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Technical Discussion on BDL168/BD4 - Mark Gurries. Background Circuit Information: BDL168 and BD4 DETECTION METHOD: The Detection method is done by monitoring the voltage drop across two back to back diodes created by the current flowing through them.

Technical Discussion on BDL168/BD4 - Mark Gurries

However only one polarity (One DCC phase or one diode of the two) is monitored for voltage drop. The detection assumes the current will be the same in both directions and hence the voltage drops will be the same in both directions. Hence only on direction or DCC phase needs to be monitored for voltage drops. BASE SENSITIVITY: The BD168 and BD4 are designed to be sensitive enough to detect a 10K resistance on the rails. BASIC ISOLATION: The BDL168/BD4 itself do not need any isolation from any Booster or autoreversing devices that feed them. Layout Wiring Channel/Tray.


Switches. Wiring Turnouts Welcome to the website that coined the phrase "DCC Friendly!


" This is the most popular section of this web page! If you are a manufacturer, talk to your DCC customers. Consider making DCC friendly turnouts - I tell you how below. Modelers, write your favorite manufacturer. Check out Dale Muir's railroad information page for turnout terminology. To see a schematic of a turnout wired to trackwork, see the trackwork section of this web page, suggestion 5-7. Menu_Train_Miniature. DCC Circuit Breakers - Mark Gurries. DCC Circuit Breaker HistoryThe purpose of Layout circuit breakers is to manage power going to different parts of the layout such that there is not a total loss of power when a short develops someplace on the layout.

DCC Circuit Breakers - Mark Gurries

It is not unlike the circuit breaker panel on your house. It something shorts out, you do not lose all the lights and power in the house. Circuit breakers, unlike a fuse, do not require any parts to reset them. Hence it is easy to recover from a fault. The circuit breaking element be it a bulb, semiconductor switch or relay is wired in series with the track. The track current runs through a monitor or sensor of some kind so it can sense the current. True On-Off switches have an extremely low resistance measured in Milli-ohms (0.001 ohms) and almost an infinite resistance measured in Giga-ohms (1,000,000,000 ohms). DCC for beginners. DCC for Beginners If you are new to DCC and are wondering what it is all about, this section is for you.

DCC for beginners

It is aimed towards someone that knows nothing about DCC and is intended to answer some basic questions you may have about DCC. Many of the answers below will direct you to other sections of this website for additional information. We think you will find the question and answer format of this webpage helpful. Just look for your question. Many thanks to Don Vollrath and Marcus Ammann for answering many of the questions below.


16-fold feedback modules. MERG - DCC. Copyright for items on this page is retained by the authors identified.


The use or misuse for the sale, design, supply, process, installation, delivery, test, repair, servicing, and alteration of the designs, instructions, computer code, photographs, circuits, and any other information that appear on this web site is entirely at the risk of the user or visitor to the web site. The information is made available in good faith without warranty of any kind strictly on the basis that no liability will attach to the Model Electronic Railway Group (MERG), its officers and members. Revised 23 January 2011 The MERG DCC system has been largely developed by Mike Bolton with help from other members including Gordon Hopkins and John Eato. The system follows the NMRA standard and is designed to be easier to use than most commercial systems for those used to more conventional Model Railway controls.

Programmer Auto Reverse and Cutout module Auto Reverse and Cutout module (ARC) Simple cutout module. Comment débuter en digital. 12 - Analogique et Digital La commande Lokmaus 1 de Roco Pour commencer brancher un transformateur de marque Arnold sur les 2 fils de l'alimentation du réseau.

Comment débuter en digital

Celui ci permet de piloter une locomotive. Elle va en avant et en arrière, s'arrête et repart. C'est très bien mais une commande digitale en fait autant. Transformateur Arnold et une loco Jusque là tout va bien... Mettons une deuxième locomotive.


Le train digital - Recherche par échelle. Feux_led. Tutos. Peco_smartswitch. Model Railroad Wiring. Model railroad wiring is an extremely interesting facet of the hobby and definitely part of its appeal.

Model Railroad Wiring

Our layouts and landscapes aren’t just there for viewing. The electronics make things happen. Trains travel, lights come on and off, switches switch, campfires burn, signals change, smoke comes out of the stacks, train whistles blow, with the sounds of chugging in the background, video cameras attached to trains give you a front seat cab view of where the trains are going or a caboose view of where they’ve been, neon signs light up buildings and billboards, street lamps light up city streets, etc., etc. France - Rocrail.


Comment débuter en digital. Le train passion - le train digital. Le train passion - le train digital. To dcc. Digitrax. DCC Dictionary - Loy's Toys. Train modèle - le modélisme ferroviaire à la portée de tous.