. So what makes a memorable dance record?

In fact, because dance tracks are mixed, it seems less like individual records come and go than sounds come and go. But this music is not all about novelty. Finally, some of our picks are memorable because they offer something human to hang onto. 30. "‘R U OK' is the breakthrough single from Brooklyn-based producer Ambivalent, who here pays homage to the more indulgent aspects of clubland with his tongue firmly planted in cheek. 29. 9.