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How to Read 1,000,000 Manga Pages: Visualizing Patterns in Games, Comics, Art, Cinema, Animation, TV, and Print Media. L’aventure des mots de la ville - UrbaNews.fr. Journaliste de données : data as storytelling. Augmented Reality Browser: Layar. Walking the Edit - The Virtual World Language: the communication "via-avatar" on Vi.

Welcome! - Tales of Things. How to Add Anything to the Internet of Things: Cr. Every object in existence can be tagged with any media, linked to tell a story, to recount its memories in a read/write environment and tweet when its interacted with.

How to Add Anything to the Internet of Things: Cr

Its a concept that takes a bit of time to take in, for example a wall in Camden Town, London, tweeted me last week when someone replayed its memories of having a Banksy painted on it. That wall is part of the Internet of Things via the project TalesofThings. The best part is, its incredibly easy to add objects. Physical Space Tweets: Pst! microCONTROL. Pst!

Physical Space Tweets: Pst! microCONTROL

Is the surreptitious beckoning of attention and the acronym for Physical Space Tweets. It is a small Ardunio storyteller installed in public space giving an audience a glimpse into a geo-tagged community’s topic feed. For the Leeds Pavillion at Mediamatic’s Amsterdam Biennale 2009 Pst!