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MADDIE THE COONHOUND. Hair. We haven't done a hair tutorial in ages!


So, my friend (and hair genius) Caroline, photographer Jamie Beck and I decided to come together to whip up this gorgeous mermaid tail. It's perfect for those lazy summer day (or date nights) when you want to surprise and awe people with your hair. I absolutely love it--in fact, it might be my favorite hair tutorial yet. How gorgeous is that braid, above?! Here are Caroline's steps, if you'd like to try it out... 1. 2-4. 5-6. 7. 8.

(Optional step: You can remove the two separate rubber bands at the end, and just use one to combine the two tails together. "That's it! " (Photos by Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!