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Withdrawing Earnings from oDesk: Local Currency Wire Transfer VS Payoneer Debit Card. oDesk released Local Wire Transfer recently, a payment method that allow you to receive money directly into your bank account, in your local currency.

Withdrawing Earnings from oDesk: Local Currency Wire Transfer VS Payoneer Debit Card

In this post I’ll attempt to make a comparison between Local Wire Transfer and Payoneer’s Prepaid Master Card, another payment method. First, some numbers about the two methods: The minimum amount of money you can withdraw using Local Currency Wire Transfer (COP) is $51 (plus a $3.99 fee). With Payoneer the minimum amount is $20 (plus a $2 fee). You can check Payoneer fees here. Now, let me tell you a story… or something like that: Friday, Jul 8, 2:00 PM: I withdrew $55 using Local Currency Wire Transfer to my account in Colombia (Bancolombia) and then transferred the same amount to my Payoneer Debit Card. Monday, Jul 11, 8:27 AM: oDesk sent me a notification email saying my withdrawal request had been processed, the important part of the email is shown below:

4 essential rules of effective logo design. A logo is an essential part of your company brand.

4 essential rules of effective logo design

It works together with elements such as your website, collateral, brand promise, and marketing efforts to set the tone for your company as a whole in the public arena. And while this sounds simple enough, many logos tend to overshoot or fall short. Let’s see if your logo makes the grade and consider four essential rules for successful logo design. Test Your Logo Before sharing the rules of logo design, let’s start out by grading the latest logo you’ve created. Get one point for each “yes” below Does your logo work horizontally? Subtract one point for each “yes” below Do you use more than two colors in your logo? Scoring <0 = Don’t even think about it1-4 = Acceptable for a $50-million-a-year company5+ = Great job! Regardless of how you did, rest assured there are always ways to get better.


For the Serious Artist. 4th Epicase Art & Illustration Competition 2013. Epicase have recently announced the 4th edition of their Art & Illustration competition, open to all artists around the world.

4th Epicase Art & Illustration Competition 2013

With this competition the organizers are emphasizing the celebration and embracing of art, found in our everyday lives. Competition categories include: Illustration, Fine art, Pictogram, Calligraphy, Typography, Graffiti, Webtoon etc. Five main prizes will be awarded in the 4th Epicase Art & Illustration Competition 2013. The First place prize is US $6,000! The artworks by the five finalists (first place to fifth place) will join the Epicase art collection and be available for purchase to the general public through contracted retail shops. Epicase pledges to create a hub, accessible to all, that not only encourages talented artists to express their art through active interactions with its participants but also, enriches the distinguishing links between person-to-person, heart-to-heart, and potentially, art-to-culture, as well.


Piel Script. Over the past couple of years I received quite a number of unusual and surprising requests to modify my type designs to suit projects of personal nature, but none top the ones that asked me to typeset and modify tattoos using Burgues Script or Adios.

Piel Script

At first the whole idea was amusing to me, kind of like an inside joke. I had worked in corporate branding for a few years before becoming a type designer, and suddenly I was being asked to get involved in personal branding, as literally “personal” and “branding” as the expression can get. More… After a few such requests I began pondering the whole thing from a professional perspective. And when you decide to wear something forever, style is of the essence. After Effects Templates, AEP. DJ Abstract Atmosphere — After Effects Project.


Paint. COMIC. MOTION. Milfología.

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