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12 Signs Of Being a Toxic Parent - WELLNESS EUPHORIA. 9 Ways to Tell Who's Lying to You. The Science Of Spanking: What Happens To Spanked Kids When They Grow Up? You know what the most annoying thing in the world is when you are a parent?

The Science Of Spanking: What Happens To Spanked Kids When They Grow Up?

Other people telling you what to do as if they know better. Backseat parenting drives me crazy. Until I’m the one doing it. Stop Making Everything Perfect For Your Kid. Back in the day, when children did not obey the rules, they were “spanked”, if you will.

Stop Making Everything Perfect For Your Kid

Children are now being awarded for “standing up for themselves” when questioned by authority, even when they are not necessarily doing the right thing. However, times have changed drastically. Present day parenting seems to be all about showing off whose child is the most independent, smart-mouthed, perfectly dressed whiz kid. How times have shifted. In today’s tech-induced environment, parents act as if they are running a marathon to the “Perfect Parent” finish line. 10 Common Mistakes Parents Today Make. Modern parenting approach has its good and bad sides – on one side we are creating little spoiled brats, on the other, we are trying to be more aware of what parenthood really means and how our deeds can affect our children for life!

10 Common Mistakes Parents Today Make

A parent that is truly aware of its profound and an inspiring role will always have a grain of self doubt when it comes to own parenting style. Parents constantly need to be aware of their position of being role models to another human being. They need to know that their behavior and habits will affect and determine the future of their offspring! Regular self-reflection is thus the key to good parenting! Based on recommendations from several children development experts, we have put together a brief parenting manifesto containing some practical tips – hopefully, you will be inspired enough and will try to avoid making some of the following parenting mistakes:

7 Skills Your Child Needs To Grow Up To Be Successful. Every parent wants to see their child grow into a successful and complete person.

7 Skills Your Child Needs To Grow Up To Be Successful

This is why parents never spare time, money and effort on their kids continually. For many parents, this means investing in their children’s education from early age, but the question is: Is good education really a pledge for a bright future? Despite the fact that diplomas and achievements are required from a person to be able to advance in their career, certain skills determine the success of that same person in achieving any goal they set their minds on.

These skills are learned from young age and they are one of the key factors for a successful future. One little change in how you talk to your kids can help them be more successful. Six Kinds of Emotional Abuse by Narcissistic Parents - The Minds Journal. There are six well-known types of emotional abuse Narcissistic Parents or caregivers who display rejecting behavior toward a child will often [purposefully or unconsciously] let a child know, in a variety of ways, that he or she is unwanted.

Six Kinds of Emotional Abuse by Narcissistic Parents - The Minds Journal

Putting down a child’s worth or belittling their needs is one form these types of emotional abuse may take. Other examples can include telling a child to leave or worse, to get out of your face, calling him names or telling the child that he is worthless, making a child the family scapegoat or blaming him for family/sibling problems. Breakingmuscle. Why Ninth Grade is the Pivotal Year for Dropping Out of High School. The transition from middle school to high school is a big one, perhaps bigger than appears at first blush: Not only do students’ academic workloads increase, but simultaneously, so does their independence and responsibility.

Why Ninth Grade is the Pivotal Year for Dropping Out of High School

For some kids, the leap to the responsibilities of high school from what they were doing just a few months before — lining up for the cafeteria, or having parents sign their report cards — is overwhelming, especially when factoring in added freedoms and new opportunities to be social. In the case of many Chicago 14-year-olds leaving their small, familiar K-8 schools, moving up to high school can feel like entering “the Wild, Wild West,” according to University of Chicago Urban Education Institute researcher Camille Farrington. “The Chicago K-8 schools tend to be little-kid places,” she said. “Everyone knows you and your family, all the kids are lined up, the schools tend to be small. But the entire paradigm of education has changed. Redesign the Whole System?

The dark rigidity of fundamentalist rural America: a view from the inside. As the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump is being sorted out, a common theme keeps cropping up from all sides: “Democrats failed to understand white, working-class, fly-over America.”

The dark rigidity of fundamentalist rural America: a view from the inside

Trump supporters are saying this. Progressive pundits are saying this. Talking heads across all forms of the media are saying this. Even some Democratic leaders are saying this. It doesn’t matter how many people say it, it is complete bullshit. I grew up in rural, Christian, white America. In deep-red white America, the white Christian God is king, figuratively and literally. How to Get Past Negativity Bias in Order to Hardwire Positive Experiences. It’s helpful to know that the brain is plastic and can adapt to challenges.

How to Get Past Negativity Bias in Order to Hardwire Positive Experiences

And when it comes to learning new things, we can build up mental resources through intentional effort. People can get better at realizing self-regulation, executive functions, a sense of perspective or meaning, positive emotions like gratitude, a sense of strength and the feeling of being cared about. “Any kind of mental activity, including experiences, entails underlying neural activity,” said Rick Hanson, a psychologist and senior fellow at the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, at a Learning & the Brain conference. He has developed practices to help people build up their mental capacity for happiness by creating patterns of neural activity that with time and repetition become neural pathways. Hanson calls this process “self-directed neuroplasticity.” 17 Differences you will observe between a ‘Lover’ and a ‘Life Partner’ You will encounter many different people in your life.

17 Differences you will observe between a ‘Lover’ and a ‘Life Partner’

Some will bring with them the kind of excitement that you’ve never felt before, some of them will just fade away as quickly as they came into your life, some will feel like the biggest mistake (and lesson) you’ve ever made but just one of them will truly be here to stay. This last person will be the only one you need to keep your focus on, the one who has the potential to bring you unimaginable happiness, and the one you will end up sharing your entire life with. Being bored is good for children - and adults. This is why. From books, arts and sports classes to iPads and television, many parents do everything in their power to entertain and educate their children.

Being bored is good for children - and adults. This is why

But what would happen if children were just left to be bored from time to time? How would it affect their development? I began to think about boredom and children when I was researching the influence of television on children’s storytelling in the 1990s. Top 10 Traits of Individuals with Autism Which Get Overlooked - AngelSense. A post by AngelSense, a GPS & voice monitoring solution designed for children with special needs. Learn more about how AngelSense’s GPS tracking device can help improve your child’s safety and well-being. There is so much about autism that people don’t understand. While it’s easy to focus on how the condition makes daily life and social interaction challenging, people with autism also have many unique skills and abilities which get overlooked. Interestingly, there is research which suggests that low-functioning people with autism may be gifted, and more intelligent than people without autism in some ways.

How Mindfulness and Storytelling Help Kids Heal and Learn. By Juli Fraga When mindfulness teacher Laurie Grossman instructed a class at Reach Academy to let their eyes rest and close so they could focus on their breathing, one student’s eyes remained wide open. Instead of following Grossman’s cues, the student refused to close her eyes and stared at her friend. This kind of response is not unusual for students who come to school after having experienced trauma, such as the death of a parent, emotional neglect and homelessness. Neurological research shows that tragic experiences can affect brain development and impact a child’s ability to concentrate and relax.

As a result, students who grow up in these circumstances believe that it’s important to always keep a watchful eye on their surroundings. The 4 Traits That Put Kids at Risk for Addiction. Photo Drug education is the only part of the middle school curriculum I remember — perhaps because it backfired so spectacularly. Before reaching today’s legal drinking age, I was shooting cocaine and heroin. How To Make Your Kids Smarter: 10 Steps Backed By Science.

How We Unintentionally Harm Our Children (And Ourselves) - Emotional Obesity. In this post you will: -Learn where your sense of overwhelm or anxiety stem from -Read clips from Dr. Shefali, clinical psychologist, on why we don’t feel authentic in our lives. How We Unintentionally Harm Our Children (And Ourselves) - Emotional Obesity. This Is Why So Many Young Adults Live With Their Parents. Did You Have A ‘Blankie’ As A Kid? Here’s What That Says About Adult You - Dose - Stories Worth Sharing. Success: How Your Relationship With Your Mom Affects Career - Motto. Creating an Emotionally Supportive Home Environment. Update On What Happens When You Hit Your Kids. Want to Raise Resilient Kids? A Navy SEAL Says Always Do This. Causes of Students’ Emotional Fragility: Five Perspectives. 15 Anxiety Reducing Meditations To Use in Stressful Situations. New study suggests we're sending our kids to school too young.

Girls Aren't Meaner Than Boys. It Only Looks That Way. Helicopter Parenting – Why You Need to Let Your Children Be Free. While constantly hovering over your kids might seem like deep love and natural protective instincts, it can actually create lasting problems for your children. The Creative Gifts Of ADHD: Disorder Or Gift? Real Or Fictitious? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), is a “disorder” that currently affects 5 to 10 percent of all children, and that’s just in America alone.

Recent surveys conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control found that: (source) Approximately 11% of children 4-17 years of age (6.4 million) have been diagnosed with ADHD as of 2011.The percentage of children with an ADHD diagnosis continues to increase, from 7.8% in 2003 to 9.5% in 2007 and to 11.0% in 2011.Rates of ADHD diagnosis increased an average of 3% per year from 1997 to 2006 [Read article] and an average of approximately 5% per year from 2003 to 2011.Boys (13.2%) were more likely than girls (5.6%) to have ever been diagnosed with ADHD.The average age of ADHD diagnosis was 7 years of age, but children reported by their parents as having more severe ADHD were diagnosed earlier.Prevalence of ADHD diagnosis varied substantially by state, from a low of 5.6% in Nevada to a high of 18.7% in Kentucky.

The Link Between Parenting and Leadership. Photo Last Sunday morning, my 18-month-old grandson, Jonah, was scheduled to be the ring bearer at his aunt’s wedding. Meditation for Kids: 4 Ways to Start Kids Meditating. GARD Pro Not Registered. 9 Ways Parents Can Prevent Bullying [EXPERT] The unhappy reality is that teasing and bullying (link is external)are a normal part of the rough and tumble struggle for social status. We are hardwired with the compulsion to compete for belonging and status in our social groups, and sometimes it goes too far. Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have acknowledged uncharitable behavior toward peers when they were young. 8 Types of Toxic Patterns in Mother-Daughter Relationships.

Ten Tips to Get Kids Eating Healthy. Why French Kids Don't Have ADHD. In The Netherlands Sex Education Starts In Kindergarten: Here’s What They Tell Them & Why. Jennifer Senior: For parents, happiness is a very high bar. Kids expecting aggression from others become aggressive themselves: Children taught to be vigilant for hostility from others are prone to aggressive behavior. 7 Reasons Kids Need Us to Disagree. What I Wish More People Understood About Losing A Child. 10 Ideas To Help Our Children To Allow Their Individuality To Bloom. Why You Lied to Your Parents (and What They Really Knew) How to Parent Like a German. 15 Ways to Conquer Separation Anxiety in Children. Why Some Parents and their Children have Great Friendships. ‘Time-Outs’ Are Hurting Your Child.

How Attention Deficit Disorder Can Help You Find Your Life Purpose. Why Teenagers Don't Talk to Their Parents and What you can do About it Now With Your Toddler. 3 Things a Parent Should Never Say to a Kid. Teaching Children How to Think Instead of What to Think. 7 Parenting Secrets That Change Lives. 3 Tips for Developing Fine Motor Control During Childhood. 5 Unconventional Tips for Coaching Kids. Social Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits. 5 Childhood Mantras that are Poisoning Your Happiness. Unpacking the Science: How Playing Music Changes the Learning Brain.

A 2-Minute Laughter Meditation For Parents And Children To Bond. The Race to Nowhere In Youth Sports. This Is What Happens When A Kid Leaves Traditional Education. How To Raise Girls To Be Better At Negotiating. The F-ing Fours. Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids. Yoga Is the Answer to the Problems Children Face Today. 20 Ways to Prepare Young Athletes for Success in Sports and in Life. Study Shows That 40% of U.S. Kids Are Insecurely Attached. The Worst Idea in the World. Your Lifestyle Choices Are Killing You And Your Children. The Life-or-Death Reason Kids Need to Learn to Fail. Yoga Is the Answer to the Problems Children Face Today.

Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids. Helicopter Parenting—It's Worse Than You Think. Child Development Stages. 7 Spiritual Laws for Kids by Deepak Chopra M.D. - HealYourLife. 6 Spiritual Lessons I Learned From Being A Divorce Attorney. Christine Gross-Loh: Have American Parents Got It All Backwards?