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Pat Mills on Joe Colquhoun – Falcon Squadron. The Official Alex Toth Website. Add a new Post entry Forum software and Server Migration Friends, Time marches on.

The Official Alex Toth Website

I have been using the same forum software for ten years (with some small upgrades) . Unfortunately, I needed to move to a new server. Ink-Stained Amazon » Women in Comics. In 1960s Britain, even before the Bond Phenomenon was ignited by film adaptations of Ian Fleming’s novels about a rakish secret government agent, a spy-fi woman was kicking ass in a daily news strip.

Ink-Stained Amazon » Women in Comics

She dealt in espionage, but never worked in an official capacity, preferring instead to handle matters on her own terms. This woman was the extraordinary Modesty Blaise.* At the same time the producers of the then-fledging British television series, The Avengers, recognized that the time was ripe for a female adventurer of complexity, independence and sexual sophistication – which we saw in Honor Blackman’s Dr. Modesty is a survivor, a force of nature, an ex-crime boss, and a loyal friend. Prior to her debut, O’Donnell wrote other newspaper strips, as well as romantic serials for women’s magazines. In 1962, O’Donnell was asked by the Daily Express to create an original strip for their paper. Blog Denis Bodart / Denis Bodart's blog. Jake Parker. The Joe Kubert Interview. From TCJ #172 (November 1994) Promo photo provided by Joe Kubert Joe Kubert has led a charmed life.

The Joe Kubert Interview

He started apprenticing in comics production “shops” in ’38 at the age of 11; from then until now, his has been one of the most successful careers in comics. Starting with his tenure as artist of Hawkman in the late ’40s, Kubert has been a major contributor to mainstream comics in every decade: The Viking Prince and Tor in the ’50s, Enemy Ace and Sgt. Rock in the ’60s, the Tarzan books in the ’70s, and what seems like every other DC cover from the late ’50s through the ’80s. An interview with Kubert is like a tour through the history of comics. Kubert is a paradigmatic member of his time and place. Did I mention he also plays a mean game of racquetball? The Joe Kubert Interview. Hugo Pratt 1- Corto Maltese [French BDz] Category: Magazine Tag: Comics Posted on 2007-06-30.

Hugo Pratt 1- Corto Maltese [French BDz]

By anonymous. Description. Bear Alley: They Challenged the Giants of the Skies. This week we have a brief strip relating the real-life challenges faced by the R.A.F. when the Zeppelin raids began during World War I.

Bear Alley: They Challenged the Giants of the Skies

The artwork (although not the cover above) is by Jorge Luis Moliterni, better known in his native Argentina as a Western artist (Watami) and in the US as George Moliterni, who worked for DC Comics; in the UK his work was almost exclusively related to World War II subjects, ranging from issues of War and Battle picture libraries to episodes of Codename: Warlord in Warlord. Bizarrely, I always thought of Moliterni as an artist of adventure strips because I first saw his work in Top Secret Picture Library. Moliterni died young, although there seems to be some question about his age which unfortunately the internet doesn't resolve. Bleaseworld: January 2011. Unfortunately I didn't spend as much time painting this morning as planned as I was somewhat distracted by the news (or more correctly lack of) about US plastics producer Wargames Factory.

Bleaseworld: January 2011

It appears there is some sort of corporate takeover going on with what looks like is going to result in a train wreck. A takeover announcement has been made by one party which has been refuted to some extent by another. The worse thing is that some customers have paid money for product they still haven't received... Quite what the future is is unclear, but it doesn't look good from the battle that is going on. From the various forums it seems the situation could get worse with IP rights being owned by one party, the moulds by another. From a personal point of view there is the issue of model availability for projects underway. The other project is Saul's Shock Troops. Jorge Luis Moliterni Hector German Oesterheld: Jorge Luis Moliterni. "Watami"

Jorge Luis Moliterni, History "Watami" Episode number 3 !!!

Jorge Luis Moliterni Hector German Oesterheld: Jorge Luis Moliterni. "Watami"

Jorge Luis Moliterni began his career in advertisement, but started working in comics full time from 1957. His early work appeared in periodicals like Hora Cero and Frontera. He alternated with several other artists on Hugo Pratt's 'Ernie Pike' and 'Sargento Kirk' series. He drew the 'Watami' series with scripts by Hector German Oesterheld in Misterix from 1962.

In the mid-1960s, Moliterni began working for international publishers and agencies, such as the British Fleetway and the American Charlton Comics (as George Moliterni). Les Editions Paquet. Sgt rock. Kirby pencils. Skullkickers #8. Comics Land - download all kind of comics and game manuals you want. Ninjabread - Wargaming Comics and Scribblings.

Making Comics by Scott McCloud. Making Comics Online Features Chapter Five and a Half.

Making Comics by Scott McCloud

Dresden Codak. Free Online Comics @ » links to free online comic books and graphic novels (PDF, JPEG, Flash) Comics Land - download all kind of comics and game manuals you want. Eat More Bikes. Cover edited. DorkTower. CORY LOFTIS INTERVIEW. 4446 - Mystery in the Desert. These high quality, high impact prints present Commando covers as you've never seen them before.

4446 - Mystery in the Desert

Appreciate all the skill and quality of the Commando artists with these movie poster sized reproductions. Beautiful cover artwork. High quality, high resolution, full colour imagery with a fine detail smooth finish and silk shine. Exclusive to - yours for only £45.00, including free UK delivery. All prints are A1 size (594mm x 841mm) printed on 120Gsm uncoated paper. Hugo Pratt 2- Divers albums [French BDz] Category: Magazine Tag: Comics Posted on 2007-06-30.

Hugo Pratt 2- Divers albums [French BDz]

By anonymous. Scott McCloud. DC Comics and Marvel Comics News. Article Detail. “Where’s my jetpack?” Science fiction may not always accurately predict the future, but it does reflect the dreams of its times. Here we are in 2010, the 21st century, and we do have many technical marvels anticipated decades earlier by the worlds of wonder envisioned in speculative media like comics.

Sixty years ago, on April 14th 1950, the first issue of Eagle with cover star Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future, took to the skies and launched a new forward-looking era, not only in British comics but in world comics, with its spectacular fully-painted colour artwork printed in luxurious photogravure. Nothing anywhere else in the world at that time came close to Frank Hampson’s utterly convincing, photo-realistic visions of a tangible future. So six decades on, what is the legacy of Eagle and in particular the extraordinary draughtsmanship of Hampson on comics today? “I think what most impressed me was his ability to have consistent, three-dimensional backgrounds, machines and characters.

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