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Zippered Card Pouch. Binder Purse. Sounds different, right?

Binder Purse

Thats what I thought too! I had a customer ask me to make her one, so that she could use it when she was doing the extreme coupon thing! So what is it really? A binder cover with purse straps so you can easily carry it! It has velcro tabs on the side to keep it from opening, and to keep all your items from falling out. Tutorial: Polymer clay geometric dome earstuds. Salaam and hello out there!

Tutorial: Polymer clay geometric dome earstuds

About a week ago, I posted a picture of the newest additions to my polymer clay jewelry collection. Remember these? ~All-Natural Hair Care~ Modern Bookshelf. Starry Night Patina Tutorial. Beaded Crochet Bracelet. The Beading Gem's Journal: More Awesome Beaded Earrings Tutorials. I like beaded earrings projects because they are fast for near instant gratification and don't need fitting like rings.

The Beading Gem's Journal: More Awesome Beaded Earrings Tutorials

They are also a wonderful way to try out a new beading stitch. A really pretty pair to make - the Cha-Cha earrings by Jennifer van Benschoten over at the About.Beadwork site. Although the tutorial uses size 11 seed beads, the project will still be quick as there aren't a lot of small beads used. The visual impact is created by the side-drilled glass drops. One of the cleverest beaded earrings tutorial I have seen lately is the Monkey's Fist Knot earrings by Shala Kerrigan over at BellaOnline. Jennifer also has another great tutorial called the Modern Metallic Brick Stitch earrings on the About.Beadwork site. Bling lovers will really appreciate the Little Miracles Beaded Earrings tutorial. Little Miracles Swarowski Beaded Earrings More Beading Tutorials : ______________________________ Original Post by THE BEADING GEMJewelry Making Tips - Jewelry Business Tips.

Mod Podge Rocks!: Mod Podge jewelry: 20 project ideas to DIY.

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Day 31 - April 29th 2012. Big news!

Day 31 - April 29th 2012

I had the first towing test and my Hyundai Sonata didn't even feel the trailer behind. Here are the pictures of the trailer behind the car: And some pictures from the interior. I still have to do some things inside the trailer, I have to make a rail for the bunk bed, to install speakers, to install a small screen for entertainment... (probably our Kindle Fire). The size of the bed inside the trailer is 6'6" long and 4' wide.

An Astronomer’s Eye Candy, Galaxy Nails. Sweatshirt liposuction. No sew T-shirt reconstruction. I love to make things that are easy to make but with a big effect.

No sew T-shirt reconstruction

For this t-shirt reconstruction is no sewing required. It’s really easy to make but it looks lovely! You only need a few basic tools to make this t-shirt. From baggy t-shirt to cute shirt: let’s get started! Learn how to make this no sew t-shirt reconstruction after the jump. . . Bare foot/DW brides! T-shirt et dentelle DIY - SAUVAGES. Depuis quelques temps, j'avais envie d'un nouveau t-shirt à dentelle, mais aucune envie de magasiner, et surtout pas d'acheter.

T-shirt et dentelle DIY - SAUVAGES

Je me suis réveillée hier matin avec ce projet en tête... Une petite heure de travail, et hop, me voici avec mon nouveau t-shirt en dentelle fait à partir de mon t-shirt crème préféré! J'ai pensé vous partager ici les instructions, d'un coup que vous aimeriez recycler votre T préféré en quelque chose de joli pour l'été qui tarde à arriver. pour épingler correctement votre dentelle sur votre t-shirt, commencez par mettre votre T et y aposer quelques épingles là où devrait aller la dentelle. Enlever votre T et ajuster pour que ce soit droit. Une fois que vous aurez découper les zones pour laisser place à la transparence de la dentelle, épingler puis coudre la dentelle aux épaules et au collet. Utiliser ensuite la manche du T comme patron pour tracer les nouvelles manches de dentelle Coudre les manches (attention, endroit sur endroit!) Eli. A Step in the Journey: DIY Baker's Twine. I have been drooling over all of the baker’s twine projects I’ve been seeing lately.

A Step in the Journey: DIY Baker's Twine

Haven’t you? It comes in SOOO many delicious colors, and can be used in a multitude of ways. I’ve entered several giveaways in hope that I’ll be able to add some to my craft collection, but I’ve yet to win. It’s okay thought. I decided to make my own, because I’m cheap thrifty. And if you are walking down the same thrifty path as me, you can make your own too! White string | ruler | Sharpies | spools I picked up the white string at the Wal-Mart for $2.97 I believe.

First, Wrap your string tightly around the ruler. Downsizing Days: Maximizing Your Closet Space/ DIY Coat Rack. DIY// floral crown. I LOVE this floral crown trend going around right now.

DIY// floral crown

They are so pretty and so customizable! Not to mention really cheap to make too. After the jump, see some pictures of the one I made followed by a tutorial on how you can make your own. Handmadeology - The Science of Handmade.