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10 Snacks Under 100 Calories - - StumbleUpon. Thinkstock Preparation: In a food processor, combine garlic and cannellini beans with lemon juice and process until smooth.

10 Snacks Under 100 Calories - - StumbleUpon

Mix in oil, cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper and process until blended. Add 3 tablespoons cilantro and pulse until mixed. Place in bowl and garnish with cilantro. Preparation: Mash avocados with a fork or potato masher in a medium bowl. Preparation: Combine sliced peaches with cinnamon and nutmeg; transfer to two serving plates. Preparation: Combine all ingredients, in a food processor.

Preparation: Peel the banana and cut it crosswise into 16 slices; skewer each slice and place it on a waxed-paper-lined plate. Preparation: Place the tofu in a food processor; process until creamy. Preparation: Combine chia seeds and tomato liquid in a small bowl; let stand 10 minutes. Preparation: Place popcorn in a 2 ½-quart microwave-safe container; cover and cook at high power 4 to 5 minutes, or until popcorn is popped but not scorched.

Preparation: Preheat oven to 375°F. Healthy Super Bowl Snacks. It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to snacking during the Super Bowl. YouBeauty Nutrition Advisor Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D., says studies show that Americans eat about 44 percent more in social settings than when dining alone. Kirkpatrick recommends using salad bowls and plates for main dishes and going easy on or entirely skipping fatty dips and chips, which pack a lot of calories in a small serving. Read More Be kind to your waistline by foregoing those jalapeno poppers and chili cheese fries while cheering on your favorite team this Super Bowl Sunday. Instead, provide your party guests with a sampling of these 10 healthy and tasty snacks. Fig and goat cheese dip - 10 oz. dried Calimyrna figs- 22 oz. goat cheese- 16 oz. low-fat Greek yogurt- ½ cup honey Try this recipe specially created for YouBeauty by Food Should Taste Good Chef Ryan Leker: Cut stems off figs and place in food processor.

QUIZ: What Did You Eat Today? Veggie tray with hummus Stuffed mushroom caps Homemade trail mix. Easy appetizer ideas - iVillage. Sweet & Savory - by Virginia Drader. This is a classic recipe for potato latkes.

Sweet & Savory - by Virginia Drader

I was going to make them thick but David prefers them thin; I am not sure which way is right but they turned out delicious. I served them with homemade applesauce and sour cream. Latke is the Yiddish word for pancake. Jewish people living in the Pale of Settlement in the 17th century had a diet that consisted mainly of potatoes and bread.

They created latkes as a special dish because they are cooked in oil, which symbolizes the miracle of Hanukkah. Recipe from the Jewish Holiday Cookbook Ingredients 10 medium russet potatoes 2 medium onions 2 large eggs 1/4 cup matzah meal salt and pepper grapeseed oil Peel the potatoes if the skin is coarse; otherwise, just clean them well. Starting with the onions, alternately grate some of the onions on the large holes of the grater and some of the potatoes on the smallest holes. Blend the potato mixture with the eggs, matzah meal, and salt and pepper to taste. Heat 1 inch of oil in a frying pan. Recipe for Cilantro Lime Hummus. The Super Bowl is right around the corner, is everyone ready for the big game?

Recipe for Cilantro Lime Hummus

I am cheering for the Steelers and Josh is undecided, he likes both teams this year. If you aren’t a football fan, no worries, the game is still going to be fun as long as you have some good food to munch on! What is on your Super Bowl Menu this year?? Ours isn’t finalized yet, so we are open to suggestions:) If you are looking for a healthy and tasty snack, try this Cilantro Lime Hummus with baked pita chips.

Strawberry Mango Salsa Recipe. Strawberry Mango Salsa Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow!

Strawberry Mango Salsa Recipe

Who is celebrating? I know we are. I have been craving Mexican food lately, so I am happy to celebrate. If you are looking for a fresh and unique salsa to add to your menu, try Strawberry Mango Salsa. Broiled Grapefruit Recipe. Broiled Grapefruit Recipe I have always been a grapefruit lover.

Broiled Grapefruit Recipe

My grandpa lives in Arizona and used to send us big boxes of grapefruit. They were the best! My grandpa kept sending me boxes until I graduated college, so not only do I love eating grapefruit, but they also remind me of my grandpa. I love how food intertwines with special people, events, and memories. Last week we bought a ton of grapefruit-it was on sale 8 for $1.00. I cut the grapefruit in half and drizzled the tops with a little bit of agave nectar. I normally don’t put sugar on my grapefruit, so this was a special treat. Broiled Grapefruit Ingredients:1 large pink grapefruit, cut in half Drizzle of agave nectar Sprinkling of turbinado sugarDirections:1.

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