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Board of Studies News. Who needs to read this notice:PrincipalsCurriculum co-ordinatorsHead Teachers (PDHPE)PDHPE TeachersOther Effective: Friday 1 January 2016 if not this year The Year 7–10 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) syllabus has been amended to make content relating to domestic violence explicit.

Board of Studies News

The syllabus is now available with implementation of these amendments to commence in Term 1 2016. The amendments align with existing content related to abuse and power in relationships within the Self and Relationships Strand in both Stage 4 and 5. The amendments include: Stage 4, Strand 1: Self and relationships, outcome 4.3 Recognizing forms of abuse and neglect that can affect children and families with the inclusion of eg: physical, emotional, sexual abuse, domestic violence (now included). Stage 5, Strand 1: Self and Relationships, overview Stage 5, Strand 1: Self and Relationships, outcome 5.3 The amended syllabus is available to download from the BOSTES website. Karen Ingram sur Twitter : "Celebrate the importance #PDHPE in the learning & development of students @AISNSW @HPE_CLIC. National Health & Physical Education Day. In celebration of the health and wellbeing of young children across Australia, ACHPER is planning its annual National Health and Physical Education (HPE) Day to be held on Wednesday September 9th 2015.

National Health & Physical Education Day

The nationwide event is designed to raise awareness of the value of HPE in the Australian Curriculum and highlight the important role it plays in the learning and development of children, the benefit to all schools, and the educative value to the wider community. This year's day will focus on encouraging schools to get involved as part of a theme celebrated over three consecutive years from 2014 - 2016 being; Good for Children, Good for Schools, Good for Communities. Former Australian long distance runner and teacher, Steve Moneghetti, is just one of our Ambassadors for National HPE Day in 2015. Resources for teachers and parents will be made available on the National HPE Day website, which will be launched mid-August. Playing for Life Activity Cards. Playing for Life Resources. Sporting Schools is based on the Playing for Life philosophy, which encourages children to have fun and get active by focusing on skills not drills.

Playing for Life Resources

By focusing on having fun, having a go and getting active, Sporting Schools aims to provide children with positive sporting experiences to help develop a lifelong interest in sport. It is based on the Game Sense approach, with the objective to develop in school-aged children a love of physical activity that will encourage them to play for life. All activities are game-based and generate a safe, inclusive and challenging environment, which helps children develop skills while having fun. The Australian Sports Commission has developed free resources to assist teachers and coaches to deliver Playing for Life style sessions. Retweeted Christina Curry (@CKCurry):... - PDHPE Curriculum NSW.

Paul Dillon sur Twitter : "What role do police have in school drug education? Ice hysteria puts pressure on schools not to follow best practice. PYP Attitude Posters (printable) 4 Innovative New Tools to Try Next Year. Last week, at the annual ISTE conference in Atlanta, Georgia, hundreds of developers and thousands of tech-forward educators converged for the year's biggest edtech show-and-tell.

4 Innovative New Tools to Try Next Year

Virtually every developer in the edtech space was there to show off their latest products. And teachers, tech specialists, librarians, administrators, and other educators gathered to exchange ideas on best practices for tech implementation and to discover the newest tools for teaching and learning. With the expo hall dominated by some of the biggest names in edtech, ISTE's Startup Pavilion and Pitchfest competition served as a way to highlight an impressive collection of startups and newer names in the field.

The three rounds of the Pitchfest were standing room only, and along with my Graphite colleagues Tanner Higgin and Erin Wilkey Oh, I was honored to be one of the judges. Curriculet combines the convenience of an e-reader with the power of an online instructional tool. BaM Video Delay pour iPhone, iPod touch et iPad dans l’App Store sur iTunes. Learning through Sport: Using Technology to teach movement skills. The Australian Curriculum includes ICT Competency as a General Capability [ Students therefore need to be taught how to use ICT's effectively across the curriculum.

Learning through Sport: Using Technology to teach movement skills

This includes inquiry and investigation using ICT's, creating with ICT's and communicating with ICT's; as well as managing and operating ICT's. The Australian National Standards for Teachers (AITSL, 2012) also emphasise ICT skills within the Standards. Teachers need to consider how changing technologies might impact on students’ learning. They should also consider the pedagogical theories underlying the learning activities in which students engage. For example, many of the educational apps available for mobile handheld devices offer little more than content transmission or behaviourist drill and practice exercises, although the content and drills may be presented in multimodal ways. The following apps are available for both Android and Apple devices. Sharing iPad eBooks with Colleagues, Pupils and... P.E. Assessments - Phys. Ed.    Review.

Kim Ly sur Twitter : Some suggestions from @artprintmedia on tools that may useful in the classroom #tm_digcreativity... 28 Creative Ways Teachers are Using Twitter. This post has kindly been shared by Best Colleges Online where it first appeared on their blog.

28 Creative Ways Teachers are Using Twitter

Between the cat images and celebrity porn, the Internet actually manages to boast educational potential. Considerable educational potential, in fact. Even that Twitter thing the kids are into these days, with its 140-characters and its perpetual haze of pound signs, has its uses. More than 28, of course, but here’s a nice little starting point. Instant feedback: ReadWriteWeb and Mashable both featured Monica Rankin, a history professor at University of Dallas, and discussed how she utilizes Twitter to gather real-time feedback. Answering questions: In a similar strategy to the aforementioned information gathering, some educators streamline the process by allowing students to answer questions via Twitter rather than raising their hands.

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