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Discover an island naturally charming and sophisticated, alive with possibilities, as boundless as the turquoise sea, endless as the sandy shore. This is Barbados.

Where To Stay in Barbados: Beach View Hotel. Beach View Hotel elegantly combines the convenience of a self-catering property with the facilities of a full-service hotel. The rooms are open-plan, spacious and well equipped, with a contemporary design and a choice of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and and 3-bedroom suites. Beach View provides all the comforts of home, in a relaxing tropical setting. In-room facilities include free WiFi, air-conditioning, TV and DVD player, iPod docking station, safe, hair dryer, iron & ironing board, washer & dryer. Although not directly on the beach, the hotel is located just steps from magnificent Paynes Bay/Mahogany Bay. The hotel is set admist 3 acres of beautifully landscaped tropical gardens with an inviting outdoor swimming pool that is perfect for a refreshing dip or lounging while soaking up the sunshine! The small onsite café serves breakfast and lunch. Will those traveling with you... or with friends & family to make them jealous :)

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Barbados ~ Maps & Merlot. What to do in Barbados? I imagine that by this part of winter with the holidays past, most folks are pretty fed up with snow shoveling, scraping ice off the windshield, and wearing pants. That last part might just be me…I HATE pants! In any case, imagine trading in the snow and freezing temps for a balmy beach, rum punch, and endless sunshine.

Sound decent to you?? I’d hope so! Otherwise, we’re probably not friends. Read on for what to do in Barbados and why it’s the perfect winter getaway! Rum Punch Immediately upon arrival, I was greeted with some spicy rum punch. Take a Sail Here’s a question for you: would you rather be doing some work in your cube or lounging on a catamaran? Snorkel with Turtles Bonus points if you can combine your sailing experience with snorkeling.

Beach Naps This should be obvious…take a nice nap on the beach and just relax. Harrison’s Cave Take a cab or bus up to Harrison’s Cave and explore. St Lawrence Gap St. Browne’s Beach Take a Zadar Bridgetown Don’t Miss a Sunset. Carlisle Bay Barbados. Location & History Carlisle Bay is a crescent shaped bay and natural harbour on the west coast of Barbados. As the main harbour adjoining the capital city Bridgetown, Carlisle Bay was once full of merchant vessels, particularly those of the British. Today you'll find catamarans and luxury yachts anchored here. Boats anchored in Carlisle Bay, Barbados Relaxing at Pirate's Cove bar On the water in Carlisle Bay Carlisle Bay is named after the Earl of Carlisle, James Hay, who was Lord Proprietor of Barbados in the 1600's.

Nearby Accommodation Entertainment Watersports The marine park located at Carlisle Bay is a favourite spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. The calm waters and soft sandy beaches of Carlisle Bay at Browne's Beach make this the perfect place for sunbathing and swimming. At the northern end of Carlisle Bay is The Boatyard where you can enjoy watersports including sea trampoline and jetskis. Diving the Wrecks of Carlisle Bay Esplanade Facilities Map Carlisle Bay Tours & Adventures. Barbados Mini Moments - St.Lawrence Bay. Why You Should Book a Trip to Barbados This Winter | Shape Magazine. Just back from: Barbados – Lonely Planet blog. Top Beach Destinations: Barbados | Sunuva News | Sunuva. Each month we will be bringing you one of our favourite holiday destinations, with fantastic insider tips from our expert travel advisors.

This month Beth Cooper, founder of Beth Cooper PR - the luxury travel, real estate and lifestyle public relations consultancy, gives us the low-down on the beautiful paradise island of Barbados. Where to stay in January: Barbados Place to stay: The Crane Resort and Residences on the East Coast with fantastic self catering residences and masses of space for the family. It offers flexibility too as it offers a hotel-type service within spacious apartments. Restaurants are on-site along with spas, fitness facilities and fabulous shops and markets.

Renowned for its unique cliff-top setting The Crane, once part of a private mansion built in 1790, is the oldest operating hotel in the Caribbean and is steeped in Barbadian history. What to do: surfing is a must and for the older children, kite surfing is exciting. Barbados weather in November. What weather to expect The rainy season is tapering off in November however there are still likely to be light showers on some days. Even at this time of year Barbados still averages nearly 8 hours of sunshine a day! As the temperature starts to dip up north, this is a great time for a tropical getaway. November is also towards the end of the official Atlantic hurricane season. Barbados is fortunate to be positioned at the south end of the Caribbean while hurricanes tend to veer to the north. Typical November Weather Temperature Daytime high: 30°C / 86°F Nighttime low: 24°C / 75°F Hours of Sunshine 8 hours daily Rainfall High (172mm) Relative Humidity Medium (83%) November travel tips November is a great time to visit the island, just before the start of the peak winter season (starting mid-December) when accommodation prices increase significantly.

Barbados celebrates Independence in November with the capital city and main highway beautifully lighted in our national colours - blue and gold. Amazon. Barbados Vacation Rental - SEA-U COTTAGE (1 BEDROOM WITH A/C ) 10 Reasons to Love Barbados. There are many reasons to visit Barbados, and it just helps that pop star Rihanna hails from this special little island. This country definitely does not need to rely on her fame to be a prominent tourism destination though. Here’s 10 reasons to love Barbados: Active Nightlife Source: Barbados has an active nightlife throughout the country, with plenty of pubs, clubs, rum shacks and restaurants in all of the main cities for all your travel guilty pleasures.

Tropical Climate Source: The country is located just outside the hurricane strike area, and has a tropical monsoon climate like many places in India. Amazing Diving Spots Divers will surely not be disappointed when in Barbados, since several types of reefs, sponges, corals and abundant plant life await curious sportsmen and women. Source: Two of the most popular sites are Carlisle Bay, with more than 200 wrecks, and the Stavronikita, in Folkestone Marine Park. Parties and Festivals. Barbados Restaurants: Featured Restaurants. Budget Barbados: Five Free Island Activities. Travel Blog • Eva Holland • 05.27.09 | 3:48 PM ET Photo of North Point by Eva Holland I’ll admit, Barbados is hardly known as a shoestringer’s paradise—this isn’t $5, $25 or even $100 per day territory. But still, after a couple of extended visits here, I’ve learned that it’s not all pricey cocktails, rooms with a view and chartered yachts, either.

There are affordable accommodation options and wallet-friendly meals to be found—and, best of all, some of the island’s most memorable spots are free, or close to it. North Point This, the northernmost point, may be my favorite spot on the island. It’s all crashing surf and dramatic cliffs, a sharp contrast to the placid beaches on the West Coast. Pack a picnic, and don’t let the hucksters at the entrance convince you there’s an entrance fee—there isn’t. Beaches Barbados is unusual in its firm stance on private beaches: there aren’t any. Photo of Carlisle Bay by Eva Holland Eva Holland is co-editor of World Hum. Garden Delight Full-Day Tour in Barbados. Caribbean Vacation Hashtags | Our two favourite hashtags □ Barbados Villas For Golf Holidays. Barbados Glass Bottom Boat Rides.

Where To Stay in Barbados: Sweetfield Manor Historic Inn. Step back in time into the elegance of a traditional Barbados plantation house when you stay at the luxurious Sweetfield Manor. The country manor has been transformed into a boutique B&B, giving guests the conveniences of modern life while maintaining tradition and antique ambiance. The staff at Sweetfield Manor also exude the warmth and friendliness that is synonymous with the Caribbean. Select from a Plantation, Courtyard or Garden Room, each spacious and gracefully furnished. The Plantation rooms are located in the original main house and give an authentic feel of colonial island life. The gourmet breakfast served on-site is the perfect way to start your day. The inn is within walking distance of beautiful Carlisle Bay where you'll enjoy calm waters for swimming and snorkeling, a marine park, beach clubs, and restaurants.

As the day ends, head back to the quiet elegance of your island retreat. Needhams Point - An area of historical significance and one of the best Barbados beaches. Barbados Mini Moments - Hunte's Gardens. Why Visit Barbados: 5 Beautiful (And Colourful) Reasons to Visit Barbados – Bottled Sunshine & Endless Summers | A Caribbean Travel Blog. Anyone who has visited Barbados can list the many things which they love about the island, but for me, I see Barbados as an island not only full of personality and charm but full of colour. The oranges, the greens, the blues, the purples – all the colours of the colour wheel (and in-between), working in perfect harmony, resonate within the island life that is Barbados, so, here are 5 beautiful (and colourful) reasons to love and visit Barbados time and time again! 1. Orange – Sunsets In Paradise I don’t know about you, but there is something breathtaking and magical about a warm, fiery ball as it signals the end of a day in paradise and of course, the eager anticipation of another.

Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn. – Ralph Waldo Emerson I simply love sunsets because for that brief moment in time, it feels as though time just stops and everything (and anything) which was bothering you, doesn’t seem to bother you as much. 2. To tell you the truth, I was never a fan of the beach, My Barbados Diary - Eat My SpoonEat My Spoon. To me, Barbados is like a love note. It starts out sweet, gets really passionate in the middle and ends on a high. When you think of a place with great local food, bars, amazing music vibes and probably the most friendliest people in the world- you have to think of Barbados.

It’s a place for couples to honeymoon, single friends to explore everything the island has to offer and of course- is the island of Rihanna. You can’t go wrong here. One of the reasons I loved being on the island was it’s so family orientated, with the beaches right next to anywhere you go, there’s so much to see and do. Oistins Oistin’s at Bay Garden is a fishing town on the south coast with local live food stalls lining up the streets and street-dancing is a norm. A plate of fish (and there’s plenty fish on it) and a beer will cost you about Bds$30 – $35 (US$ 15 – 17.50). 2. When I was a child, I recall my mom taking me through these caves and I remembering thinking it was the most wondrous place I ever visited. 3. Things One Must See Barbados and things to do in Barbados when you have time! Barbados Vacation Specials - Deals and Savings.

Holiday home Beach Nest, Bridgetown, Barbados. Hunte's Gardens and Mount Gay Rum Tour. Amazon. Action Charters | Barbados Catamaran Sailing Cruises. Barbados Night Dives, Shipwrecks & Sea Turtles. Many a trip to Barbados revolves around rum shops, posh beaches, and the Friday night fish fry, but there’s plenty happening offshore too. A perfect way to add some adventure and exploration to your visit to the Caribbean’s easternmost island is to submerge yourself in spectacular water activities. Some of the Caribbean’s finest scuba diving is right here in Barbados, not to mention some of the most adorable sea turtles!

Let’s dive in. Barbados has been a hot spot for diving for many years. Weather (constant water temperatures between 70-80°F) and water conditions (visibility of up to 25 meters) make it a great dive destination just about every day of the year, though summer is the best time to see the coral reefs in their prime. The island is known to have the healthiest reefs in all the Caribbean, meaning you’ll be able to witness a lot of sea life. Night Dives Where to go night diving in Barbados Arawak Cement Factory PierIt sounds creepier than it is! Shipwrecks S.S. Sea Turtles. BARBADOS | beautiful beaches, beautiful people, beautiful me… Barbados Villa Rental - CLARISTON. Where To Stay in Barbados: Coral Reef Club. Charming and Sophisticated beautifully sums up the holiday experience at Coral Reef Club. On arrival you're greeted by the beaming smiles of a staff that is attentive to your needs yet respectful of your privacy.

This exceptional level of service continues throughout your stay and is one of the top reasons that the hotel boasts a stunning repeat visitor rate. Stroll through the beautifully landscaped gardens with mature trees and tropical flowers, to the beach and follow the gently sloping golden sands down to the clear waters gently laping the shore. The first-class accommodation offers large guest rooms with tasteful decor kept in immaculate condition throughout your stay.

There is an ambiance of relaxed luxury throughout the hotel. Spend your days relaxing on the beach or around the outdoor swimming pools, or stroll to the shops, boutiques, cinema and restaurants of historic Holetown. Attention to detail is what separates an ordinary hotel stay from an exceptional holiday experience.

5 Ways To Spend The Perfect Honeymoon In Barbados. First off congrats on your pending or recent wedding! Are you planning, or thinking about, honeymooning in Barbados? Here are some wonderful ways to spend this special time together… Enjoy a romantic dinner Stunning ocean-side settings and world-class chefs make dining at many Barbados restaurants truly special. Some of our favourite spots are Champers and Apsara Samudra on the south coast of the island, and Cin Cin, The Cliff, and Fish Pot on the west coast.

When making your reservation, mention that you’re spending your honeymoon in Barbados and get an extra special treat! Be inspired by nature Stunning tropical sunsets are awe-inspiring and uplifting. Escape to the east Want some quiet time together away from the crowds? Explore the underwater world together Snorkel hand in hand over tropical reefs, surrounded by beautiful fish, sea fans, starfish, seahorses, and turtles! Don’t wish to get wet? Dance to Caribbean rhythms Head to the lively St. Find your ideal Barbados accommodation... Barbados Vacation Rentals. Culture ~ Beautiful Barbados – Niya's View. One of my favourite places to visit is Barbados.

Definitely in my top five countries. The independent nation is very warm and welcoming leaving one intrigued by Bajan customs. Saying good morning and helping you out is customary. Upon arriving, Grantley Adams International Airport is open-air and breezy hub. As you exit immigration, it’s best to hire a car from Drive-A-Matic because they have the best rates and customer service. Continuing onto the island, the motorway takes you on an adventure. Through straight roads surrounded by sugar cane fields and roundabouts, you can experience everything.

Barbados is comprised of eleven parishes. Following that, Saint Michael is home to the nation’s capital, Bridgetown where you can view a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Anywhere you go, a lovely lunch can be found in Saint James. Along the Platinum Coast of Saint Peter, Port St. Like this: Like Loading... West Coast Boardwalk, Barbados. Starting In The South Hop on to the boardwalk at the southern starting point just north of Sandy Lane beach.This quiet beach, with calm clear waters perfect for kids, is shaded by magnificent mahogany trees.It's also a nice spot for snorkeling.Maybe take a quick dip in the calm waters before we start our walk? Fishermen As we start our stroll along the boardwalk we might spot some local fishermen wading out into the sea to cast their lines.They're usually happy to chat and show you their catch.Have A Seat And Enjoy The View Let's have a seat on the wooden benches, stopping for a while to enjoy the refreshing ocean breezes, watching the waves gently sweeping onto the rocks lining the boardwalk.We're likely to see glass bottom boats leisurely making their way along the coast giving guests an amazing opportunity to view the underwater wonders without even getting wet!

8Great: Ways to Make the Best of Barbados - Adventure Girl. Best Barbados Beaches | Travel Channel. Amazon. Turtle Shipwreck Glass-Bottom Boat Tour and Beach Day. Caribound | Villa Rentals. A Wonderful Place for Special Occasions • Dining • The Atlantis Hotel - Barbados. Why You Should Book a Trip to Barbados This Winter. Barbados Mini Moments - Monkeying Around. Apartment 1 Springcourt, Bridgetown, Barbados - Where To Stay in Barbados: Hilton Barbados. □ Barbados Area Guide - Bathsheba. 5 Fun Things to Do in Barbados.

Why it's time to look again at Barbados | pebble magazine. How to Save Money on Your Barbados Vacation | HubPages. Where To Stay in Barbados: Colleton Great House. Barbados By Drone: Bath Beach. Barbados Sightseeing: Welchman Hall Gully. Barbados Beach Villas For Rent. Barbados Best Beaches.. from East to West! Top Beach Destinations: Barbados | Sunuva News | Sunuva. BARBADOS | Flickr. Barbados | Ashley Bartoletti Photography | Blog. Amazon. Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza and Dinner Show. Best Barbados Beaches | Travel Channel. Barbados Beaches. Where To Stay in Barbados: Sapphire Beach Condos. Barbados Music: Steel Pan / Steel Band. □ Barbados Area Guide - De Heart Uh Barbados. Barbados Island Tour with Lunch and Wildlife Sanctuary. Tropical Love Affair. Barbados – Qwanders. Where To Stay in Barbados: Almond Beach Resort.

Barbados weather in October. Barbados Villa Rental - SERENDIPITY. Harbourlights. Barbados Rum Is the Best Rum: How to Taste It While You're Here | Divi Resorts. Barbados Fishermen | Learn more about Bajan fisherman at bar… | Flickr. The Best Caribbean Picnic Beaches • Travel Watch News. Villa Alila 110378-16672, Saint James, Barbados - Where To Stay in Barbados: MoonRaker Beach Hotel.

Activities in Historic Bridgetown and Its Garrison, Barbados. Little Cove, Barbados. 5 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Trip to Barbados. Amazon. Video: Barbados SUP Surf With Sarah Cole - SUP Magazine – The Voice of Standup Paddling. Barbados By Drone: Cove Bay. □ Barbados Area Guide - Rockley. Where To Stay in Barbados: Serenity Villas. Barbados Beach Day | At Brandons Beach on the tranquil west … | Flickr. Barbados Vacation Rental - ISLAND SPACE. Affilinet. Where To Stay in Barbados: Salt Ash Apt. Hotel.

Top 5 Barbados Heritage Sites. Pirate's Cove Barbados. Barbados to host English country cricket in 2018. Barbados Sunset and Snorkeling Catamaran Cruise. Rockley Golf Course, Barbados. How to act like a Bajan in Barbados | PanamericanWorld. Barbados By Drone: St. Nicholas Abbey. Characters of Town Historic Walking Tours. Barbados: 5.5-Hour Island Safari with Lunch. Beach of the Week: Brandons Beach | Blog. Barbados Winners in 2017 World Travel Awards. 5 Fun Things to Do in Barbados.