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Engage Healthcare's Top Social Media Personality Dr Kevin Pho - 10 of the Best Recent Social Media Tutorials on the Web. Credit: Let me preface this list by saying that I generally dislike “best” lists.

10 of the Best Recent Social Media Tutorials on the Web

I don’t care for people attempting to rank the best of the best of anything online. It’s not just based on a collection of faulty metrics or completely subjective (which people often don’t admit), but it’s ignorant at best. After all, no one is familiar with everything available, so how can they attempt to identify the best? It usually turns into this back-patting, ass-kissing kind of thing. That’s not what you’ll find here. I limited them to tutorials that were published in the last couple of months, since so much in social media can change quickly. That said, here you go. 1. Of all the social networks available, I tend to prefer LinkedIn. 2. Look. 3. Here’s a great simple social media tutorial for the do-gooders of the world. 4. This is a quick and dirty tutorial, also targeting the nonprofits out there in social media land. 5. 6. 7. Army Social Media Standard Operating Procedure (Standardization)

Online Database of Government and Non-Profit Social Media Policies. Networks - Social Media Toolkit - Social Media Toolkit. At Vanderbilt University Medical Center, we not only recognize that social media are here to stay, we believe it is critical for us as an organization to be active and stay abreast of trends in social media.

Social Media Toolkit - Social Media Toolkit

VUMC was one of the first medical centers in the country to develop a social media policy to guide use of social media by its faculty, staff and students. Helping you participate in social media without getting yourself or Vanderbilt into trouble is the goal of this policy as well as the tools and resources on these pages. You likely have a profile in one or more social networks. You may also comment on blogs or online communities and news sites. If so, please be sure to read the policy to make sure you understand how it applies to your activity. Do you want to participate in social media on behalf of VUMC? Here are some ideas to get you started: Review the tools and resources on these pages. Search results. Crisis management – standard operating procedures « Dachis Group Collaboratory.

I flew on Southwest Airlines earlier this week, three days after the company faced – and averted – a major crisis.

Crisis management – standard operating procedures « Dachis Group Collaboratory

(This WSJ article contains an excellent synopsis of what transpired.) In contrast, the airline faced a crisis of a very different sort two months earlier, when a movie director with over a million Twitter followers complained about being poorly treated. In the corporate communications function, crisis management comes with the territory. But with the rise of social media, the communications landscape has changed, introducing new players and parameters into situations. Social media ownership has been unevenly distributed in many companies, which has created havoc in situations where the first responders are often the least prepared. I’ve faced my own social media crisis from the client side – but it was eight years ago, when adoption was low.

Social Standard Operating Procedures: The Art Of Engagement. Online Social Media Principles. Countless conversations take place online about every day, and we want our Company’s more than 150,000 associates in more than 200 countries to join those conversations, represent our Company, and share the optimistic and positive spirits of our brands.

Online Social Media Principles

These Social Media Principles should guide your participation in social media, both personally as well as when you are acting in an official capacity on behalf of the Company. It is critical we always remember who we are –the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands – and what our Company’s role is in the social media community – to inspire moments of optimism and happiness and build our brands. The same considerations that apply to our messaging and communications in traditional media still apply in the online social media space, including on what you might consider “internal” platforms.

Have fun, but be smart. When acting as an official Company spokesperson, we expect you to: Social media policy. Armed forces personnel (most recent) by country. Agriculture Statistics and graphs related to agriculture are found here.

Armed forces personnel (most recent) by country

How many agricultural workers are there per hectare? Tractors? Which country produces the maximum cotton? Who is the biggest exporter of bananas? TOP STATS: Agricultural machinery > Tractors, Arable land > Hectares, Agricultural growth and 306 more Background What is the background of the country? TOP STATS: Overview, Full name Cost of living TOP STATS: Transport prices > Gas/petrol > 1 litre, Real estate prices > Interest rate, Real estate prices > Apartment purchase price per sqm > Outside city centre and 50 more Crime No explanation needed for this section. TOP STATS: Rapes, Murders > Per capita, Total crimes and 155 more Disasters The tsunami rocked the civilized world with its widespread devastation. TOP STATS: Tsunami > Death toll, Tsunami > Foreigners death toll, Tsunami > Funds pledged and 43 more Economy This category is all about money. TOP STATS: GDP per capita, GDP, Population below poverty line and 3530 more.