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Rock Prodigy App Tutorial. Sound Cover™: iPad Cover with Powerful Built-in Speakers by Petur Hannes Olafsson. Have you ever wished for better sound on your iPad for travel, business and entertainment on the go?

Sound Cover™: iPad Cover with Powerful Built-in Speakers by Petur Hannes Olafsson

Now you can grant your iPad an amazing audio experience, anywhere, anytime! Sound Cover™, an ultra-thin iPad case with built-in NXT stereo speakers, offers solid, powerful, crystal clear sound that boosts your iPad's volume by up to 300%. It's perfect for music, video games or movies; it protects your iPad, keeping it safe and stylish on the go; it has a super lightweight and modern design, ideal for travel, office or home. Sound Cover™ is an ever-evolving product dedicated to the iPad series, so you can choose a Sound Cover based on your iPad model (iPad 2 or newer).We have been hearing many rumors about the next generation iPad's design; to tailor-fit the new specifications, we'll add a new model of Sound Cover after the new iPad is released.

Now we are taking pre-orders for both the iPad 2 and iPad 3 versions. iShred LIVE - iPhone and iPad Guitar Effects! Très bonne appli Christophe - France Très bonne appli, des sons sympas.

iShred LIVE - iPhone and iPad Guitar Effects!

La compatibilité AudioCopy/Paste est un vrai avantage. Awesome!!! Acoustic Sounds - United States I love the fact that you can add songs from the iTunes library and play along! Programma fantastico e ben studiato...! La mia vecchia chitarra adesso ha ripreso a suonare grazie a questo meraviglioso programma. Great! It's crazy, it's awesome, it's crazy awesome! The ultimate short-cut! Got the app and the cable, have been using iShred with my bass. I wish there where more stars Jesse - United States This app is the best guitar app in the whole app store besides the iShred. Really fun app CurlieAl - United States Delay function is very cool and the tuner is excellent. ...

OK! Applicazione molto valida.. The most practical and complete just for jaming. Top for me. This app is more than I expected. chasinglightrecordings - United States. USB Audio Interface. POD Studio™ KB37 is a powerful USB interface that boasts a versatile a 37-key MIDI controller, a comprehensive I/O and the stunning sound of POD Farm™ 2.

USB Audio Interface

POD Farm 2.5 features every model necessary for pro-sounding recordings. iOS Sampler, Sir Sampleton, Gets MIDI Support. Developer Paul Slocum has updated Sir Sampleton – a sampling keyboard for iOS – adding support for the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer.

iOS Sampler, Sir Sampleton, Gets MIDI Support

Slocum also notes that CoreMIDI support is ‘coming soon’, along with a multi-timbral mode. Description: Sir Sampleton’s sound and simple user interface are inspired by sampling Casio and Yamaha toy keyboards of the 80′s, but with some additional features that those keyboards lacked, like the ability to save your samples. The app includes support for the AKAI Synthstation 25 keyboard and the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer.

Features: Sample through the microphone and then play your samples on the dual keyboardsBuilt-in beats and random beat generatorSave your samplesTweak advanced sound settings like vibrato, note trail length, and sample timePut one sample on each keyboard in dual-sample modeMultitouch with 10 voicesSupports the AKAI Synthstation 25 keyboard and the Line6 MIDI MobilizerSupports the iRig external audio input adapter and iRig microphone. The World's Favorite Music Making, Recording and Music Production Software - Propellerhead.

Homepage. S n o i z e : SysEx Librarian. S n o i z e. Virtual Instruments, Virtual Effects, VST Plugins, Audio Units (AU), AAX & RTAS Audio Plugin News, Reviews and Community - plus iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android Audio App News Too. Software Samplers, iPad. AKAI Pro SynthStation – Check This Out! This is a sneak preview of AKAI Pro SynthStation, a new app that looks like it’s going to have some people rethinking their ideas about iPad Music Software.

AKAI Pro SynthStation – Check This Out!

SynthStation combines sequencing, beatmaking, synthesis, MPC-style pads and XY effects control in one app. Features: Three virtual-analog synthesizers, each with three oscillators Range of drum kits and sequencer Create melodic and accompaniment parts using arpeggiator with preset patterns Unlimited creativity with effects and filters More SynthStation action below! Although SynthStation runs on the iPad ,it is also designed for iPhone & iPod Touch. This shows the FX engine, sequence switching and the virtual MPC pads in SynthStation. Via AkaiProVideo: Akai intros MPC Fly pad controller for iPad 2.

Akai's iPad-docking SynthStation 49 and updated app: eyes-on at NAMM 2011. Akai MPC Fly iPad Controller: Turns Your Pad into a Portable Music Production Center. January 21st, 2012 by Range More and more, we’re seeing solutions for electronic musicians who want to take their show on the road without getting too cluttered up.

Akai MPC Fly iPad Controller: Turns Your Pad into a Portable Music Production Center

The iPad is one of the most portable computers available right now, and there’s no doubt that performers are happy to turn theirs into a music-making machine. While there are plenty of dedicated music-making apps for the iPad, the Akai MPC Fly Pad Controller for iPad 2 is an interesting addition to any musician’s arsenal, since it adds tactile pads, while taking advantage of the iPad 2′s powerful brains. It’s especially cool if you want to you to create music on the go. SynthStation Music Production App for iPhone and iPod touch. iMASCHINE. The Ultimate OS X Music and Audio Production Site. Bleep!BOX, a groove box and drum machine app for your iPhone™ iOS Buyers Guide: Best Multitrack Recording Apps. Multitrack recording is taking different forms on iOS. From linear, tape machine style recording, to modern non-linear graphical editing, recording audio on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch comes in many flavors.

Each program has it’s trade-offs and limitations, but all will inspire creativity. Since this technology is still new, we feel like there is a lot to look forward to. We’ll update this list as new apps become available. Let’s look at our top picks for multi-track recording apps on iOS. Harmonic Dog Mulitrack DAW ($10) Pro Audio Hardware, Apps, MIDI, Synths, Music & Reviews On iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch.

iOS MIDI. Sound Quest Midi Quest 8.0 Universal Editor/Librarian Main Page. Korg Wavestation Page. - Welcome to MOTU Audio. Wavestation Editor-Librarian Programs. Korg Legacy Collection. The ‘Legacy Collection’ bundle from Korg is an awesome set of virtual instruments!

Korg Legacy Collection

Korg has recreated some of their most beloved and classic synthesizers here as software plug-ins - the MS-20 mono-synth of the 1970's, the super fat Polysix analog synthesizer and the ground breaking Wavestation digital synthesizer. Using Korg's own CMT (Component /modeling Technology) these virtual instruments sound as good, if not better than the originals. The Legacy collection is simply a must-have for any synthesist. The Limted Edition 84% scale MS-20 replica controller is worth the price alone! This USB/MIDI controller lets you feel like you’re editing and patching on the real thing - and it's compatible with any virtual instrument! Starting with the MS-20 plug-in, it fully replicates the front panel design of the original, complete with patch cables. The Polysix was Korg's answer to Roland's Juno-series, and it was one of their nicest and lushest analog synthesizers of the 1980's.

Views: 602. Sound Quest Inc. Korg Wavestation Editor/Librarian and Virtualizer. For Windows and Macintosh Sound Quest's Midi Quest multi-instrument editor/librarian gives you the tools to get the most from your Korg Wavestation.

Sound Quest Inc. Korg Wavestation Editor/Librarian and Virtualizer

Midi Quest includes all of the standard features you would expect to find in a Wavestation Editor and Librarian along with unique capabilities found nowhere else. MIDI Quest Pro, Midi Quest and Midi Quest Essentials allow you to manage the following SysEx data from the Wavestation: Multi, Performance Bank 1/2, Performance Bank, Performance Bank RAM 1, Performance Bank RAM 2, Performance Bank ROM 1, Performance Bank Card, Performance, Patch Bank 1/2, Patch Bank, Patch Bank RAM 1, Patch Bank RAM 2, Patch Bank ROM 1, Patch Bank Card, Patch, Perform Map, MicroTuning, System 1, Wave Sequence RAM 1, Wave Sequence RAM 2, Wave Sequence ROM 1, Wave Sequence CARD, Wave Sequence and All Data.

Integrate the Wavestation with your DAW and use it the same way as a soft-synth or run the editor as a separate application connected to your Wavestation. Essential Music App Features: Audio Copy & Audio Paste — iOS Music And You. The world of iOS music apps is still fairly young, a fact that presents many advantages and some distinct drawbacks.

Essential Music App Features: Audio Copy & Audio Paste — iOS Music And You

On the positive side of the equation, there’s an unrestrained sense of vibrancy and creativity in the rapid flow of new apps, delivering different ideas that inspire musicians to new heights. Since there’s not one set way of doing things, developers approach the act of making music from a number of creative angles. On the other side of the story, there’s a serious lack of standardization in the music section of the app store. AudioCopy Enabled Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps AppList. Sonoma Wire Works - FourTrack Multitrack Recorder for iOS. Record Music Anywhere FourTrack multitrack audio recorder is a songwriting and practice tool for singers, guitar players, piano players, and others who want to capture musical ideas and record songs on iPhone and iPod touch.

Sonoma Wire Works - FourTrack Multitrack Recorder for iOS

Record with FourTrack in 3 steps: Arm Record Repeat Watch a demo video. iPad 2 - Play and record music with GarageBand. Iosaudio. The best iPad music making apps in the world today. 25 Tempting Music Apps for the iPad. What would it take to tempt you to grab an iPad? These 25 apps might just whet your appetite. And if you can't afford to buy an iPad, read on for how you can win one in AudioJungle's new competition. When iPads were first announced, we asked whether they would revolutionize music production. We - and many of you - couldn't see it becoming the hub of our musical world, but thought that it might be a good peripheral device or controller.