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An Overview of OOH and Technology. The following Special Report is adapted from a presentation delivered by Nancy Fletcher at the IBOUSA Conference in Columbus, OH, September 20, 2018.

An Overview of OOH and Technology

Fletcher was invited to provide a simple overview of OOH and technology today from the perspective of a non-technical person. OOH, the world’s oldest ad medium, is undergoing its greatest period of change. OOH is thriving compared to all other traditional forms of advertising, and for good reasons. Unlike TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers, which have all lost share of ad spend as traditional formats go digital, OOH is maintaining (and modestly growing) its share of overall ad expenditures in the US and around the world. OOH has thrived due to the ownership of physical locations plus the inherent growing audience that comes with these locations. Both static and digital OOH revenues are growing. Outdoor Impressions: What it is, Why it's used, How it's calculated. What media types currently have outdoor impression data?

Outdoor Impressions: What it is, Why it's used, How it's calculated

Weekly impression figures are currently available for billboards, transit shelters, street furniture and street level media. Impressions are being calculated for all measurable outdoor media. Digital Billboards and Outdoor Advertising Have Never Been This Easy. Visibility Adjustment Index (VAIs) Visibility Adjustment Index (VAIs) ratio or the percentage of a unit’s total Opportunity to See (OTS) audience (circulation) who are likely to notice an outdoor ad.

Digital Billboards and Outdoor Advertising Have Never Been This Easy

VAI’s are derived from Geopath’s visibility study. The impact of common board characteristics, size, road side, distance from the road, road type, and illumination are taken into consideration. VAIs are not measures of audience. Click here to browse the full billboard terminology glossary The Fliphound Advantage. (2) How is out of home Advertising (OOH) measured? OOH Key Metrics: Discovering Blind Spots. How big is your potential audience? How is outdoor advertising measured? - Bubble. Any reader of this blog will understand the powerful impact outdoor advertising has, and the many ways it can be leveraged by brands to great effect.

How is outdoor advertising measured? - Bubble

How to Calculate Impressions for OOH Advertising - Airoutdoor. OOH Key Metrics: Discovering Blind Spots. Outdoor Impact Baltics. The coverage or reach of a campaign is the number of individuals in a population who have seen the advertising at least once, sometimes it is expressed as a percentage of the population, sometimes as a direct number.

Outdoor Impact Baltics

For instance, a campaign could have covered or been seen by 47% of the Adult population or alternatively it may be reported that the campaign reached 250,000 15-24 year old adults. It will be realised that when a large population has been covered by a medium like posters, some people will have seen the campaign only once, but some will have seen it many times, and frequent travellers many many times. If we calculate the average number of times that the average individual saw the campaign, then we call this the average frequency of the coverage. Outdoor Impressions: What it is, Why it's used, How it's calculated. How is out of home Advertising (OOH) measured? OOH Audience Measurement 101: Who, What, Where, Why? Growing expectations for accurate audience measurement Most media planners and buyers would agree that Out-of-Home (OOH) is the oldest medium, yet many are unaware that it is also one of the most accurately measured.

OOH Audience Measurement 101: Who, What, Where, Why?

Knowing this fact is ever more important in the modern media industry. These days, planners and buyers no longer want to buy media space, they want to buy audiences. Therefore, there is a growing demand for accurate audience measurement, especially considering the most recent debates on the accuracy of online advertising measurement. Visability adjustments in audience measurement. Visibility adjustments in audience measurement Erwin Ephron Ephron, Papzian & Ephron Inc.

Visability adjustments in audience measurement

The new advertiser interest in outdoor has an interesting double edge. These 6 Location Data Providers Are Changing the Way Brands Target Consumers. This post is the latest in our “Targeting Location” series.

These 6 Location Data Providers Are Changing the Way Brands Target Consumers

It’s our editorial focus for the month of March, including topics like location-based ad targeting, attribution, and privacy. See the rest of the series here. Marketers are reaching consumers in the physical world in ways we’ve never seen before. More brands are measuring real world foot traffic patterns. They’re launching targeted mobile advertising campaigns. Location data providers power the vast majority of mobile targeting strategies we’re seeing brand marketers implement today. AdQuick gets $1.1M in Seed Funding to Enable Ad Effectiveness. New York City could ban the unauthorized sale of phone location data. New York City might effectively ban the controversial practice of selling consumers’ phone location data, if a new bill proposed this week passes the city council.

New York City could ban the unauthorized sale of phone location data

The bill, believed to be the first of its kind, would require wireless carriers and apps to get explicit permission before giving third parties geolocation data collected within the city. Vistar adds first-party data to out-of-home (OOH) ad targeting through LiveRamp partnership. LiveRamp extends its multi-channel identity resolution service to its clients. Vistar adds first-party data to out-of-home (OOH) ad targeting through LiveRamp partnership. MarTech startup Huq Industries raises $1.5m Seed - UKTN (UK Tech News) Huq Industries, a market intelligence data platform, has secured $1.5m in a Seed round led by 24Haymarket.

MarTech startup Huq Industries raises $1.5m Seed - UKTN (UK Tech News)

Force Over Mass Capital made an undisclosed contribution to the round. Founded in 2014, Huq Industries enables customers to gain a real-time view of consumers’ behaviour. Conrad Poulson, CEO of Huq Industries, expressed his delight about the fundraise. “These investment partners in combination with our existing shareholders provide us with both the funds and the network to accelerate Huq Industries’ growth,” he added. Paul Tselentis, CEO of 24Haymarket, said he was looking forward to supporting Huq in their next phase of growth and praised the founder’s trajectory. Mobile-location data turns out-of-home billboards into 'digital channel'

OOH – Harnessing the Power of Audience Location Intelligence. Clear Channel's Andy Stevens on Perfecting Out of Home Measurement. Technology provides OOH attribution. For years, the out-of-home industry has struggled with attribution. We could estimate impressions, sure. But we couldn’t scientifically prove our attribution theories. Until now. Digital integration provides an attribution model to OOH.

Understanding DOOH metrics. GeekOUT – Geopath. Mediatel: Newsline: Analysis: Google's programmatic outdoor advertising plans. Kantar CEO on how a private equity sale will help deliver speed and scale for clients. Kantar has unveiled a suite of new AI tools designed to help brands better build and measure global campaigns, an investment its chief executive Eric Salama said squares with his vision for a faster, more technology-driven business post-sale. WPP announced plans to sell off the research and consulting arm last year.

Though the ad giant's chief executive Mark Read has said it will retain between a “25% to 40%” stake in the business, Salama confirmed to The Drum that it was currently in talks with several private equity companies who were interested in majority ownership, and that it would be able to share more “in the next few weeks”. “It’s all private equity companies we’re talking to, we’re not talking to any strategic buyers. We’re not talking to Accenture or Nielsen or any company like that. So [the buyer will be] a private equity company,” Salama said. Salama said the launch illustrates clearly how “innovation delivers meaningful impact” for clients across the whole marketing cycle. Clear Channel Outdoor Launches RADARSync. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Clear Channel Outdoor (NYSE: CCO) this week announced that it is augmenting its CCO RADAR platform to enable brands to integrate their own unique, proprietary data sets into Clear Channel Outdoor’s industry-leading planning and analytics solution.

Advertisers can now plan, amplify, measure and optimize their OOH campaigns using first and third-party data to connect with audiences based on the consumers’ online and offline behaviors. Branded as RADARSync, advertisers leveraging this new CCO RADAR solution can build truly integrated, cross-platform campaigns that apply to OOH the same data and analytical approach used to plan and measure digital and mobile campaigns. CCO RADAR provides advertisers with insights from analysis of aggregated and anonymous mobile data that illustrate the behaviors of audiences exposed to OOH campaigns. Changes in OOH Advertising in 2018. Billboard and OOH Advertising: Can Beacon Technology breathe new life into it? Billboard and OOH advertising have thrived where TV and newspaper ads have failed. 98% of the population sees at least one billboard advertisement every week. 71% of consumers often look at the message on the billboards. Outdoor advertising is still growing (2.9% in 2018) but compare that to Facebook wherein Facebook ads alone reported a whopping 47% in growth.

If outdoor and billboard advertising is to survive the onslaught of digital marketing, it needs to adapt to changing times. An emerging trend in outdoor and billboard advertising is to make the shift from static to more dynamic outdoor advertising. Euan Mackay Route MRG Presentation Board.