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Edbinet. Francois. Frederic. Cities and the crisis : Architecture in recession. Patrice.

Credit Crunch

US Recession. Deflation & Monetary Policy.

  1. Francois Apr 29 2009
    Peut-etre as-tu d'autres sujets d'intérets autre qe l'économie qui mériteraient une carte ou deux. Sinon, nous sommes dans une phase d'accroissement massif de la communauté donc si tu as des amis à inviter sur pearltrees. C'est le moment utilise "invite a friend". F
  2. pearlsgazette Apr 20 2009
    Salut benobi! Tes cartes économiques sont maintenant à jamais gravées dans la gazette. Si tu a d'autres éditions prometteuses n'hésite pas à nous les faire parvenir le service éditorial se fera une joie de les découvrir, et qui sait, peut etre de les publier. :)
  3. Patrice Mar 1 2009
    Thanks Ben indeed : everyone seems to love your trees! By the way, I will be happy to discuss will Ludovic: he can call me whenever he wants. See you soon, and hopefully at pearltrees party.
  4. alcide Mar 1 2009
    Thanks François and thanks benobi ;)
  5. benobi Mar 1 2009
    the site keeps improving. I started to edit some notes on the recession pearl. I will go on in the next few days commenting most of the posts. I recently had a lunch with Ludovic Herman, he might contact you to have news and exchange views about both your projects .
  6. Patrice Mar 1 2009
    What do you think of the new version? still some way to go but there are many more things to help editing... and to explore editor's trees
  7. benobi Mar 1 2009
    a bit short of time, but I will complete my Doomsday recession pages this week-end ;-)
  8. Patrice Mar 1 2009
    Hello Ben, happy to see you around!
  9. Francois Mar 1 2009
    Hi benobi, welocome on pearltrees. You are ow a member of the first web editors community. I am community manager, if you have any request on pearltrees do write it to me. F