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Revistas de Física

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Revista Brasileira de Física Tecnológica Aplicada. Caderno Brasileiro de Ensino de Física. Caderno de Física da UEFS. Brazilian Journal of Physics. Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física. ProFis - Espaço de Apoio, Pesquisa e Cooperação de Professores de Física. Papers in Physics. Papers in Physics publishes original research in all areas of physics and its interface with other subjects.

Papers in Physics

The scope includes, but is not limited to, physics of particles and fields, condensed matter, relativity and gravitation, nuclear physics, physics of fluids, biophysics, econophysics, chemical physics, statistical mechanics, soft condensed matter, materials science, mathematical physics and general physics. Contributions in the areas of foundations of physics, history of physics and physics education are not considered for publication. Articles published in Papers in Physics contain substantial new results and ideas that advance the state of physics in a non-trivial way. Articles are strictly reviewed by specialists prior to publication. Papers in Physics highlights outstanding articles published in the journal through the Editors' choice section. e-Print archive. New Journal of Physics. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.

Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. Simon Hooker et al 2014 J.

Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 47 070401. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical.