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Cours de chinois

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Learn Chinese Characters. Chinese Characters Visual Dictionary is a super cool learning tools for Chinese learners; There are many utilities for this award winning tool: - You can find a Chinese character very easily if you only know the Pinyin; - You can quickly gauge your Chinese character knowledge (because all the Chinese characters are ranged by frequency of use, the character with the smallest number is the most frequently used;) - You can review all characters;

Learn Chinese Characters

Textes chinois annotés.

Cours monique hoa

Le chinois en voyage. Cours de chinois orale en vidéo leçon 2. 玛丽来到服务台。

Cours de chinois orale en vidéo leçon 2

Marie vient à la réception. 我要订一张去上海的机票。 Podcast - ChinoisFacile.