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Gouvernance et vision vers la ville basse consommation : Visions de villes européennes Gouvernance et vision vers la ville basse consommation : Visions de villes européennes Create a free accountJoin Calaméo to publish and share documents with the world! Rate and comment your favorite publications, download documents and share your readings with your friends. Tags cadre, carbone, consommation, développement, durable, futur, gouvernance, helsinki, initiative, kinsale, locale, programme, rapport, sutton, ville, villes, vision Visions of territories 30 propositions d'Energy Cities pour la transition...
Idea Map: What Citizens Want Idea Map: What Citizens Want Posted by Sebastian on Dec 27, 2010 The municipality of Copenhagen has a created an online platform, which allows citizens to share their visions for the city. At the website, users can submit ideas in different categories and add them to a visual 'Idea Map', A new urban plan for Copenhagen's inner city will be developed in the autumn of 2011, and 'Idea Map' is one of many elements put forward by the Municipality to generate input and democratize the political process.
The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion Over the next decade, cities will continue to grow larger and more rapidly. At the same time, new technologies will unlock massive streams of data about cities and their residents. As these forces collide, they will turn every city into a unique civic laboratory—a place where technology is adapted in novel ways to meet local needs. This ten-year forecast map, The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion (PDF), charts the important intersections between urbanization and digitalization that will shape this global urban experiment, and the key tensions that will arise. The explosive growth of cities is an economic opportunity with the potential to lift billions out of poverty. The Future of Cities, Information, and Inclusion
The Battle for Control of Smart Cities Who will own the brains of smart cities--citizens or corporations? At stake is an impending massive trove of data, not to mention issues of privacy, services, and inclusion. The battle may be fought in the streets between bands of Jane Jacobs-inspired hacktivists pushing for self-serve governance and a latter-day Robert Moses carving out monopolies for IBM or Cisco instead of the Triborough Bridge Authority. The Battle for Control of Smart Cities
California Dreams Which Future Is Yours? - See Dreams Dream type: Transformation So I'm walking along, "Oh, look at how sunny California is," I think. I go into my local coffee shop for a date with this woman & "OMG!" There's a vending machine for poetry. I guess I have 3 bucks on my credit card. California Dreams Which Future Is Yours? - See Dreams
Tellus Institute - For a Great Transition
Three Innovations in Crowd Sourced Scenario Planning, Part 1 Part 1, An Introduction I’ve spent the better part of the last four years working on approaches to online scenario planning as part of my PhD. During this time I have designed and implemented three systems – each of which explored a different approach to crowd sourcing, engagement and online participation in futures work. I call these experiments in “large-scale participatory futures systems”. Over the next few weeks I will be writing these up for the blog. If people are interested, I might go back and explore some of the initial inspirations for these systems, as well as speculate on where this area might be going over the next few years. Three Innovations in Crowd Sourced Scenario Planning, Part 1
Dream a Sound Future Final Event a Huge Success On 10/10/10 Sustainable Seattle held its Dream a Sound Future Final Event at the Seattle Center Pavilion. The event was made possible by generous gifts from a long list of collaborators including Frog Box, Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, SCALLOPS, Feet First, Washington Lawyers for Sustainability and a special thanks to Mike O'Brien City Council member who gave the keynote speech to launch the day. The event had twice as many entries as was our original goal and the variety and talent of the entries were astonishing. We had musical performances including original songs, raps, and music videos shot entirely in the city of Seattle. We had artistic visions of the future with a variety of mediums from oil on canvas, crayons, pen and ink, to collages, clay, and wood. The entries were pictures and words all around a concept of a more sustainable world with practical applications, dreams, and aspirations. Dream a Sound Future Final Event a Huge Success
Future Scenarios - Introduction Future Scenarios - Introduction The simultaneous onset of climate change and the peaking of global oil supply represent unprecedented challenges for human civilisation. Global oil peak has the potential to shake if not destroy the foundations of global industrial economy and culture. Climate change has the potential to rearrange the biosphere more radically than the last ice age. Each limits the effective options for responses to the other. The strategies for mitigating the adverse effects and/or adapting to the consequences of Climate Change have mostly been considered and discussed in isolation from those relevant to Peak Oil. While awareness of Peak Oil, or at least energy crisis, is increasing, understanding of how these two problems might interact to generate quite different futures, is still at an early state.
“I’ll be dead by then. Shot.” Large brown eyes stared back at me as he spoke, with a sincerity and certainty that tied my stomach in knots. Which Resilient Future? Which Resilient Future?
Features - Building the Foundation of a Social Future To say that social games are booming is an understatement. After having been in existence for only a scant few years, games on social networks like Facebook and MySpace are gaining users explosively. There are now over 200 million monthly users playing the top 10 Facebook games alone -- up by 50 million from August to September. Features - Building the Foundation of a Social Future
The Future We Deserve - a curated collaborative collection of 100 essays about the future The Future We Deserve is a new book project about collaboratively creating the future we deserve. We will be working together at internet scale on internet time to brainstorm and barnstorm our way towards an image of a world we all believe in, a world of fairness, collaboration and living within a harmonious balance with nature. The book is open to all contributions — essays about technology, politics, working examples of better ways and fantastic ideas which just need to get done. The print edition will be created together, as we collaborate to select and coordinate what goes into the final book. We'll use open licenses and crowdfunding to lower the barriers to collaboration, and do our level best to make the book the start of a ongoing journey together into the future we are shaping with our lives.