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Learn How to Code this Weekend. 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web. IllustrationChristoph Niemann Writers/EditorsMin Li Chan, Fritz Holznagel, Michael Krantz Project CuratorMin Li Chan & The Google Chrome Team DesignFiPaul Truong DevelopmentFi Very Special Thanks To. Learn HTML5, JavaScript and CSS With Mozilla's "School of Webcraft. Mozilla is getting ready for the January semester of School of Webcraft, a 100% free developer training resource run in partnership with Peer 2 Peer University.

Learn HTML5, JavaScript and CSS With Mozilla's "School of Webcraft

Last semester, the School of Webcraft offered 15 classes; now, Mozilla is trying to get around 30 classes going for the January semester. Classes will be between six and 10 weeks long; they'll revolve around topics relevant to web designers and developers, including HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Previous classes have also included non-developer topics such as organic SEO. Requisite skill levels will run the gamut from novice to expert.

The volunteer-run courses will begin on January 26, and proposals for new course ideas are still being accepted. Students learn through a combination of free and open learning materials, online study groups and hands-on assignments that test their hacking skills. If you're a leader in the developer community, you can also step up and lead a course yourself. Give the Gift of No-Fuss Backup and Synchronicity to Your Less Tech-Savvy Loved Ones. @djsmiley2k: I write "why" guides on my blog.

Give the Gift of No-Fuss Backup and Synchronicity to Your Less Tech-Savvy Loved Ones

The how-to guides are already covered very well. Google is your friend. You can find the "how-tos" with google. None of this is difficult, just take the first steps and work through any issues. OTOH, I've been doing UNIX/Linux for almost 20 yrs, so asking me to write that knowledge up is like asking an airline pilot to teach you how to fly a 747 in a day. If you have specific questions, ask. Step 1: Install a debian-based Linux distro. Primary 1 - Windows 20GB Extended 5 - Rest of disk. Refilling ink cartridges saves money, but creates a mess. We work in the privacy of a garage or bathroom. Our tools are simple but effective. Serial refillers buy bulk ink and pump it into the same cartridge, over and over again.

We wouldn't dream of buying brand-name ink cartridges for our printers; we know that the cheapest way is to handle the task ourselves. I'm a serial refiller--and this is my story. I became a serial refiller when I realized that my printer's ink cartridges cost more per milliliter than human blood or Russian caviar. In the "Portrait of a Serial Refiller" series, I'll try third-party alternatives to buying new printer cartridges from the original vendor (aka original equipment manufacturer, or OEM), including remanufacturers, refill services, and do-it-yourself refill kits. My test printer is an HP Photosmart e-All-In-One, which uses HP 60 or 60XL (high-capacity) black and tricolor cartridges. While my ink refill experiences won't apply directly to other printers, they will give you a taste of what to expect. Teach Parents Tech. HOW TO: Help Your Child Set Up a Blog. Reporters from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times probably didn't expect to be joined by TechNewsKids, a blog run by 11-year-olds.

Yet all three covered Apple's press conference this September. Benno Kass and Max Iger of TechNewsKids watched the live-stream of the announcement online so that they could “live blog” its contents as soon as possible. Simplified blogging platforms and increased access to online information — even breaking stories like the Apple announcement — make it easier than ever for Kass, Iger and other young bloggers to independently post to the web.

And as they post, they're also learning how to research, write and use a web publishing platform. Parents should be thrilled by this educational opportunity, says Dr. It doesn't need to be daunting. 1. The best way to learn is by doing, and parents who want to help their children set up a blog should set up their own blogs first in order to educate themselves and model good online behavior. How to Create (and Stick to) a Realistic Budget with Mint. I use it with my BoA account.

How to Create (and Stick to) a Realistic Budget with Mint

It's great, and the budgeting system is awesome, especially since I just got out of school and am living on my own with bills/loans to pay. I have two gripes, however: 1. It doesn't get my "pending" transactions. (This is probably BoA's fault) So, Mint is always a few days behind where my money actually is.