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Competitive Research Welcome to the last session of SES NY. Congratulations on making it. I’m hoping I make it through the next hour. If for some reason I don’t, I just want you to know that I loved you all. Competitive Research
Converseon | The leading full service social media consultancy Founded in 2001, Converseon was the first pure play social media agency that has garnered an enviable reputation for innovation, creativity and partnering deeply with clients. We don't just follow best practices, we've helped create them. We don't just talk about success, we've accomplished it with a wide range of brands around the world. Converseon | The leading full service social media consultancy
Redefining Viral Marketing Redefining Viral Marketing inShare2 In September 2008 at Web 2.0 Expo in New York, I shared something that many, to this day, believe to the contrary, “There is no such thing as viral marketing.” The declaration was empathetic in its direction to those marketers who have been on the receiving end of directives instructing them to create and unleash viral content. In parallel, the statement was aimed at those decision makers who assign such projects. Content, no matter how brilliant, creative, abstract, or controversial, is not inherently viral. Yet, we’re asked repeatedly to create viral videos, posts, and other social objects that will trigger an endless array of retweets, pages and profiles that immediately attract fans and followers accompanied by a deafening wall of sound propelled by word of mouth.
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