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Double parallelogram mechanism 4. Scissor Lift. RotationalToLinear. Claw. Multi-Bot Ball Shooter Arm. Scissor Lift Machine in Phun. Scissor lift prototype for are VEX robot. ManiupulatorDesign. NXT Forklift. This Forklift can drive around and steer on carpet or hard floors, lift loads that are placed in the pallet bucket 7 inches straight up, set them gently down on top of shelves or other platforms, and take them back down. The color sensor is used as a "warning" light to signal different operations. You can program the Forklift to do automatic tasks using the rotations sensors in the motors and the Ultrasonic sensor on top, or if you have a working Bluetooth connection between your computer and your NXT, then you can drive it yourself by wireless remote control from your computer keyboard using this free Bluetooth Vehicle Remote program provided by Anders Søborg.

Or, if you have two NXTs, you can control it by Bluetooth with the Dial Remote Control project. NXT Projects / Fork Lift. Our FLL team built a really cook forklift one year that was similar to this. Robot Arm #1. NXT Robot Arm This robot arm closely resembles the arm that appears in the RIS 2.0 (RCX) set (#3804).

Robot Arm #1

But since the NXT set has three motors instead of only two, this design uses independent motors for grabbing and lifting. LEGO Mindstorms claw machine. VEX Lifts. SimpleRobotics - Lifts. Lifts Linear slides – The VEX design system provides two types of linear slides, the linear motion kit (P/N: 276-1926) and the linear slide (P/N: 276-1096), The linear motion kit provides inside and outside delrin slide trucks which can slide up and down the linear slide track.

SimpleRobotics - Lifts

The linear slides are two metal slide members (an outside and an inside) which slide over one another. Both make excellent linear lifts. They can be activated by a motor in a rack gearbox bracket (P/N: 275-1188) with a 12 or 36 tooth gear on it , which will travel up a set of rack gears (P/N: 276-1957) Lifts - Team 323Z Aftershock. Mindstorms-scissor-lift-sample. Lego mindstorms NXT Scissors Lift. Mobile Photobucket.

Scissor Lift Materials N Photos.