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Specific Patterns

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Crochet coffee cuff. Vice Versa Scarves. Author by Even Howard Introduction It has occurred to me that while we often play Santa or other generous holiday characters we rarely play Cupid to anyone but our most favorite person.

Vice Versa Scarves

I designed these ‘One and The Other’ scarves to be a quick and personal gift for a favorite couple. Now you may be thinking “But I’m in my favorite couple.” These scarves are worked in a simple pattern of chains and single crochet: easy but substantial. Materials List Eight skeins of worsted weight yarn of any soft kind. (92meters/50grams per skein) Choose four main colors for One and four main colors for The Other, making sure they coordinate for use as accents too.

Finished Size One: 17cm x 174cm, The Other: 13.5cm x 174cm Gauge 21st/10cm (4in), 17rows/10cm (4in) in pattern (sc1, ch1) Notes This pattern uses US notationch = chainsc = single crochet Edges Changing Colors The Pattern The Very Simple Pattern: One (shown on Peter) Row 1: Sc in 3rd ch from hook (working into both loops). The Other (Shown on Even) Tunian Crochet Blanket Pattern - Stash Buster Blanket. Tunisian Crochet Pattern - Not a Finished Blanket Bust through your stash in record time - creating a beautiful, EASY blanket of interwoven color and texture to show for it!

Tunian Crochet Blanket Pattern - Stash Buster Blanket

If you have beginning crochet skills, this pattern will teach you the basics of Tunisian Crochet and the 3 Color Tunisian technique. We will show you how to “paint” with your stash, weaving color and texture in ways that standard crochet or knitting just don’t easily allow. Use up those novelty yarns and odd skeins or go ahead and purchase a selected palette of yarns for a special heirloom project that is easy, fast and really, really fun.

Get the hook! This pattern is more than a typical pattern which calls out yarn specifics and rowcounts. Crochet ric-rac. Hey there!

crochet ric-rac

What are you up to this fine Monday morning? Since my post last week, I've had so many emails and comments asking about the recipe for homemade, hooked ric-rac, that I thought I'd do a little how to. Before we start there are a few things to keep in mind. I am using US crochet terminology.I usually use a size 2 hook but its fun to experiment. The smaller the hook-the smaller the ric-rac, the bigger the hook, the bigger the ric-rac.I use 4ply mercerised cotton but its fun to experiment with different plies and yarns.My words describe the picture above them.The stitches I am using are chain (ch) and double crochet (dc). STEP ONE - Chain four. STEP TWO - dc into the fourth chain from the hook, ie. the first chain you made. STEP THREE - Do another dc into the same chain as in step two, chain, then do a final dc into the same chain.

Free Patterns – The Domestic Scientist. Here are all the patterns I’ve made so far here at the DS. Man this place is a mess. I should really clean up in here…. All these patterns are protected under the Creative Commons license. Feel free to use them for yourself and friends, but not for a profit. Have fun! Star Wars Patterns Rebel Scum Logo Cross Stitch Pattern Imperial Logo Cross Stitch Miscellaneous Cross Stitch Patterns This is the most requested pattern. Space Invaders Cross-stitch/knit pattern Silhouette Templates From the Old Fashioned Mario and Peach project.

Timeless Scarf. Crochet DROPS hat in “Cotton Viscose” and “Bomull-Lin”. Size S/M – M/L.