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How to Trade Stocks Like a Pro. Virtualenv — virtualenv 13.1.2 documentation. Learnyounode. Learn You The Node.js For Much Win!


An intro to Node.js via a set of self-guided workshops. An intro to Node.js via a set of self-guided workshops. Install Node.jsRun sudo npm install learnyounode -gRun learnyounode.. profit! Learnyounode will run through a series of Node.js workshops. Starting at a basic "HELLO WORLD" and moving on to more advanced exercises about dealing with synchronous & asynchronous I/O, filesystem operations, TCP and HTTP networking, events and streams.

Getting Started with Node.js Fundamentals. REMIX OFFICIAL FORUM. Codes - Decimal Chart.pdf. HomeShopTech. 26 Free Responsive jQuery Image Sliders. If you are interested in adding top class jQuery image sliders on your new or well established website then here you will find the right slider plugins which will assist you to do that properly.

26 Free Responsive jQuery Image Sliders

Enough though jQuery has simplified the way JavaScript used to work on the browser we are still in need of image sliders to speed up the daily web design and development work. We can modify some of these plugins to make a new slider which is much more efficient for your website. CSS3 – Créer un slideshow automatique et contrôlable.

Si vous suivez le compte @NoupeMag sur Twitter (ça marche aussi pour mon compte), vous avez certainement vu passer mon slideshow en CSS3 datant de l’an dernier.

CSS3 – Créer un slideshow automatique et contrôlable

Ce n’était pas ma première tentative de slideshow comme le présentent ces premier et second travaux datant de mai 2010. Ce tutoriel ne s’adresse pas aux débutants, il vous faudra un minimum de connaissances techniques pour vous y retrouver dans les tronçons de code qui vont suivre. Shopping Cart. Top 49 free icons choosed by our users. Download them for free.

Why Landing Pages Are an Indispensable Part of Marketing. Any savvy inbound marketer "gets" that once you've done all that hard work to get visitors to your website, the next big step is to convert them into leads for your business.

Why Landing Pages Are an Indispensable Part of Marketing

But what's the best way to get them to convert? Landing pages , that's what! Unfortunately, there seems to be a major disconnect between the importance of landing pages and their use by marketers. Autodesk 123D. CodeKit — THE Mac App For Web Developers. Careers Center - Outbound Selector - Sysco New Mexico. Compass Documentation. VPN. View blocked websites VPN, virtual private network, connects a device to the private (local) network of a business or home as if that device is physically connected to that network.


The device will then be protected by the private network’s security and management policies. VPN is mainly used by a company’s employees while travelling to connect to their company’s private network and access sensitive files. Fortune datko. Perhaps some don’t get that excited over a license upgrade, but I’m happy to announce that I’ve upgraded the license of my blog to version 4.0 of the Creative Commons license! If you’d like to generate a license for you work, you can go to the CC license generator and get one. Creative Commons licenses (copied from About Creative Commons): How It Works. Unslider — the super-tiny jQuery slider. A touchable jQuery lightbox. Recurly.js - JavaScript library for customizable transaction forms.


Programming Basics Course - Programming Fundamentals. Sass - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets. QUnit. WiFighter. Husam212/WiFighter. Csound Journal. Introduction The Raspberry Pi and the BeagleBone are two very popular computers about the size of a deck of cards.

Csound Journal

These so-called "tinyware" devices contain USB ports, onboard ethernet, and audio/visual output capabilities. Both devices use Linux as an operating system, which allows them to utilize a large array of programming languages and applications available on the Linux platform, including Csound. Shopify/shopify_django_app. Python - Libraries - Shopify API - Developer Resources. Libraries for Shopify using Python Python Authentication: Shopify Python API The first step to creating any Shopify app is proper authentication.

Python - Libraries - Shopify API - Developer Resources

API Reference — Mailgun REST API 2.0 documentation. CheddarGetter for Python and Django. Nut and voltz. How APIs Work" A conferencing API -- or any API for that matter -- allows a software application to communicate with a remote application over the Internet through a series of calls [source: TConsult, Inc.] An API is, by definition, an interface, something that defines the way in which two entities communicate [source: Thom Weblog].

With APIs, the calls back and forth between applications are managed through something called Web services. Web services are a collection of technological standards and protocols, including XML (Extensible Markup Language), the programming language by which applications communicate over the Internet. The API itself is a chunk of software code written as a series of XML messages. PhysicsJS - A modular, extendable, and easy-to-use physics engine for javascript. Python Basic Syntax. The Python language has many similarities to Perl, C, and Java.

Python Basic Syntax

However, there are some definite differences between the languages. First Python Program Let us execute programs in different modes of programming. Interactive Mode Programming. Python for Beginners - Python Basics. This is Pythonic Python - Part I of a complete Python course for programmers, in four parts.

Python for Beginners - Python Basics

The focus, besides learning Python, is learning Pythonic idioms so that your code is beautiful, easy to read and modify, and fast-running. 1. Introduction. This reference manual describes the Python programming language.

1. Introduction

It is not intended as a tutorial. While I am trying to be as precise as possible, I chose to use English rather than formal specifications for everything except syntax and lexical analysis. This should make the document more understandable to the average reader, but will leave room for ambiguities. Consequently, if you were coming from Mars and tried to re-implement Python from this document alone, you might have to guess things and in fact you would probably end up implementing quite a different language.

Saaspire/sharpy. jQuery One Page Scroll by Pete R. Jedrzejchalubek/Glide.js. Simple, Lightweight & Fast jQuery Slider. 30 New jQuery Plugins Worth Taking a Look At. Perhaps the best thing about the jQuery community is the fact that it often brings out impressive plugins for everyone to freely make use of. In fact, there are way too many jQuery plugins out there, and newer and better ones just keep coming out. In this roundup, we take a look at some new jQuery plugins that we feel are worth taking a look at.

Tabslet Tabslet is a jQuery plugin for tabs. It supports custom events, rotation and animation and is compatible with most modern web browsers. RecentChanges. TOP 10 gadgets + apps from 2013. TOP 10 gadgets + apps from 2013 in 2013, we’ve moved closer to a fully connected digital age, constantly engaging with cloud connected devices, smart watches, and nifty apps to help simplify daily tasks. this year, technology has demonstrate its potential with the rise of wearable technology and the internet of things, influencing the future of design and consumer electronics. it has been a year filled with smartphone controlled objects and high-tech gadgets, from smartlocks to app controlled prosthetic hands. take a look at desigboom’s TOP 10 most popular gadgets and apps from 2013 below: image courtesy of august design image courtesy touch bionics image courtesy nikon.