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Iris folding

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L'iris folding, comment faire ? Iris Folding : Traçage. Iris folding noel. Iris Folding @ Heart Instructions. Iris Folding: Getting StartedThe following pages contain a complete lesson plan on how to iris fold.

Iris Folding @ Heart Instructions

By the time you have completed this lesson, you will have all the basic information you need to complete the other free patterns available on this site. See our idea gallery and message board to learn how to turn your iris folding designs into beautiful handmade greeting cards and learn more advanced card making techniques utilizing iris folding. But first, let's get started with this simple heart pattern... Click Here for a Printable Version of these Instructions Click Here to Watch the VideoThis video was made by one of our message board members, Jen, and demonstrates iris folding. How to Make an Iris Folded Heart: Click Here To Print the Free Pattern Click To View Heart Project Ideas Submitted by Visitors To complete this project you will need: Iris Folding @ Make an Iris Folded Baby Carriage. Make an Iris Folded Baby Carriage: Click Here to Print this Free Pattern Click Here To View Baby Carriage/Pram Project Ideas Submitted by Visitors Pattern Notes: This pattern is trickier than most of the other available here so it may not be suitable for beginners.

Iris Folding @ Make an Iris Folded Baby Carriage

First trace the entire outline of the baby carriage on the back of your card stock but DO NOT cut it out. This will just serve as a guide so you know where to trace and cut out the numbered areas. Turn your card over so you are looking at the front to finish it. Iris-Folding. Iris folding - Les passions de Zabou. PATRONS IRIS FOLDING - Le blog de Scraposphere. Iris Folding - fimo, scrap, tuto,carton. Iris Folding L'iris Folding, est une technique de superposition de bandes de papier pour obtenir un résutlat en relief (cette carte n'est pas ma création, elle a été trouvée sur le net) Le tuto Donc, je me suis déja préparé le support dans lequel j'ai deja découpé ma forme Puis j'ai préparé mon gabarit.

Iris Folding - fimo, scrap, tuto,carton

Comme on arrive au mois de février, prenons un coeur,lol les "8" correspondent au nombres de bandesUne fois cela fais, il faudra coller le gabarit du coté recto de la carte, var on travaille toujours sur l'envers.Bien centrer votre gabarit.Pour se faire j'ai utilisé de la colle repositionnable Et c'est partit mon kiki !!! Pliez ces bandelettes en 2 dans le sens de la longueur Faire de même pour toutes les bandelettes Maintenant, on passe au montage! Puis continuez comme ça, jusqu'à ce que vous arriviez au centre Pour le centre, j'ai décidé de mettre un petit morceau rouge qui rappel la couleur de la carte Tadammmmmmmmmmm !!!!

Iris folding. Un peu de technique aujourd'hui... pour celles qui ne connaissent pas, ou qui n'ont jamais osé se lancer, je vais vous expliquer (ou du moins tenter de vous expliquer...) la technique de l'iris folding.

Iris folding

Si cela peut vous rassurer, je l'avais expliqué à une amie qui l'a elle-même mise en pratique avec ses élèves de primaire... Free Tea Bag Tiles Card Making Iris Folding Patterns Hand Made Cards IF patterns. Free iris fold pattern. Recently I taught my 6 year old's 1st grade class how to iris fold.

free iris fold pattern

First of all, I have to say it was crazy! We had 19 children and 3 adults. It was a pretty good ratio although I would recommend another adult if I did it again. I really simplified the folding for the kids. I numbered all of their paper strips beforehand. Iris Folding @ Make an Iris Folded Dolphin. Make an Iris Folded Dolphin: Click Here to Print this Free Pattern Click Here to View Dolphin Projects Submitted by Visitors To complete this project you will need: A piece of cardstock that is larger than the pattern4 different papers(or you can make the dolphin in all one color)A small piece of holographic paper for the iris(optional)Scissors or craft knife and cutting boardScotch tapeRemovable tape(masking tape or blue painter's tape) Some categories in this directory that you may be interested in include: Paper Crafts(includes great places to shop for paper craft supplies), Iris Folding(includes links to many other iris folding resources), and Card Making(includes card making suppliers, card making ideas and more).

Iris Folding @ Make an Iris Folded Dolphin Web Ring Links: Iris Fold Greeting Cards. Iris Folding and more from Valerie Anne. Pink Gumboot!

Iris Folding and more from Valerie Anne

By Valerie (Otago NZ) I made this Iris folding pattern from a googled silhouette and I used a pink and white paper on a floral background. Christina says ... Iris folding looks intricate and I am sure it takes patience to get the wonderful results that Valerie gets on her cards. It is one of these crafts (like parchment) that produces the most incredible results and I always love the look of the finished cards. Click here to read or post comments Join in and write your own page! Cut Out Flower Teabag Medallion This is a cut out medallion mounted on a diecut oval.