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MICASA Revista de decoración. Breast Cancer Awareness - Tienda de Cáncer de Mama - Box Pill Pink Ribbon. Crear de un bonito florero en una bombilla: DIY. Seguramente muchos de nosotros tenemos en casa algunas bombillas que no funcionan.

Crear de un bonito florero en una bombilla: DIY

¿por qué no usar la imaginación y reutilizarlas? Hoy os propongo una idea sencilla y muy resultona. Por cada una de las bombillas que reutilicemos, podremos crear un jarrón para nuestras flores o plantas preferidas. Resulta una solución decorativa estupenda para adornar cualquier rincón, ya sean como centro de mesa, colgadas, sobre un mueble, etc. Dará cierto aire delicado, de ensoñación y romántico para cualquier estación del año. Resulta adecuado para el diseño de reciclaje, da un toque bohemio chic a los espacios y es low-cost. Sólo Crafty Enough - Desafío Iron Craft # 9 - Caja de Zapatos Organizador Ribbon. For Iron Craft challenge #9, we were asked to think inside the box, creating something from a box or creating our own box.

Sólo Crafty Enough - Desafío Iron Craft # 9 - Caja de Zapatos Organizador Ribbon

I struggled with this one much more than I thought I would. I had a few ideas, but none of them were really calling me to sit down and make them. Then suddenly the very last day, an idea struck me. I have a lot of shoeboxes hanging around and hoped to use one of them. I thought they would be good to organize something, but what? Michael Ann hizo:. arco tee remodelar diy. Considering my current wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller as my waistline gets bigger and bigger i've been going through my ol' refashion pile seeing what i can spruce up quick. i had this plain tee that was always a bit too baggy, and lo and behold it fits perfect now, haha!

Michael Ann hizo:. arco tee remodelar diy

But instead of wearing a boring crew neck tee i got out the sewing machine to add a fun little bow! Here's how i did it so you can make your very own bow tee refashion - Plumas de plumas de bricolaje. I’ve got a lot of embroidery floss left over from my middle school days.

Plumas de plumas de bricolaje

Of course I’ve kept it around, because I’m a pack rat when it comes to crafting supplies. I used some of it to stitch embroidery hoops, and some for DIY baker’s twine, but I still have a lot left. I found this wrapped feather pen tutorial from idlewife, and thought it’d be a good use of my floss. The feathers were purchased from Joann Fabrics a long time back. And the pens were spare ones from our drawer. Steps /1/ Start by taking the gel pen cartridge from the casing. Check to see how the end of your feather fits into the pen cartridge. Tie one end of the embroidery thread around the taped end. . /4/ Start wrapping the pen, using the basic friendship knot. To change colors, use the existing color to tie a knot to the new colored thread. . /5/ When you’ve reached the tip of the pen, bind off the thread. And you’re done! Encaje adornado tutorial te.

Tutorial - Un simple remodelar Cardigan. Volver Bow Shirt. Summer is here and I suddenly have found I have time to enjoy being outside again, which means tank tops and summer clothes!

Volver Bow Shirt

I was browsing around Pintrest out of boredom and came across this blog Let’s Rock It. Abernathy Artesanía: sin costuras tutorial llaveros. Temas Urbanos: Diseños de bordado único y asombroso. Bokmärken hasta kokböcker - Marcadores de Libro de cocina. DIY proyectos hechos a partir de objetos cotidianos. If you're a cork collector like me, this DIY project is for you.

DIY proyectos hechos a partir de objetos cotidianos.

Wine drinkers know how many leftover corks you can accumulate over the years, so let's put them to use! Not only do I love wine, but I love using cork for crafting projects. It's easy to cut, naturally waterproof with a beautiful rustic look, and it has a cushion material that makes for the perfect handmade placemat. The DIY possibilities are endless by simply gluing corks together. You can also make coasters, table runners, trivets, floor mats or cork boards, just to name a few. Follow the steps below to make your own upcycled cork placemat. Materials: • Approximately 50 wine corks. Tip: Use as many red wine corks as possible to add some beautiful shades of red to your placemat. Signo Cita inspirada. My best friend has always a lot of kids over at her home.

signo Cita inspirada

She has one of her own and she is babysitting for a living. This makes that her house is never completely tidy. But who cares? Blogs, perros, ranas y libros:. Letras de madera para niños. Okay, so I've already covered some basic paper mache letters in vintage comics, but I found some really sturdy, good quality, wooden letters and I couldn't resist.

Blogs, perros, ranas y libros:. Letras de madera para niños

Abernathy Artesanía: Tutorial Lápiz Pouch. Frame Garage Sale = Mi pieza favorita de ARTE! - Inspirado Hábilmente. Save I love to wake up on a lovely Fall morning…before everyone else is awake.

Frame Garage Sale = Mi pieza favorita de ARTE! - Inspirado Hábilmente

I sneak downstairs–make some coffee, grab a granola bar and the paper and hit the streets—looking for garage sales. I LOVE it! Hora para el té: Que sea de semana Tutorial # 5. Marbled Nails. Hey Tea birds and loves!

Hora para el té: Que sea de semana Tutorial # 5. Marbled Nails

A second very happy Monday to you all! I hope you've been enjoying Make it Week so far! Monograma tapizado de tela Rápida y Fácil. I always wanted a 3D monogram but here in the Philippines, it’s either there’s none or just too expensive. Like the wooden one I found in BO Concept for P3,000! I think Heima has fabric monograms too, I’m just not sure, but even if I knew, I don’t think I could ever afford it anyway. So the only solution to have one is to MAKE one! Now, I found a lot of tutorials around the blogsphere, often involves glueing cardboards together and paper mache. I don’t have a glue gun yet (but I have glue sticks, I don’t know why I forgot to buy the gun when I bought them) so gluing things just don’t appeal to me that much. {} Diy Martes - Estación de recarga para todos sus dispositivos - Tasha Chawner. By Tasha Chawner on July 24, 2012 With the recent addition of more electronic devices to the household, the recharge cables were starting to get a little out of control.

I’d pinned this cord organizing idea and knew that it would end up being one of my school holiday diy projects. And with just a little time and a few bits and pieces, you can tame all of your recharge cables too! What you need: Lego-nyckelhållare - Soporte de Lego clave. Bricolaje / / Jeans Polka Dot. There are few things in this world that I love more than polka dots!

Okay, that a huge exaggeration and polka dots are a ways down on my list of things I love, but these polka dots sure do bump it up a few notches! :) Eeek, I love, love these jeans and I'm so excited to wear them when its a bit cooler! You'll Need: Jeans or Pants of some kind, Fabric paint, a pencil and some scissors! Step One: Snip off the end of your pencil eraser to make it nice and flat, for the perfect round dots! Patrón Gratuito y Tutorial en Have you ever had too many cards that your wallet can handle? Be selective and get only those cards that you might be using in a particular shopping mall but end up they were the wrong one? Or, may be just forgot to “update” the cards in the wallet on your next trip? Can’t find the cards you thought you have already put into your wallet? Sounds familiar….. If you are nodding your head now, you need a pouch for the cards just like me.

Puntuación Palabra Triple! 5 maneras de reutilizar Azulejos del Scrabble. Last week's exploration into all things Scrabble got us to thinking: What cool DIY projects can you create with old Scrabble tiles? Perhaps you have an old incomplete set and had to order a new one, or you're just a serious word nerd and are up for ordering a whole bucketload of wholesale Scrabble tiles to get your craft on. Either way, you'll love these fun and easy ways to reuse Scrabble tiles. Naturally, we centered our projects around party time! We'll show you how to create a Scrabble-themed place setting perfect for dinner parties, weddings, and the utlimate game night. Plus, we've got a few handy Scrabbletastic tools for pinning up event invitations and party photos around the house.

Cinta Washi vaso. Washi tape is a new love of mine. It’s so easy to create something beautiful with it. Today I created this pretty drinking glass. It’s great for a party! But you could also use it as a vase (see picture after the jump) or as a candle holder. ATELIER CHERRY: Decorando prendedores de roupa - Passo a passo. Queridas, boa tarde! Nessas férias preparei um passo a passo fácil demais pra dar um ar mais gracioso na nossa área de serviço! Já tinha falado pra vocês anteriormente sobre as Washi tapes. São nada mais que uns durex com figurinhas. São bem baratinhos, aqui em Brasília você encontra no Taguacenter um pacote de 6 por uns 2,00. Uma pechincha! Pois bem, e dessa vez eu decidi fazer um monte pra enfeitar lá em casa. Beijos. LIME RIOT: Rollo de Papel Higiénico Tutorial de impresión.

Crónicas IART: Haciendo un Lente Macro de una tienda de segunda mano encontramos! Decorchick! Cambiar su mundo, un proyecto a la vez. Pinturas Bricolaje - Revamped. What seems like ages ago, I painted three abstracts for our bedroom that I have felt a bit ho-hum toward since adding brighter touches, like the cheery Marimekko blanket. Readers have asked how I made the paintings but, since I was actually trying to recreate this painting, it was a crazy, un-documentable journey from blank canvases to finished pieces. Anyone curious about the how-to is in luck though, because I recently tweaked the triptych (by adding new pops of colour to the two blander paintings) and I captured the transformation on camera. Here's how I added some more colour: This is the same method I used originally: with acrylic paints I painted some random, colourful squares in different colours and then, once they had dried a touch, so as not to smear the paint around, I painted over them in white.

The result is an abstract with colour peaking through white. I worked and I fiddled. The trick is to apply the paint thinly, with a large, very dry brush. Freezer Paper Stencil by Julie Ann Art. DIY Air Plant Terrario + A Giveaway (closed) My dad gardens more than anyone I know. He is always outside planting new things, repotting, rearranging and watering. Growing up, my yard was basically a jungle. El correo basura tipografía collage arte. DIY Rub-On Transfer «bluebuttonpress. Inusualmente precioso: Crear Something - Blog - Enmarcar fotos Photobooth. Haga una caja de anillo en 5 minutos para barato! Catálogo Card ... Joyero? Rebanadas de Samantha: Sock Tutorial Bollo. Un embrague Patchwork Statement. DIY artefacto de iluminación. Decorado y Clothespins teñidos ~ Madigan Made {simples ideas de bricolaje} Un simple Mat Bienvenido «adventureland. Idea Craft Cool: Cómo hacer un terrario Lego «Familia canadiense.

Ramo de la boda de DIY! Bouquet Broche - blog de la boda - Boda Girly. El Jefe Verde - Encuentra New Stuff Cool! Social de desarrollo de productos. Deco. Ideas para ordenar tus cosméticos, zapatos... A Splendid Assemblage Blog. Bored AT WORK DIY: "TRAINING" CHOPSTICKS. DIY: entrenamiento T-Shirt.

7 maneras de Nifty para colgar y organizar las cosas. Vas a querer la pecera Super Mario en cuanto la veas. DIY Braided Bead Bracelet. Artísticas mapas planetarios: imágenes coloridas de nuestro sistema solar. Kristin Eldridge » DIY Terrarium [Orange County Photographer] Un ama de casa de la vida real: Lista Maestra de limpieza: para imprimir. Easy T-Shirt DIY: Cut Out Back. Kitchen Corner Drawer Cabinet. Reciclado de rayos X de la lámpara de sombra por Sture Pallarp.

Wednes-DIY Home Décor: The Light Bulb Vase. DIY Washi Tape Laptop Keyboard. Monkeyzen. Monederos « Viste Adecuadamente. 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! Handmade Top 10. Dwellinggawker. ~ Shabby Raggy Roses ~: TUTORIAL ~ Make your own Ballet Slippers & A Giveaway! Look to inspire. Manualidades Nespresso. [Hagalo usted mismo] Vagina artificial.