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Chapter 2

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FREE Culture and Fashion Dissertation Topics. The relationship between culture and fashion is intrinsic and dynamic.

FREE Culture and Fashion Dissertation Topics

Cultures across the world use clothing to make statements on the nature of power relations, personal relationships and hierarchies within communities. Bachelor Dissertation – Exploring Celebrity Culture. Exploring the concept of ‘Celebrity’ – A closer look Table of Contents Abstract.

Bachelor Dissertation – Exploring Celebrity Culture

How Do You Effectively Use Social Media For Branding? Ask Me Now. No One Cares About Celebrity Endorsements, Says Study Likely To Freak Kim Kardashian Out. Celebrities make plenty of money from their day jobs, be it starring in a movie or a recurring, major role on TV.

No One Cares About Celebrity Endorsements, Says Study Likely To Freak Kim Kardashian Out

But many of them make an impressive buck endorsing products -- anything from soft drinks to jewelry, from electronics to cars. But, as it turns out, having a celebrity face attached to a product is as ineffective as trying to make sense of the "Real Housewives" franchise. You might as well just give up. In a survey of 1,000 Americans conducted by "industrial-strength Word Press hosting platform" WP Engine quoted in Media Bistro this week, 96 percent of participants said they don't want to read celebrities blogging about products. Which is quite the blow to the Kardashian clan, who often promote the clothes and makeup they wear on their blogging platform. A similar study published in February, conducted by Ace Metrix, an advertising analytics agency, found that "TV ads containing celebrities underperformed those without. " Exactly. Consumer Magazines 2014. Mens and Womens Fragrences UK August 2014.

How brands should use celebrities to build their business. What Are Five Advantages to Using Celebrities in Advertising? Celebrity endorsements, reality TV and how we judge success. According to a recent survey by Unruly, not only do celebrity endorsements leave your audience blind-sighted and oblivious to your marketing message – they also leave them with no recollection of your brand, or the product.

Celebrity endorsements, reality TV and how we judge success

Sainsbury’s abandons celebrity endorsements in favour of real people. Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is looking for the common touch this New Year by foregoing celebrity endorsements in favour of a young single mum and a great grandmother. Why Celebrities in Ads Don't Always Lead to Greater Sales. As the most significant event in advertising grows nearer, it will be interesting to see how many brands enlist the endorsement services of celebrities during the Super Bowl.

Why Celebrities in Ads Don't Always Lead to Greater Sales

After all, popular wisdom asserts that getting a celebrity endorsement is a tried-and-true, simple-to-implement way to maximize advertising effectiveness. Sure, it's expensive, but celebrities always yield stronger ties with viewers and, ultimately, greater sales, right? Wrong. Rihanna Gets Paid More For Attending A Fashion Show Than You Probably Make In One Year. You can hardly call the relationship between celebrities and endorsements news.

Rihanna Gets Paid More For Attending A Fashion Show Than You Probably Make In One Year

Fulltext.pdf. How To Boost Your Personal Brand with Social Media. Ten things you need to know about Snapchat. What is Snapchat?

Ten things you need to know about Snapchat

It's the social app that's currently seeing more than 350m photos shared every day. Has celebrity activism gone too far? 4 February 2011Last updated at 16:00 Sir Roger Moore, Cat Deeley and Naomi Campbell have all used their fame to help good causes Save the Children is the latest charity to launch a star-studded campaign.

Has celebrity activism gone too far?

Should-charities-chase-celebrity-endorsements. Angelina Jolie breaks the mould for celebrity endorsements - Pitch & Presentation Blog. Fund Comms - Sean Kelly. 19 November 2013 Star Power: The Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Charitable Events and Campaigns The presentation will look at the pros and cons of working with celebrity volunteers and uses real life case studies to emphasise the importance of strategic partnerships.

Fund Comms - Sean Kelly

Charity Funding 2013. Lessons marketers can learn from the One Direction brand phenomenon. Exclusive: One Direction Teams With Nabisco For Multi-Brand Tour Sponsorship, Marketing Blitz. One Direction’s 2013 North American tour has been sold out for nearly a year, ever since tickets went on sale just months after the British boy band’s American breakthrough in March 2012 when “Up All Night” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

Exclusive: One Direction Teams With Nabisco For Multi-Brand Tour Sponsorship, Marketing Blitz

The History of Marketing: An Exhaustive Timeline [INFOGRAPHIC] Ever since people have had something to sell, we’ve been marketing. But the effectiveness of those marketing methods have waxed and waned over thousands of years, and as consumers and their technologies advanced at a more and more rapid pace, marketers have had to change their game. At one time, cutting edge technology was limited to just a small segment of the population – and these advancements were slowly rolled out to the masses over decades (and even centuries!). Now, adoption rates are faster than the speed of light and more widespread than ever – and it’s putting control back in the hands of consumers. Advertising Timeline: How we got to 2012. Throwback Thursdays: The Social Media Advertising Timeline. Advertising on social media has grown astronomically in a very short period of time. Considering it didn't even exist ten years ago (the first social media ad was released on Facebook in 2004) the estimated $12 billion of revenue it will generate by 2017 is indeed impressive.

But I would argue it's not all that surprising. In its current iteration, social media advertising allows unprecedented audience segmentation and user targeting capabilities, with online messaging distributed to the right people, at the right time. The targeting is granular and the platforms intuitive, leveraging data advertisers of past eras could only dream of. And judging by how quickly social media advertising has been developing, we can expect that it will only become more essential, particularly as networks like LinkedIn and Twitter try and match Facebook's advertising capabilities (they're not quite there yet). Facebook Flyers (2003) Linkedin Advertising Introduced (2006) Youtube Ads (2007)

Under-30 rich list: young, famous and seriously wealthy - BBC Newsbeat. Not only are these stars young, good-looking and famous - they're also incredibly wealthy. Heat magazine has published its rich list of stars under 30, with Cara Delevingne the highest new entry at 21. The 25 Most Influential Style Icons in Music. The 16 Ultimate Beauty Icons We Still Can't Stop Staring At. Top Celebrity Fashion Icons of All Time. 40 Style Icons for the Modern Man. Milestones. UK Social Media Statistics for 2014. The Brief History of Social Media. Some 85 percent of the 7.1 billion people in the world have access to the Internet. For instance, China's Internet population reaches 632 million. For the first time, more new Internet users ventured online with a mobile device – smartphone or tablet – than with a PC. Many countries around the globe now are heavily engaged with social media including the United States, Canada, the U.K., Russia, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Israel, The Philippines, India, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and several countries of the Middle East and Africa.

A Historical Timeline of Media. Miley Cyrus on VMA Backlash: I Don't Pay Attention to the Negative. Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Miley Cyrus' provocative performance at the MTV Video Music Awards caused quite a controversy--and that's exactly what the pop star intended to happen. Miley Cyrus' Vogue Cover Axed by Anna Wintour After VMAs Backlash. One Direction's 'Best Song Ever' Breaks One-Day Vevo Record. One Direction « HJPR.