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Scenes From Dystopia (Side A - Rage Side) [1999] by DJ Shiva aka Noncompliant. Minimal_background. RA Live - 14.05.17 JD Twitch (Optimo) at Brilliant Corners by Resident Advisor. [lz043] scan mode – this is antiritmo « FOEM Music Blog. We´re back with a new artist and another Label-Showcase for our latest release.

[lz043] scan mode – this is antiritmo « FOEM Music Blog

All songs in this mix have been released @ ANTIRITMO, a great spanish netlabel based in Madrid. The tracks were selected and compiled by Scan Mode, also from Spain and one of the featured artists @ Antiritmo. Massive mix with a perfect track selection from one of the leading netlabels! 01 DOSEM – entrance [antiritmo025] 02 BANDING! – eula [antiritmo024] 03 VIZAR – hypnosis [antiritmo018] 04 SCAN MODE – tete erre [antritmo024] 05 DOSEM – motive [antiritmo025] 06 IVAR OH! Kraftwerk Live @ Nitro Club (Detroit, 25.07.1981) by Backintosh. Backintosh. 1998-06 - Andrew Weatherall - Slow Your Circulation (Promo Mix) Panasonic ( Pan sonic) w/ Alan Vega Live At Coney Island High Oct 30th 1998 by DJSpaceySissick. 2003-09-06 - Ricardo Villalobos @ Clubnight − MixesDB. From MixesDB File details <small>Please <a href=" target="_blank">enable Javascript in your browser</a> to use players properly.

2003-09-06 - Ricardo Villalobos @ Clubnight − MixesDB

</small> Tracklist [21:00] Paul St. Navigation menu. 2012-02-05 - RiskSoundSystem b2b Kerri Chandler Feat. Miss Bunty @ Bungalup, Zeewolde, NL − MixesDB. From MixesDB File details <small>Please <a href=" target="_blank">enable Javascript in your browser</a> to use players properly.

2012-02-05 - RiskSoundSystem b2b Kerri Chandler Feat. Miss Bunty @ Bungalup, Zeewolde, NL − MixesDB

20 artists to know who are rising from the underground - Blog - Mixmag. Whether playing to empty rooms or shopping a stack of productions with the hope of a proper release, all DJs and producers start at the bottom of the totem pole just looking for their chance to move up.

20 artists to know who are rising from the underground - Blog - Mixmag

Some choose to throw their own parties or link with a local promoter as a resident DJ so as to get their name out. Perseverance is key for many and dwelling in the underground, hustling to gigs along with endless hours in the studio is a common thread, but the pay off is well worth it. Mixmag pays close attention to the passionate individuals supplying the scene with quality music, whether they have a massive following or not. As long as an artist is progressing and continuing to build a reputation, their time will come.

With this in mind, we've highlighted a collection of artists who have been earning increased attention over the past few years. Weekly Dope (Feb. 13-19) Weekly Dope.

Weekly Dope (Feb. 13-19)

This week, there really wasn’t a debate for the cover. KXNG Crooked got it hands down for his masterful work over J Dilla’s “Life” instrumental. You wanna ban immigrants? Start with your wifeYou wanna end some bullshit? Start with your life We all know who that’s about, so let’s just move on. Check out the tracklist and press play below. KXNG Crooked – “Life (Freestyle)” [J Dilla]Raekwon – “Purple Brick Road” f. . * A few songs in the tracklist aren’t available on SoundCloud. Mixcloud - Making radio better. Minimal dubstep mix 3: 70 minutes of Deep and dark minimal tunes! Sonic Close-Ups.

Dark dubstep mix #15 (2013) 2016-03-07 - Daniel Avery - Dekmantel Podcast 060. Ray-Ban® Celebrities & Sunglasses. The House That Jackin' Built - The roots of 80s Chicago House (2009) A.weatherall . bloodsugar 4A. 1999-09 - Andrew Weatherall - Bloodsugar 4 (A) by desk. 2014-04-30 - Ingen (Live), Surgeon @ Dommune, Tokyo. 2002-07-11 - Shaun Whitcher @ Groovetech Radio. 2006-02-18 - Ural 13 Diktators - Live @ Entropy Presents Tresor: It's Not Over Tour, UG, Finland.

1 Hour Live Show Recorded 18.2.2006 In Helsinki At Tresor It's Not Over Party Ural 13 Diktators - others - Volumeet. 2002-07-11 - Shaun Whitcher @ Groovetech Radio. 2000 - Christian Sprenger @ 1Live Partyservice. PoleGroup Radio/ Kirk Degiorgio/ 11.07. Shaolin Jazz. View topic - Rainer W - Oktober Mix.


View topic - Rainer W - Oktober Mix

Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - Relevee (Alternate Version) 2. Toboas - Bayside 3. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - Relevee (DFA Remix) 4. Microfunk - Pecan5. 5. Brilliant corners · music. 1999-11-05 - Diringer & Highfish @ Music Is Music, WMF, Berlin. 2016-06-17 - Kerri Chandler @ Sonar By Night, Fira Gran Via, Sonar (RA Live) From MixesDB File details <small>Please <a href=" target="_blank">enable Javascript in your browser</a> to use players properly.

2016-06-17 - Kerri Chandler @ Sonar By Night, Fira Gran Via, Sonar (RA Live)

</small> Tracklist. 2013-07-03 - Luke Hess - All Vinyl DJ Mix. From MixesDB File details <small>Please <a href=" target="_blank">enable Javascript in your browser</a> to use players properly.

2013-07-03 - Luke Hess - All Vinyl DJ Mix

</small> Tracklist [00] Arne Weinberg Pres. Navigation menu. The Bunker Podcast 129 - Atom™ & Tobias by thebunkerny. Téma megtekintése - Honnan szerzed be a zeneket ? Dátum: 2007. augusztus 30. 13:25 Ferry Corsten presents - Corsten's Countdown 009, 29-08- ... ngSoul.rar 01.

Téma megtekintése - Honnan szerzed be a zeneket ?

ATB - Feel Alive (Duende Remix) [Kontor Records] 02. Bart Claeseen - First Light (Dub Mix) [Yakuza] 03. Fatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now (Vardran Bootleg) [CDR] 04. RA Podcast: RA.519 Kangding Ray. Share this podcast A rich and emotive techno session.

RA Podcast: RA.519 Kangding Ray

David Letellier wasn’t always a DJ, but this feels like the reason his mixes are so good. "I don’t know what you need as a DJ," he told Todd Burns back in 2012, "and I have never tried to ask what they need. " He said this in relation to his own music, but it’s obvious that he approaches mixes from the compositional perspective of a producer, layering several pieces of music at a time to create a gently evolving mass of sound. In the past he’s used this technique to great effect on podcasts for Electronic Explorations and Smoke Machine, and he now displays this knack in a fantastic hour-long session for us.

Letellier always manages to pique our interest in these sorts of ways. What have you been up to recently? Svek shows. Dope Girls LIVE Performance. Mr. Scruff 100% Vinyl set @ Piccadilly Records, Manchester. CASSY 100% Vinyl DJ set @ Hard Wax, Berlin. Lowtec & Odd man out mixes shows. 06 Fred P. - Sound of Thought. Amazing energy, I had the most awesome time. Great crowd. I loved the venue, the atmosphere was fitting for how things went down. Unforgettable, I will always remember it. I am looking forward with excitement and enthusiasm to the rest of the tour. Labyrinth was a game changer, I am still processing the experience everyday. Without question NYC is a major influence on the type of music that went into the Captain P album. Your latest album, released on your own imprint, “Soul People Music”, was done so under the guise of "Fred P I prefer to remix or reshape tracks under Fred P. and produce original music under Black Jazz Consortium.

The correlation between house music and spirituality is one that has long been purported and is evidently one that you also feel – your first album, “RE:Actions Of Light”, comes to mind in this instance as many of the track titles appear to have somewhat spiritual connotations. It is soul music in its truest form. My selection process is based on mood. 1st Q Mix. If its something pretty diffrent then go for: SR Mix # 121 Archie Pelago Its our first video mix, they do live improv with sax and cello over the DJing its pretty damn good. I've never really seen anything like it. My favourite mix so far is prob Peverelist he's a legend. So if you're in the mood for some down right twisted bass addled techno Pev style then go for that.

Sonic Router Mixes. ODD MAN OUT MIX # 6 (LOWTEC LIVE AT LÄRM BUDAPEST 2015/05/01) by lowtec. Masomenos Boiler Room mix by BOILER ROOM. A1A2B1B2. Ton | Zehn I1. Marcel Fengler feat. Sextape: Hours and hours of awesome music from ‘70s porn films. Sextape: Hours and hours of awesome music from ‘70s porn films I’ve blogged before about the French music producer known only as Drixxxe who makes these pretty spectacular mixes of songs from ‘70s softcore porn-y films.

Since the last time I wrote about Drixxxe, he’s added two more mixes to the “Sextape” theme. They’re both amazing. Quantec - Elux Radio Mix. Best Free Podcasts. Log InSign Up Episode 382 NICK LARKIN BTE Podcast To play this episode, please install flash: use a different browser. For more information, check out our help page. 2015-01-12 - Delano Smith @ Boiler Room Mexico x Tulum Retreat. Facebook - Log In or Sign Up. 2012-01-21 - Move D @ Klubnacht, Panoramabar, Berlin. Scratch Perverts - Essential Mix BBC Radio 1 Aug. 2004 by MarvelousMarv. Peter Kruder Boiler Room Vienna DJ Set. Slam Boiler Room & Ballantine's Stay True Scotland Live Set. Видео похожее на “Daniel Munkelberg - (March 2012)” Video HD. MR.MISSH VS. Art Of Noise The Drum And Bass Collection (Full Album) 2009-07-07 - Delano Smith - Michael Jackson Tribute (Promo Mix) Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea. 2004 - Laurent Garnier - Downtempo Mix.

From MixesDB File details. Mixtapes. Lorino - Dist Beat (Electrorites Remix) [Techno Factory] Category:Dom & Roland. Jacek Sienkiewicz Modern Dance Mix by Recognition. Karenn Live @ Dimensions Festival 2013 // Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia / 6. Polar Inertia - Smoke Machine 074 (01-02-2013) Swayzak live stammheim phoenix special 16.08.2003. 2015-03-23 - Floating Points, Four Tet, Caribou - NTS Radio. From MixesDB File Details. Joey Anderson Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival DJ Set. Mathew Jonson - Against The Clock. Andy Stott live in the Boiler Room. Best Free Podcasts. Mcfcfan. TEA: TEA with François X. Once upon a time the only name that instantly came to mind when talking about French techno was Dj Deep. And although that may still be the case, there’s now a long list of other names that follow.

One of those names is François-Xavier Zoumenou, a Parisian producer commonly known as François X that’s leading an awakened French techno scene. KRYPTIC MINDS - STUDIO MIX (11.05.09) The Bunker. Blowing Up Your Spot. New TechnoID: Podcasts. Etapp Kyle (Indeks Music, Gynoid Audio, Tecno.UA, RTS.FM) 2008-06-27 - Luke Hess - mnml ssgs mx05. Mnml ssgs: mnml ssgs mx16: benjamin brunn and his nord modular. This week, a very special edition of the ssg mx series. benjamin brunn has given us a recording of his, which he says is a tribute to the nord modular - the source of those warm, loving sounds that define both his own music and his collaborations with move d. like all our contributors, brunn has a very distinctive sound palette. for me, brunn's music always feels very close and personal, intimate even. a great sense of warmth and comfort radiates throughout it. often when i am down or tired, i put on something he's done and it always makes me feel better. very few artists can have that kind of impact on me, so it's a sign (for me at least) of the depth and value of brunn's productions. the live recording he has kindly shared with us is a perfect example of this. i asked benjamin to write a bit about it: Benjamin Brunn A tribute to the Nord Modular In this live set my Modular is assisted by a Roland TR-626 and Ableton Live with its Operator for some of the bass lines.

Next week, lerosa. DJ Premier Speaks On The Legacy Of NYC's Legendary D&D Studios Okayplayer. Journey results. Kobosil - Invite's Choice Podcast 133 (14-09-2013) RA Podcast: Download and listen. Radio // Listen Again // Animal Farm. LWE: Little White Earbuds. Rod Modell's MUTEK Mix.