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Network Attached Storage - NEW NAS Experience -View topic - iFolder Server. Re: iFolder Server by Frankh » Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:54 pm +1A private iFolder server (dropbox alike solution) with secured connections would be great.

Network Attached Storage - NEW NAS Experience -View topic - iFolder Server

File Station is nice but does not give synchronization and offline availability for laptops on the road. I just don't have enough trust in companies like Google or Dropbox to put my important company data in there. It will all be hacked/cracked some day because it contains so much data in interest to criminals and mafia types of people. I think a well maintained private system (Disk Station) is safer.

DS107 DSM 3.1-1636; 1x WD10EADS GP; IP-cameras Panasonic BL-C1 and BL-C101; APC Back-UPS ES 700; USB disk for data backup;DS209 DSM 3.1-1594; 2x WD15EADS GP 1500.299.234.816 bytes SATA II 32 MB cache in RAID 1; American Power Conversion RS 800; two USB disks for data backup; Synology Remote and Creative SB Connect; Netgear GS105 Gigabit Ethernet Switch; aLaptop, iMac, uPC; a common modem/router/firewall; a dose of common sense ;) OwnCloud in a box – SUSE Gallery. iFolder.

iFolder News Migrated to new home We have sucessfully migrated all our code along with mailinglist and its archives to


For more details iFolder source repo under migration As you all are aware, we are in the process of migrating iFolder source repositories to a new server. iFolder 3.8 released iFolder 3.8 is now released. iFolder Appliance iFolder now has an appliance available from community member Stephen Shaw. iFolder 3.7.2 client is now available in openSUSE 11.1 Update Repository The iFolder 3.7.2 client is now available in the openSUSE 11.1 Update repository. iFolder Project Meeting Announced The first project meeting since the (re)release of iFolder will be held on May 12th at 14:00GMT on the #ifolder IRC channel at

SparkleShare - Sharing work made easy. Avoir son propre serveur Cloud. Si vous voulez monter votre propre serveur cloud, un peu à la Dropbox mais sur votre propre serveur, histoire de conserver la propriété de vos données, il existe de plus en plus de solutions intéressantes.

Avoir son propre serveur Cloud

La dernière que j'ai découverte hier matin s'appelle OwnCloud. Il s'agit d'une appli PHP, qui couplée à un Apache+MySQL permet d'uploader et de synchroniser ses fichiers entre plusieurs ordinateurs, soit via l'interface web, ou soit via des clients compatibles WebDAV. Cela signifie qu'un serveur OwnCloud est accessible depuis tous les OS (Linux, Win, Mac et autres), mais aussi via des applications mobiles comme ce client Android en cours de développement ou ce client WebDav sur iPhone (payant).

La version 2 d'Owncloud, qui est sorti le 11 octobre dernier est je trouve encore peu documenté. Le wiki est vide, mais gageons que ça se remplisse vite. Pour installer OwnCloud, il suffit d'avoir une machine Linux sous la main et de suivre ce tuto. [Source et photo] Vous avez aimé cet article ? Stay in Sync – Have Important Files Ready Anytime. Storing and sharing all important files in the DiskStation is ideal for your everyday work in the office. If you’re a mobile worker who travels around the world and takes business trips very often by train or airplane, keeping your local files synchronized between the computer and DiskStation should be made your top priority, especially for the situation you’re in places where Internet connection is limited or expensive to acquire.

According to the IDC’s forecast, by 2013, the world’s mobile worker population will grow to nearly 1.2 billion people – more than a third of the world’s workforce. The numbers would represent the office-based mobile workers, non-office-based mobile workers, and home-based mobile workers, in regions including U.S, Europe Asia/Pacific, Japan, and the rest of the world. Well, you might be the next one who enjoys the convenience of telecommuting and joins the mobile workforce.