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Ethics in design isn't just for philosophers—designers need to take responsibility, too — Quartz. A few years ago, I was doing PhD research and interviewing designers around the world to identify the limiting factors in designers integrating sustainability into their work. Nearly everyone I interviewed had, at some point, learned about the systemic implications of rapid innovation and how to make better decisions. Yet most of them still passed off the responsibility of making the “right” decision to someone else: It was the boss’s, client’s, manufacturer’s, government’s, or consumer’s choice that would solve the problem that their production would participate in.

When everyone within a system plays this hands-off, “that’s not my problem” game, the system is very quickly riddled with external issues … and a shitload of problems. This appears to be the case with the complex debate around the ethics of design and technology. We make decisions every day based on our personal and professional ethical frameworks, be it conscious or not. Design is an incredibly powerful social scriptor. The Issues.

What is Ethical Fashion? For the EFF, ethical fashion represents an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing which maximises benefits to people and communities while minimising impact on the environment. Read more>> Fashion & development The fashion industry represents an opportunity for widespread poverty reduction. Made in Britain MADE IN BRITAIN labelling is more and more being associated with high sustainability standards by fashion designers and brands based in the UK. Fashion & awareness The fashion industry stands out from other industries in its universal and media appeal. Trade Tariffs and barriers ‘In the globalised world of the 21st Century, trade is one of the most powerful forces linking our lives. Wages & workers rights Almost three quarters of world clothing exports are made in developing countries.

Fairtrade Culture and Skills Culture and traditional dress have always been a source of inspiration for the fashion industry. Sustainable livelihoods Pesticides Dyes. Sustainability And Fashion Education: The Next Generation | Huffington Post. During the last decade I spent six years working for mainstream fashion labels, my frustration growing as my awareness of the industry’s lack of ethics increased. One black Monday in particular sticks out, a sales review meeting that focused on organic cotton denim jeans. They were selling well but the question was whether this was due to their organic status or because of their design.

The subtext was made clear. If they were popular because of their design, we could switch to manufacturing the jeans with cheaper conventional cotton, while continuing to charge the same price. Profit before ethics. I faced this dilemma every day, at every level. In 2008 I left my job to start an ethical label called Outsider, with the tag line “Ethical fashion should look just like fashion”. At this time, most ethical fashion consisted of the popular conception of a hippy’s uniform; tie-dyed, baggy clothes made from itchy materials which were about as fashionable as verruca socks. Donald Trump Might Literally Destroy the World. GQ Editor-in-Chief Jim Nelson on why the Donald's disavowal of climate change is one of his more dangerous beliefs. Fall is an excellent time of year to plan your summer travel. By which I mean climate-wise, even wardrobe-wise, everything's screwed up these days, and autumn just seems less…autumnal.

I used to plan all my summer travel for the sweet spot between June and August, but now, with fall feeling summery and winter sometimes not quite happening, I plan vacations to Montauk in October and pack shorts for Christmas trips to D.C. Here in New York, there are now two seasons: hot and humid, and cold as shit. This new twist on seasonal affective disorder is really starting to discombobulate the fashion world, which has always been based on a rigid seasonality. Surely the fashion world (and even GQ) will find ways to adjust—you'll see an increasingly season-less sensibility take hold.

Buuuuut…other parts of the world may have a harder time. But I'm still an optimist! Burberry expands on heritage in impressive show at new venue | Lifestyles. LONDON (AP) — The message was not lost on the hundreds of guests at the Burberry catwalk show Monday night when they were greeted with glasses of sparkling wine rather than the champagne often offered at London Fashion Week. It was Nyetimber, a superb (and pricy) English sparkling wine sometimes served by Queen Elizabeth II, rather than French champagne, as if to emphasize that the Burberry show would be a celebration of all things British, not an attempt to mimic the French or Italian approach to fashion. Just as England's wine growers believe global warming will make the chalky soil of the South Downs rival the finest French vineyards, so the people of Burberry believe the brand can shine most brightly by emphasizing its very British approach to style.

Instead of simply talking about its heritage, Burberry put it on display. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% "I've always looked at the trench coat as something that is completely genderless," he said after the show. Global warming milestone as scientists warn Earth has passed carbon tipping point. Atmospheric carbon dioxide has reached a historic threshold as levels remain above 400 parts per million through the end of September – the point in which values typically drop to their lowest. Climate scientists now warn that it’s ‘almost impossible’ that these numbers will fall next month, and likely won’t dip below 400ppm in the foreseeable future. While there may be brief, daily events in which the levels fall short of this amount, monthly values are set to keep climbing as the ‘rising half of the cycle’ begins, when carbon dioxide could even break 410 ppm. Climate scientists now warn that it’s ‘almost impossible’ that these numbers will fall next month, and likely won’t dip below 400ppm in the foreseeable future.

The graph shows how levels have increased over the years A new study has revealed the dangers of climate change are already affecting humanity and led to the death of hundreds of people across Europe sixteen years ago. Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% MinimizeExpandClose. Bamboo - Sustainable Materials. Construction projects these days are not only governed by how environmentally friendly or sustainable the materials are, but also how cost efficient they are. In many cases it is impossible to justify using a sustainable material for a cost that is far higher than traditional methods.

Nonetheless, there are some natural and environmentally friendly materials, such as bamboo, that can be used to great effect while building different projects. Below is an introduction to bamboo, which is a great flooring material that has been underutilized for many years. This should provide you with the incentive to save money and contribute to the protection of our planet. Benefits of Bamboo Technically a grass, bamboo has been used in decorations and a number of other assortments, but has only recently been used on a large scale for floors.

The benefits of bamboo are many fold. Harvesting Bamboo Luckily the harvesting of bamboo is also sustainable for the earth. Resources - Sustainable Materials. Fast Fashion: Can It Be Sustainable? | Huffington Post. In the last 50 years, the way we produce and consume fashion has dramatically changed. Fast fashion retailers have made the case that they have democratised the fashion experience - no longer reserved for the elite, fashion is available and accessible to all. Everyone can afford to wear the latest trends, and to regularly experience the short-lived high of a new fashion purchase, and the pleasure of wearing something new. For large fashion retailers “fashion democracy” has happily coincided with burgeoning sales, revenues, and profits. This has become the model that dominates High Streets, certainly in the UK and the US, and increasingly elsewhere. On the surface it seems to suit everyone - certainly those who have buying power and thus influence in a market-driven business model.

In my ten years of growing the Ethical Fashion Forum, I have seen a movement gather pace against fast fashion as the status quo. Can fast fashion be sustainable? Let’s start with the environment. 1. 2. 3. 4. Couple Make Beautiful Sustainable Clothes From Trash Because The High Street 'Isn't Doing Enough' | Huffington Post.

Muslim designers who ‘Khan’: Duo create ethical modest fashion - Al Arabiya English. From New York Fashion Week to Playboy, the growth of the modest fashion industry is generating widespread interest and fashion label Purple Impression is riding the wave with its fusion of modest designs and ethical fashion practices. Headed by a sister duo Afshan Khan and Drakshan Khan, Purple Impression was listed this year as one of 35 ethical and fair trade brands in the West by Good Trade Magazine, and has since been creating a stir amongst the modest fashion industry. The ethical clothing brand attempts to preserve the traditional art of hand embroidery from Multan in Pakistan whilst ensuring fair wages and employment for the women involved.

It also promises sustainability by using eco fabrics and zero waste manufacturing techniques. Their latest collection, designed with minimalism in mind and inspired by Islamic architecture, makes use of ecofriendly fabric and hand embroidered geometric patterns. The designing and patterning process takes place in California.