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Headlines: - Powered by Google Docs. Career. Public Speaking. Profit Center Builder. 3 Tips for Setting Up an Advisory Board. Have you ever had a day when you wished you had a partner to share the ups and downs of running your own business?

3 Tips for Setting Up an Advisory Board

With my last company, I remember having days when I felt like it was me against the world-and the world was winning. Without partners to commiserate with, I often felt alone. That is, until I set up an advisory board. I used my advisory board as part business guide, part support group. Here are three lessons I learned for setting up an effective advisory board: 1. I found the most valuable advisers were other business owners who had accomplished what I was attempting to do. 2.

I sent my advisory board a one-page summary of the key questions I was grappling with before the meeting. 3. Within 48 hours of a meeting, I used to send a quick email to my advisers explaining which of their ideas I planned to implement immediately and which I intended to table for another time. Doc Scrubber™ Share Only What You Want Microsoft Word (.DOC) files can contain more than just text you see while editing them.

Doc Scrubber™

Depending on the settings or features you use, they may contain all kinds of additional information that you may not want shared outside your home or company. Doc Scrubber lets you see that information, and scrub it from files before sending them to others. Powerful Features Analyze Word Documents And discover hidden or potentially embarrassing data they may contain. Scrub Word Documents Remove hidden or potentially embarrassing data from your documents. The Hidden Data Word Documents can contain all sorts of extra data, commonly referred to as "metadata".

This data can include: Hidden Revision Logs A Unique, Identifying GUID Comments, Keywords, Subjects, and other properties Recent Hyperlinks Last Saved Date Last Edited By Information Last Printed Date Revision Count Total Editing Time and more... Prototype - Putting Customers in Charge of Designing Shirts - NY. Jackson Lowen for The New York Times Fan Bi, 22, with workers in a Shanghai factory.

Prototype - Putting Customers in Charge of Designing Shirts - NY

He is chief executive of Blank Label, a start-up that lets customers design their own shirts on its Web site. But what about those times when you get a hankering not to wear the same thing that 10,000 other men are wearing? Or when you wish you could have the fabric, collar, pockets and lining you’ve always wanted — not what some fashion buyer has chosen for this season? What if you could design that shirt yourself and hang it in your closet for about the same price as a mass-produced button-down? How to Start a Consulting Business - Editor's note: This article was excerpted from our Consulting Business start-up guide, available from the Entrepreneur Bookstore.

How to Start a Consulting Business -

The dictionary defines a consultant as "an expert in a particular field who works as an advisor either to a company or to another individual. " Sounds pretty vague, doesn't it? But unless you've been in a coma for the past decade, you probably have a good idea what a consultant is. Businesses certainly understand what consultants are. In 1997 U.S. businesses spent just over $12 billion on consulting. Melinda P., an independent consultant in Arlington, Virginia, thinks more people are getting into the consulting field because technology has made it easier to do so.

A consultant's job is to consult. But what separates a good consultant from a bad consultant is a passion and drive for excellence. You see, in this day and age, anyone can be a consultant. GoFundMe Simplifies Group Fundraising. There are a variety of ways to raise money online for a cause from a group.

GoFundMe Simplifies Group Fundraising

For example, PayPal offers a easy way to collect money from a variety of people. But if you want to create a online destination for campaigns with social features, PayPal may fall short. This is where GoFundMe comes in. The site, which is built off of PayPal’s API, allows users to create their online donation page, share it with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter and email, and begin collecting money online. The first 50 readers who enter the promo code TECHCRUNCH on GoFundMe’s sign-up page will receive a free account. 10 Internet of Things Blogs To Keep An Eye On. Everyday objects with their own IP addresses may soon be the norm.

10 Internet of Things Blogs To Keep An Eye On

This communication of objects with the Web is the latest version of a still-idyllic new vision of technology that claims it will improve our lives. Yet we're at such an early stage of development of the Internet of Things that finding the best blogs to follow is a moving target. Many of the 10 offerings below have only come into being in recent months. Not making our list is a ReadWriteWeb favorite - Pachube - which has been remiss in updating their blog. So stay tuned for updates in future posts. Internet of Things Council The Internet of Things Council is a European think tank of the best minds in the burgeoning Internet of Things sector. Smarter Planet IBM has put its long-term innovation emphasis on the global development of the Internet of Things.

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